Army Wives

Army WivesNetwork: Lifetime
Episodes: 117 (hour)
Seasons: Seven

TV show dates: June 3, 2007 — June 9, 2013
Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: Brian McNamara, Kim Delaney, Sterling K. Brown, Catherine Bell, John White Jr., Sally Pressman, Wendy Davis, Brigid Brannagh, Drew Fuller, Katelyn Pippy, Luke Bartelme, and Patricia French.

TV show description:      
This series is set at the Army Post of Fort Marshall, in Charleston, South Carolina. The lives and dramas of Roxy LeBlanc (Sally Pressman), Claudia Joy Holden (Kim Delaney), Denise Sherwood (Catherine Bell), Roland Burton (Sterling K. Brown) and Pamela Moran (Brigid Brannagh) all intertwine as they deal with being a spouse of a member serving in the Army.

Claudia is the wife to Col. Michael Holden (Brian McNamara) and has just arrived at Fort Marshall, a place where soldiers are either about to be shipped off to Iraq or are returning home from there.

She meets and befriends Denise, who has grown up on military bases her entire life. Denise was swept away by Major Frank Sherwood (Terry Serpico), but their recent relationship has become anything but easy.

In contrast, ex-cocktail waitress Roxy’s relationship to PFC Trevor LeBlanc (Drew Fuller) has come both easily and quickly as the two marry after knowing each other for only five days.

“Army husband” Roland is struggling both as a husband and a psychiatrist in trying to help his wife, Joan (Wendy Davis), cope with post-traumatic stress disorder after her tour of duty in Afghanistan.

And as any military family knows, sacrifice is often required, like in the home of former Boston police officer Pamela Moran (Brigid Branagh). She’s becoming a surrogate mother to enable both her and Delta Force husband Chase Moran (Jeremy Davidson) to claim extra benefits.

Based on the memoir Under the Sabres: The Unwritten Code of Army Wives by Tanya Biank, this drama details the battles occurring on the home front. For these women and men, being all you can be, sometimes costs everything.

Series Finale:     
Episode #117 — All or Nothing
When Tim goes missing after hurting her while having a nightmare, Holly reaches out to the tribe and Tim’s platoon for help. They search for him while trying to keep is absense quiet. Hector tells Tim that he will always be there for him and Tim agrees to get help for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Denise catches Michael in a compromising position with Kat. Latasha and Quincy receive news about his military career. Roland and Joan prepare to leave Fort Marshall, and a retirement ceremony is held for Joan. Gloria continues to be pulled between Hector and Patrick but then comes to a decision.
First aired: June 9, 2013.


What do you think? Do you like the Army Wives TV series? Do you think it should have been cancelled or renewed for an eighth season?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Norma says

    You are asking if we think it should end or renew to season 8, well, i say it should continue onto season 8. It isn’t fair to the loyal watchers to just surprise us with canceling the show. at least do a show finale.

  2. Leigh Anne W. says

    Now I know why I haven’t found Army Wives on the Lifetime Channel Sunday night line-up…it’s been cancelled ! I’ve been searching for it more many months ! Unbelievable! Such a great show and cast of characters. I regret to see this show “shelved.” Perhaps when the show lost the character of “Claudia Joy”-the ratings started declining???I will admit that losing her character was a tremedous loss to the plot of the show-but please….LIFETIME TELEVISION….WAKE UP…and get in GEAR…..we demand this show be continued…..or at the very least…..give faithful viewers CLOSURE…and have some episodes that will at the very least end this,the best drama series LIFETIME has ever had. Thanks for listening….now get up and do something about this…PLEASE!!!

  3. Darla says

    Please don’t cancel army wives!! It’s one of the best shows on lifetime worth watching. You are leaving fans in suspense. Please reconsider. I don’t want to see army wives go. All the characters old and new are absolutely amazing! Please don’t cancel it.

