Drive: FOX Series Cancelled But Will Return

The cast of Drive on FOXFOX pulled the Tim Minear action series Drive off the air after only two weeks and four episodes due to low ratings. The network had given the series a truckload of promotion but, for whatever reason, the series didn’t catch on — at least as quickly as FOX would have liked. Would the series ever return?

FOX has announced that Drive will be returning to primetime. Unfortunately it will be a one-time event. The network will run the unaired fifth and sixth episodes of Drive on July 4th — one of the least-watched nights of regular television. They’re also calling them the “final episodes” which means the show has indeed been cancelled and viewers have no chance of ever seeing the race’s conclusion.

True fans might want to visit the Tim Minear website where they can read the scripts of the first four episodes of Drive. But beware of spoilers — due to some editing changes, some scenes in the episodes three and four scripts were shifted to appear in later episodes. Maybe we’ll get lucky and the site will post scripts for unfilmed episodes sometime in the future. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Update: The episodes have since been rescheduled to air on Friday, July 13th.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Elvis says

    Man, i really liked this show, i need to see either the last episodes of the season or series or even a new seasons of this! Come on FOX!

  2. Tamara says

    I agree with all of you. I was really into DRIVE. A few of my friends were even into it, they wouldn’t gamble that night so that they could watch the show. PUT IT ON FX OR THE REST OF THE SHOW ON THE INTERNET!

  3. SCOTT says

    drive was the best show in a long time.i thank it sux that fox cancled it.bring it back
    for good.or sell the rights to some one that will.or put it on fx

  4. Charl says

    Omw fox cant do this to us, i hardly come across tv series that i can honestly say is worth watching. Drive is AWSOME! And i agree Nathan plays his roles great which is why i got hooked on the show. Isnt there some way of helping to fund the show to continue or something?

  5. Arlene says

    This show was perfect for our family of four. When we saw the first episode we were screaming Oh Yeah’ he’s back (Nathan Fillion)! Then we saw the show and we were hooked then we waited and waited and recieved nothing. It is cruel and unusual punishment to cancel a series with a unique plot and a strong and talented core group of actors.After, catching on to Firefly late then it being cancelled was hard on us. I mean really, how many good family shows are out there that both parents and children have marked on their viewing calenders. Just as they made a movie called Serenity that sort of gave us an ending I believe that they should at least do the same for all the dissapointed viewers of Drive give us some sense of closure, PLEASE. P.S. Someone anyone give Nathan Fillion his own show that won’t be cancelled until it fails at least three seasons for he’s an excellent actor and extremely believable in his roles. It doesn’t hurt that he’s; also hard not to go Yum, Yum over.

  6. Mihai says

    What can I say?I loved Firefly (the best tv show ever)and look what happened.I was really into Drive too and then it happened again.Like somebody else said if Fox can’t figure out what a good show is ,then they should sell the rights for the 2 shows to some other company.I’m not even from U.S.

  7. Anonymous says

    What the hell is wrong with fox? I will never start watching another new show on fox EVER AGAIN! It´s just unbelivable the way fox spits right in the viewers face! They did it with Firefly, they did it to drive, they will run their own station into the ground before those idiots realize that they don´t know crap about making good television.

  8. Don says

    I am surprised at how many people really seemed to like Drive. To me I thought the whole show was a rip-off of the old movie, It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad World and the updated movie, Rat Race.

  9. Yewande says

    This isn’t fair. This is the only show, ever, that I had ever followed. I had to give up all my other favorite shows and then they cancel it without warning. This show was already becoming personal and I was enjoying it. By the number of people who have left comments for it to come back, I have to say that it was probably going to raise FOX’s ratings. They should have at least gave a notice and then end with the final two episodes. This was a show that I became extremly attached to and I actually made time to watch it. Please bring it back or at least show the final two episodes. Thanks.

  10. Julie Free says

    I just found these episodes online. I never saw it during it’s brief run on TV. MY LOSS!!! Excellent show! I didn’t think I would like it because I’m not a big racing fan. This is so much more than a racing show. As a woman, it has a great story to hold women’s interest, and tons of action for men for them to enjoy. I really hope they can renegotiate and get this show back on the air.

  11. tessie says

    yea they were scheduled for the 4th then the 13th then i just watched them online cuz it was so confusing i dont understand the point of playing the next 2 episodes without having the rest of the season, i want to know who won but not only who won but what happened on the way too! fox was really hasty when they decided to cancel this –> new episode of drive or old episode of house? iu wonder what would give more ratings? obviously the new show!

  12. Marc says

    Ummmmm, did anyone notice that first Fox rescheduled the last two episodes for July 13…and then didn’t show them that night either???

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