Angel: Joss Whedon Thinks Angel Would Kick Edward Cullen’s Butt

Edward Cullen and AngelRomantic vampires are all the rage once again, what with HBO’s popular True Blood series and fans anxiously awaiting the release of the next Twilight movie. So, what does Joss Whedon, creator of Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, think about this renewed interest in the genre?

In talking to MTV, Whedon recalled back to 1997 when he was originally conceiving the now-legendary romance between brooding vampire Angel (David Boreanaz) and beautiful slayer Buffy Summers (Sarah Michelle Gellar).

He said, “I thought a vampire romance with a slayer… people are going to laugh me out of the room. They’ll never go for it. Clearly I was wrong. There’s something really timeless about it. I saw Twilight… there’s something primal about that story. You can’t get away from it and it just works like gangbusters.”

But make no mistake about it, Whedon still backs his guy. Who does he think would win in a battle of Angel and Twilight’s Edward Cullen?

Whedon says, “I think Robert Pattinson is really cool. Angel would kick the s**t out of him. He’s Angelus. There’s no Edward ‘Cullunus.’ He just gets shiny in the sun. Boreanaz would have him down in a heartbeat. No offense, cause [Pattinson ‘s] hot.

What do you think? Would Angel win or would Edward surprise?

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  1. MichelleI says

    l love Twilight especially Edward and Jacob but sadly Angel would kick Edwards hot English tuckus. Go Bella and Edward. Buffy and Angel are amazing!

  2. webdiva says

    Doesn’t matter what Joss Whedon thinks: it matters what readers and viewers think. They’re the ones who shell out the money and take the time. Tho I will grant you that Whedon is a better writer, generally speaking, than Stephenie Meyer (face it, even Stephen King thinks so, and he should know; Meyer just has interesting ideas, not necessarily great writing skills, tho that doesn’t seem to matter to her fans).

  3. says

    Of course there is no comparison between Angel and Cullins,, I think if whedon would make a movie there are some episodes of Buffy that would make Stones cry from the romance.

  4. says

    Yeah, Yeah. The whole Twilight thing. I never ever went for it, When I saw the movie I was like Huh??? Ok this is not supposed to be like this! And Hands Down No Matter What Angel would win! He would kick those Cullens back to Hell.

    Go Angelous

  5. littlebitty says

    Angel, of course. He’s been around and done alot more killing than Edward. And just look at the difference between the two. Angel would tear him limb from limb, hands down. Love me some Angel Joss you are the man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring us something good back to life :)

  6. Kelsey says

    angel is so hot and edward is so not! angel is tough and edward is a quote quote vegetarian! lets just say angel would soooo kick the s*** out of edward cullen!

  7. London says

    Oh Angel would win hands down there’s no contest, fair enough Edward cullen is good looking, but David Boreanaz just screams Sexy Mysterious, and people want that, David Boreanaz is like Devils Food Cake to to Televison addict….And Joss Whedon you are a GENIUS, Buffy & Angel are the Modern Day Romeo & Juliet……..

  8. LT says

    regarding what cup cake said about edward reading minds, if you go back to season 3 of buffy i believe episode 18 called “earshot” when buffy could read minds, and she tried to read angel’s but angel said my mind just like me dont have a reflection ergo you cant read my mind, so technically edward wouldnt stand a chance, plus your looking at a guy/vamp(angel) that stopped numerous apocalypses sometimes along side buffy and sometimes on his own… edward as a vampire i would have to say no offense twilight fans bc i am one too is a joke to some of the vamp veterans of tv and movies compared to SPIKE, ANGEL, hello? DRACULA… i dont know about you but there used to be a time when a vampire was a vampire i talking human blood sucking, not vegetarians! so yah, i say ANGEL will kick eddie’s butt right back into the sunlight lol oh btw every single vamp movie/ tv after buffy and angel sort of just became big knockoffs- and im an orignal loving girl myself… BUFFY ROCKS!

  9. Lady Oscar says

    that’s what i always thought abt twilight being a buffy rip-off and by far Angel would kick the **** out of the shiny vampire with the messed up hair…

  10. says

    lol, everyone here has said Angel and Buffy.
    i say Angel even though edward can read minds and all angel is just to awsome for that and would tottaly win if Edward even thought abuout fighting with him. Twilight was cool and all but it didn’t really have any action in it that would make me think that edward would win against Angel. and i mean look at David/Angel he’s just so buff-a-licious and plain awsome!! (nerd talk time) Angel and Buffy are awsome shows that in my opinion will probably be the best Vampire Moves there are! (no hurt feelings to the other writers) YOU ARE A GENIUS JOSS AND DAVID AND SARAH + CAST!! THANK YOU!!!! + i think Angel would win against spike im just sayin (hard fight though)

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