Breaking In: Chances for Cancelled FOX Sitcom Still Alive

Breaking In season twoBack in May, FOX cancelled Breaking In after one short season. The ratings for the sitcom weren’t bad but the network surely expected better from a show that had American Idol, its biggest hit, as a lead-in.

Shortly after the cancellation, word came out that the sitcom might possibly be renewed after all. FOX was supposedly in talks with Sony Pictures TV about finding a way to bring the show back for season two but wouldn’t likely make a decision for some time.

Soonafter, the network scheduled the final episode of the season on a Tuesday night, to see how well the Breaking In would perform in a different timeslot. Unfortunately it didn’t perform any better than Traffic Light had and that sitcom had already been cancelled. It looked like Breaking In’s chances were over.

Not so. According to Deadline, June 30th was the deadline for picking up the options for the show. However, the options for the Breaking In cast have been picked up and extended through November 15th. In a rare move, FOX apparently pitched in and split the cost of the extensions with Sony. It would seem that the network wants to see how the new season shapes up before deciding if they need additional programming.

So, while FOX hasn’t ordered a second season of Breaking In yet, hope is still alive.

What do you think? Do you think that Breaking In will end up getting a second season? Would you watch?

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  1. Ken says

    I really hope Breaking In does get renewed. It was about the only thing on TV worth watching at the time. It was witty, original, and had a great cast. I thought Fox struck gold with this one, but due to poor programming consideration, it was cut down before it’s time.

  2. Isabella says

    My husband and I tried watching the show twice, as we really like Slater. We found it absurdly preposterous in believable plot, vulgar and adolescent, with no redeeming qualities or characters. But then we are not of the generation that appears to believe that vulgarity, violence, promiscuity and shallowness of mind and action are so hip and cool.

  3. Alin says

    i think it should honestly be brought back because it was a good show and i loved and i know many other people did. BRING IT BACK FOX!

  4. Jake says

    I think the biggest problem was…no advertising.With me,I am a big Michael Rosenbaum fan from all his years on my all time favorite show Smallville,and I’ve been a fan of Christian Slater since the 80’s,and I’ve been a fan of Odette Yustman (Annabelle) since she was on the UPN show South Beach.So you think I would have known about this show coming on..but I didn’t because there was no advertising.I found out because Odette did an interview on G4TV’s Attack of the Show,and then I had to catch it on HULU,which is where I watched it every week.Did they count those ratings from me on HULU? Probably not.No advertisement means no one knows about the show being on.And I hate American Idol too,so I wouldn’t have seen previews from that.

  5. T B says

    I wish they would keep Breaking-In, it was a very good show, we really enjoyed it. It was one of the view enjoyable shows, there isn’t much on TV any more. Seems most the shows we enjoy get cancelled. I agree with many of the other people, the reality shows are crap, with a capital C, I don’t watch any of them.

    As for airing the final episode on a different night to see if it would do better, that was not a very bright idea, that person should be fired or demoted. How were people suppose to know it was being aired on a different night. I get my TV over the air and the TV guides are not very helpful as they are often not accurate. Anyway, it was a very bad idea.

    Bottom line, I hope they will give this show another chance, and don’t bounce it all the schedule.

  6. says

    OMG!!! I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! IT’S HILARIOUS, I just got my parents into it……they had never heard of it yet, and now my sister and her family are anxiously awaiting it’s return!! This show is awesome funny…….in sooooo many ways!! Yes….it definately needs a second, third, fourth and at least fifth season!!!!

  7. John Shaw says

    This is a show I truly enjoyed watching. As for “idol”, I can’t stand that show looked forward to this show after it every week.

  8. Kat says

    I know I scoffed at “hope still alive” for The Event, but I’d be so happy if this got picked up! Simply because it’s the only sitcom I can stand to watch these days… Maybe not the funniest show ever, but I’ve grown attached to the characters and would love to see them again.

  9. AC says

    I do hope it gets picked back up!
    I really liked the show and as far as it following American Idol, it is a different audience that appreciates Breaking In than watches American Idol.
    Everyone that I know who said they liked it, said they did not like American Idol and kept missing it because it was on right after. Some of my friends said they had not even heard of it because they did not pay any attention to Fox on nights that American Idol was on.
    And, as far as having the finale on a different night, even I would have missed it if I did not have it set up as a “season pass” on my DVR.

    Anyway, I think this is the best TV role for Christian Slater in a long time. He had some roles that he just did not quite fit, but I think this was honestly a good fit for him and his unique deminor. He added a lot to an already fairly solid cast of quirky characters (yes, even the annoying Dutch). And, while admittedly the “Goonies” episode was a little over the top, I thoroughly enjoyed every episode and look forward to possibly seeing more.

    • Kat says

      “Breaking In” barely got on my radar, too, due to the fact that it aired on an “American Idol” night. I don’t watch American Idol, it’s incredibly boring, and I hate having to see even a minute of it while waiting for Breaking In to start. Face it, the people who appreciate American Idol aren’t, by and large, the people who appreciate Breaking In and vice versa. Having it on after American Idol was an awful move, so let’s hope that if it comes back, it has a sitcom lead-in rather than a reality show lead-in.

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