Almost Human: Season One Ratings

almost human tv show ratingsSci-fi series don’t have a great track record on FOX. Most are cancelled after one season but low-rated Fringe did last five seasons. How long will Almost Human survive? Stay tuned to find out.

Taking place in the future, Almost Human follows the partnership of a distrustful cop (Karl Urban) and an android capable of emotion (Michael Ealy). The cast also includes Minka Kelly, Mackenzie Crook, Michael Irby, and Lili Taylor.

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Update: FOX has cancelled Almost Human after one season.

Final season averages: 1.9 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 6.24 million total viewers.

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What do you think? Do you like the Almost Human TV series? Do you think it should be cancelled or renewed for a second season?

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  1. Susan says

    I really like this show and hope it gets renewed for another season- a full 22 episode season, not this 13 episode crap. There is so much on cable and broadcast that I simply refuse to watch because the people who produce so many of these shows assume viewers are stupid. I mean, if I see another “reality show” featuring hillbillies, mobsters, or aimless twits lolling on a New Jersey beach, I can’t promise I wouldn’t grab a baseball bat and go out looking to play T-ball with a network executive’s head. It’s refreshing to find something like Almost Human. Please Fox, don’t be stupid, renew this show!

  2. Barbara says

    Absolutely LOVE THIS SHOW (Almost Human) !!!! Really great banter between the two cops….the cast is great….stories are great! Really hope they keep this one!!!

    The FOLLOWING….NOT SO MUCH!! Have not even bothered to watch Season 2 – FBI can’t catch this guy after this period of time and he ALWAYS GETS AWAY? Sorry – not for me.

    • Vanessa & Okie Thompson says

      I agree !! With BOTH statements–my husband does like Teh Following– I quit watching last season !! BUT– Almost Human !! REALLY LOVE IT !!

      • kathryn says

        I love ‘Almost human’. I think it’s one of the best shows on tv. Please do not let it become another ‘Firefly’!

  3. kazan says

    Please keep this on. I like it and it has potential. Karl Urban and Michael Ely are great as is Mackenzie Crook. The others need more development.

  4. irene barron luboff says

    Almost human is a terrific show and I seriously hope it lasts a few years. The dynamics among the characters are terrific and everyone is really good. Considering all the total crap that keeps getting renewed a show of such fine quality as Almost Human deserves to keep going and we audiences deserve such a great show.

  5. Charles says

    Hopefully with X Factor being cancelled, there will be a better chance that Almost Human gets renewed. Either that or as a replacement show for a new show that bombs right out of the gate.

  6. Lance says

    Please don’t screw up and cancel this show.
    Give it a chance on a good night, and quit jacking around with the order. If you do that, it’ll be one of your best rated shows. It already has decent ratings with you sabotaging it. Just think what would happen if you actually treat it well, and not like a hated step child.

  7. Jonelle Spann says

    Almost Human is a great show. I really hope that it’s not cancelled. It just blows my mind how much crap gets renewed each year, and quality televisions shows, like Almost Human get cancelled. I detest reality shows. I mean, how much talent does it take to go on a reality show and make a fool out of yourself. REALLY!!!! Please FOX, don’t cancel this show! It’s really quality entertainment!

  8. Sadie says

    This is an excellent program. I am surprised it is on Fox to begin with, but sadly will not be surprised when it is cancelled. I hope that another network will rescue it.

  9. Laura says

    I have to agree with some of the comment above how reality dribble shows get renewed while quality shows are being canceled. Even if FOX does not have the best track record with Sci-Fi series. BUt they have killed it from the start with delaying the airing of the show. Then with all the breaks in the season. They aired 4 episodes then break. 2 more than another break. It is a 12 episode season. They have been killing it since it aired. It is a great show and original. If there is a way to save this show please tell me. FOX if you are reading, please renew. Even if for another 12 episode season. PLEASE.

  10. says

    Each and every year I become more and more incredulous at the type and quality of shows which boast high ratings. I find myself getting ever more embarrassed by the drivel which is renewed season after season. The Kardashians? Mob Wives? Perhaps another unimaginative cooking show to inform the vast majority of overweight Americans how to get even fatter? Seriously??? Since the onslaught of tasteless “Reality Shows” (which have little to do with actually reality anyway) I have watched less and less television. I have always followed imaginative, thought-provoking offerings, which just happen to be, mostly, of the Science Fiction genre. Almost Human is one of these. However, year after year I am increasingly frustrated by the predictable cancellation of what I consider to be quality shows. My frustration turns to disgust when I see yet another renewal of the standard garbage which apparently floods the majority of America’s plasma screens. Big Ange and her band of Mob Wives (Reality? Really?) clobbers virtually any and all of the Science Fiction genre. Shows like Fringe, Flash Forward, V, Terra Nova, even Continuum, are cancelled so we all can enjoy additional installments of Cutthroat Kitchen, The Simpsons (over 20 seasons!!!), and other seemingly endless reams of animated crap, designed to dull the mind like a butter knife. No wonder the Aliens think they should occupy the planet…..they believe we are much too stupid to deserve it!!! I am embarrassed to be labeled a “Human Being.”

  11. Kate Fredericks says

    I read the other day that last year was the worst year for new shows. I would take issue with that, I think this year is worse. However, in this terrible year, a few new shows are shining. And they seem to all fall on Monday night. Besides Sleepy Hollow and The blacklist, the third best new show (much more so than Intelligence, imho) is Almost Human. Not a perfect show, but Karl Urban and Michael Ealy are simply terrific together as partners in catching criminals. The show needs to tighten up a bit and find its footing, but there is much to work with here and many seasons of fun and entertainment ahead when they pull it together. I think it gets slightly better each episode (when I can find it – hey FOX! STOP CHANGING YOUR SCHEDULES. YOU ARE GIVING ME A HEADACHE TRYING TO WATCH THESE GREAT SHOWS AS YOU PREEMPT THEM ODD WEEKS!!!). IF Almost Human is allowed to grow and find its audience (I’m sensing the Fringe treatment all over again and people are getting more and more frustrated playing Where’s My Favorite Show every night!), I know it will find a steady and growing audience. If they ever put it on again, I hope they renew it. Wake up FOX!!! You have some good shows, but a lot of frustrated people in your universe!!

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