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 Deadwood Network: HBO
Episodes: 36 (hour)
Seasons: Three

TV show dates: March 21, 2004 — August 27, 2006
Series status: Cancelled/ended

Performers include: Timothy Olyphant, Ian McShane, Molly Parker, Brad Dourif, W. Earl Brown, John Hawkes, Paula Malcomson, Dayton Callie, Leon Rippy, William Sanderson, Robin Weigert, Sean Bridgers, and Bree Seanna Wall

deadwood past TV show

TV show description:
An HBO Western drama set in the 1870s in Deadwood, South Dakota. Created by David Milch, the series is known for its heavy use of violence and profanity while storylines are often a mixture of historical and fictional events.

Historical figures featured include Wild Bill Hickok, Seth Bullock (Timothy Olyphant), Sol Star (John Hawkes), Calamity Jane (Robin Weigert), Al Swearengen (Ian McShane), Wyatt Earp (Keith Carradine), E. B. Farnum (William Sanderson), Charlie Utter (Dayton Callie), and George Hearst (Gerald McRaney).

Canceled and renewed TV show

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Sheldon Smith March 11, 2010 at 1:23 am

This was a complete let down. When I purchased the whole series I was excited beyond belief. Once I was to the end of it all, I was apalled. It was like having happy birthday sung to you by all your friends and half way through they all stop and leave without saying a word! What the hell just happend, wait, I’ll sing it with you, just don’t go. Deadwood is an amazing show. David Milch is a freakin genious and for that show to just be beamed up like some kind of alien is an artistic sin. I left a message with HBO months ago but it went on deaf ears. I’ve lost faith with all of you money grubbing studios that put profit over substance and don’t have the common courtesy to conclude the story with some sort of ending that would make sense. Shame on you. Shame on you.


andrea January 28, 2009 at 7:30 am

now the new milch cop drama is cancel after only the pilot he can do deadwood movie i hope !


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