  4. Anonymous says

    I loved Army Wives, but they let to many of the original crew written out and it made the show a little boring. I like that fact that they did add some good characters, but it seemed to lose it zeal as the seasons went on. If you can get it back to the original cast and some of the new people, it may have a chance. The only character that was left is Catherine Bell and I will watch any show that she is in. I think also that it may have hit to close to home for where are country is now. I’d like to see it come back, but with some more interesting story lines and just keep it what the title of the show is called “Army Wives”.


    Are u kidding me???!!!??? I have watched this show faithfully since it’s inception, and yes I was sorry to see some of my fav characters go but I have learned to embrace the new ones along with my other old favs that have remained because of my love of the show. I am so sure I am one of hundred thousands or more , I hope, of peeps that will join in when I say, PLEASE, RETURN ARMY WIVES TO THE AIR!!!!!

    Thank you in advance for your kind attention to this dreadful matter!

  6. says

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t cancel Army Wives!!!!!!!! I love that show and can’t wait to watch it each week. Please!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like I know the people on the show and the story line is so up to date with our service families.

    Sandy P

  7. Barbara says

    why can no one answer about season 8? is the show cancelled? all the information on the internet and nothing on Army Wives Season 8. Really? come on…..someone has the answer……who is it?

  8. says

    Please do not cancel army wives love this show only great show on tv can not wait for ir to start up thanks for all the work you do and the actors are great

  9. ozzie mitchell says

    What a racist show made by white directors and producers who want to make whites look good and superior on the show and all nonwhites look stupid and backwards. Just look carefully at how the screenwriter made sure that the Latino couple broke up and got divorced and then had the Latina hook up with a white guy officer. What an insult to Latino people, as if to say that a Latina woman and Latino man cannot have a marriage that works. And just look at how they brought a white new chick into the show, and made a Latina look dumb in the seen where a black customer paid his bill and the white chick calculated it in her head while the Latina fumbled around with the cash register like a bumbling fool and the white chick did the math in her head. White producers and directors, as well as screenwriters need to be strung up and burned alive for their racist attacks on blacks, Latinos, and Asians on the show. What we need is a white serial killer targeting and killing up every white screenwriter in America and then maybe nonwhite characters will not have suffer any further racism by racially insecure whites actors and producers who need to write the TV scripts to make all whites look racially superior in their fictiomal roles. And just look at whom whites placed the HIV child with; not a white military family on the show, but instead a black family. And just look at the black husband character they placed with the beautiful black female colonel. Out of all the handsome, hot hunks, in America whites managers of the show intentionally put a big lipped black far from handsome male in the show. These whites are going to die a tragic death and will deserve it for their rcaist evil was of subliminally attacking nonwhite Americans using TV and movies. And on that day. we will all eat popcorn to celebrate their absence because they are the most evil narcissistic people on earth….

    • Honey Bunny says

      Ozzie, you are making an assumption that all the writers on this show are white. That would be incorrect. But there’s no way to logically reasoning with someone like you so I won’t even try but next time you feel like spewing uneducated hate about a show, back up from the library computer that you’re borrowing and go take your meds.

  10. Anonymous says

    Too much overacted, useless drama! This show is so boring that anyone could certainly catch up on their sleep during its run time! The wives are so mambi pambi with each other- (puke)-What more can I say!! It is pure garbage. They keep this carp on television and cancel the great shows. Who knows why?

  11. deanna dega ni says

    Army Wives is the best I hope and pray that it will go on for as long as possible I love all the cast and cant wait to see what happens next. Actresses like Kelly Martin and those that have been added make it feel like we have been part of their life from the start. Please don’t end it there the actors do deserve what they need for their sacrifice of and time away from their live to bring us all the love and laughter in all their hardships and great moments and we the audience get to have a inside look at how hard our men women and the children are affected by all that they do for the USA. Please don’t take that away from us it’s also a good way to teach our children see what life is like from a different perspective.

    Thank You Lifetime and all of our Troop and Family’s and the actors .

    Deanna D

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