Animal Practice: NBC Dumps Final Episode of Cancelled TV Series

If you were looking forward to watching the final scheduled episode of NBC’s Animal Practice tonight, I’ve got some bad news for you.

The network has pulled low-rated Animal Practice from the schedule one week early and replaced it with a new installment of 30 Rock. The “There’s No I in America” was supposed to air tomorrow night but NBC is replacing the comedy block with a rerun of The Voice instead.

Monday’s two-hour Voice and Revolution were pre-empted in several markets due to hurricane coverage and outages. NBC is airing The Voice tomorrow at 8pm and Revolution at 8pm (in place of previously announced reruns of Go On and Guys with Kids).

NBC initially ordered 13 episodes of Animal Practice but only six have been broadcast. The network hasn’t announced any plans to air or release the remaining seven installmetns. NBC cancelled the low-rated sitcom earlier this month but didn’t immediately pull it from the schedule.

What do you think? Would you like NBC to release the remaining episodes of Animal Practice?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Carol says

    Our whole family loved it too. We’re disappointed yet again with NBC. Animal Practice was a family friendly show that made us all laugh. All of the characters were funny and we miss them.

    We would love to see more episodes.

  2. DANE says

    Heck man I really liked that series…..I think they should play them all…but they DON”T care they never even give people a chance to find out about shows and by then they are canceled because some one really believes that statistics determine a good show they should try watching them once in a while…………BUMMER……..and they got Harry’s law too.

  3. Cindy says

    Yes they should show all of the shows left over I love that program expecially the monkey…makes me laugh bring it back! :)

  4. Jessica says

    Peta had nothing to do with it, they claim victories that aren’t theirs. A friend of mine contacted Crystal the Monkey’s manager group and they said the low ratings killed the show. I loved it and I hope it comes to dvd and maybe we will get the complete season that way??

  5. says

    What the heck. This was a good show. It was funny, the cast had great charisma, it is an upbeat show that is different than the other crap on television now. Another smooth move by NBC. Tell me this network executives, how did AP stack up to SNL?

  6. Gerri Hylla says

    I’m sorry to see NBC cancel Animal Practice – I thought it was one of the few slapstick type comedy shows on tv. It was funny and easy to understand – I laughed out loud at many of their antics on the show.

  7. Susan says

    I am really sorry that NBC has canceled this funny, family show. Dr. Rizzo was hilarious and I am sure he was being treated very well. Shame on NBC for giving in to PETA.

  8. Trish says

    This is just horrible news.. This was a great family show that the whole family enjoyed.. Laughter is what this world needs today and this show really made you laugh.. Very dissapointed to see it go. What a waisted. Maybe a smart network will pick it up..

  9. Jessica says

    I really am so disappointed with NBC for cancelling Animal Practice. My whole family enjoyed it and now they aren’t even going to give us what they said they would by airing 8 episodes. I am uber pissed off!! So tired of finding good shows and them getting cancelled. Also they replace it with Whitney and add insult to injury. NBC please bring back Animal Practice, I loved it so much.

  10. Payton says


  11. Victoria Daly says

    This was a fine program. Better than any sitcom currently airing. I would definitely watch the unaired episodes or buy a DVD of the series. Dr Rizzo is precious.

    • Lily says

      My 5 sons husband and I loved watching that show. I have a son in college studying to be a vet and the other just getting ready to go next year for the same thing. They said they finally came up with something good that had animals and vets that was funny and they go ahead and cancel. They both said that was it for them – they won’t support NBC shows anymore. Well maybe they’ll stick to that, I hope so cause I know I’m more upset since hearing how the show helped homeless animals too. What a damn shame. I hope they at least show the rest of them. Better yet hope they change their minds about the show or someone else smarter will decide to do the show themselves!!

  12. Jama Gallo says

    I am so disappointed that Animal Practice was canceled. My husband and I loved the show and loved Dr. Rizzo. It really upsets me because it was such a cute show, with no sex or violence and sad to say that is what the public loves to see on television. There is nothing but trash on the new shows on NBC and those are the ones that will remain on television.

    We would love to see the final episodes. I also think that people did not appreciate or understand the humor on this show. The characters were so funny.

    Please bring Dr. Rizzo back.

    • SAM says

      I so agree with you Jama – they really messed up canceling this show. My whole family loved it. You would think NBC would wait a while to find audiences. They put a show on opposite 2 temporary shows that aren’t around all season so you think they could have at least waited to see if more people would start watching when those 2 shows, I believe Xfactor and Survivor, were finished. What is wrong with them?

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