CrusoeNetwork: NBC
Episodes: 13 (hour)
Seasons: One

TV show dates: October 17, 2008 — January 31, 2009
Series status: Cancelled/ended

Performers include: Philip Winchester, Tongai Arnold Chirisa, Anna Walton, Sam Neill, Mia Maestro, Mark Dexter, Emma Barnett, Jake Curran, James Lauren, James Middlemarch, Lorcan O’Toole, Kieran Bew, Joaquim de Almeida, Sean Bean, Jeremy Crutchley, and Terence Harvey.

crusoe past TV show

TV show description:
This adventure-drama television series is based on Daniel Defoe’s classic novel, Robinson Crusoe. The show follows the adventures of a shipwrecked man and his desperate attempts to return home to his family. His only companion on the island is a native who he teaches to speak English.

Robinson Crusoe (Philip Winchester) has spent six years being shipwrecked on the island, while his family awaits his return in England. He had gone on the voyage originally because he had been accused wrongly of taking part in a rebellion against the crown, thanks to people he thought were his friends. Having great mechanical talent, he builds a modern home up in the trees of the island for safety and some comfort.

Crusoe’s only companion is Friday (Tongayi Chirisa), a native who he rescued from becoming the cannibal sacrifice of his former tribe. Despite being very skilled, Friday feels like an embarrassment to his father. Crusoe sees Friday for all of his worth, although visitors often wrongly assume “the savage” is his slave.

Santos Santana (Joaquim de Almeida), the Captain of the Spanish Guard, can’t understand Crusoe’s respect for Friday, yet made a deal with them in order to obtain buried treasure from the island. He’s then captured by the cannibals and makes friends with Friday’s father.

Olivia (Mia Maestro) makes believe she is a young man so that she can serve as an assistant physician for an English merchant ship. After a mutiny, she meets Crusoe and Friday while camping on the island, and they see through her disguise. She begins helping Crusoe with medical emergencies while falling in love with Crusoe. Unfortunately for her, Crusoe will not cheat on his wife, no matter how long he’s been away. She agrees to help restore the Captain to power.

In Crusoe’s absence, family friend Jeremiah Blackthorn (Sam Neill) takes up with Crusoe’s family, lending them money when he is named as godfather to Crusoe’s children. He’s in it for illicit means though. He inherited his fortune from his deceased brother who is actually Crusoe’s biological father, making the shipwrecked man the rightful heir to the fortune.

Crusoe’s wife, Susannah Crusoe née Tuffley (Anna Walton), had been his childhood friend. Her family, much more wealthy than Crusoe’s, doesn’t approve of him. Before Crusoe leaves for his voyage, Susannah’s brother makes a deal to seize his funds, the reason why she is forced to get help from Jeremiah. She refuses to believe her husband is dead throughout the entire six years.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Anonymous says

    What you have done is disrespectful to both the series and the spectator. You have to finish it. I’m from Spain and is one of my favorite series and we can not let it drift. They should do another season, but the last. It is very entertaining and people loves it.

  2. STELLA RUEDA says


  3. Anonymous says

    I think it is tragic that Crusoe is cancelled. This is a high quality production and a delight in all aspects. There is nothing wrong with having an obsession with an interesting story line , great acting, suspence, and scenery. What a terrible way to end this show. It begs a happy ending with an interesting story along the way about Friday’s experience in a country that extolled the slave trade (This is not a dead issiue). and justice itself. Pleease, reconsider. It will be a much love classic one day.

  4. Anonymous says

    i am a 15 year old teenager and i love crusoe!!!!!!!! PLEASE don’t cancel it!!!!!!! i was so disappointed when the season was over and i ask my dad everyday when it’s coming back on. you can’t just leave the ending that way. my dad is the one that introduced it to me. we taped it everytime it was on from the premiere and i watch each episode at least three times. i NEED to know what happens and if he ever makes it back to england.

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