Drive: Petition for the DVD Release of Cancelled FOX Series

Drive on FOXThough FOX’s Drive was cancelled after just four episodes due to low ratings, millions of viewers were left wanting to know how the race turned out. At the very least it would be nice to have the series on DVD.

To: 20th Century Fox Television

We, the undersigned, have enjoyed the program Drive and were dismayed that the series ended prematurely. We greatly enjoyed the series and looked forward to not only seeing the storyline concluded but to watching the Drive for future seasons as well.

We ask that you bring Drive to a proper conclusion — at the very least, release the final conclusions of the storylines — and make the series available on DVD. We are convinced that there is still a great market for this show.

Thank you for your consideration.

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  • Johnny HenckelCountry: Danmark2015-05-25 03:53:33
    Please release this series on DVD, so that people from around the world would be able to enjoy this as well!!!
  • ErnestCountry: USA2015-04-27 12:56:10
    Please release Drive on DVD with the final two episodes and any extras you can - much appreciated
  • Sandie LynnCountry: United States2014-12-26 21:00:06
    Fox, although, time and time again, you seem to cheat your audience of quality programing, release the DVD of Drive, even better release to Hulu Plus, you will get a whole new audience for the show and people willing to buy the DVD.
  • AdamCountry: Canada2014-11-25 19:32:15
    It was a sad sad day when I learned about Drive being cancelled. I feel cursed as this is another show I watched and loved get cancelled before its time. I have come to terms with no conclusion. Getting use to it really. I really want a DVD release to show my friends how good shows always get cancelled but crap always continues. I'm glad to see so many people miss this show as much as I do. Now I gotta go find the petition for the Tv Shows Traveler and Vanished.
  • Dawn HillCountry: USA2014-10-10 19:58:12
    I will buy at least 4 copies!
  • Eric ErdmannCountry: United States2014-10-09 00:15:34
    It's Fillon. It was awesome. We will buy it. 'nuff said!
  • KarmaCountry: USA2014-09-28 20:41:36
    I have totally missed this show! Can't find it on dvd. Why, in the name of all that is good, can't we get this on dvd, but continual crap can be found on TV and dvd. This is one of many shows that FOX didn't give a chance. I have pretty much stopped watching FOX because I don't want to start REALLY like a show only to have those dweebs cancel it! So that's 7 years this person hasn't given FOX any attention!
  • Kirk VanVrankenCountry: USA2014-09-17 20:48:42
    Great show that never was given a chance...
  • Franklin C AndersCountry: Australia2014-09-09 04:26:09 is so rare to have a decent, intelligent, entertaining AND thought provoking show and to have the horror of such a GREAT show cancelled AND being denied the DVD release thereof is just FOX being petty. All producers of art in any form complain about video piracy...Why encourage it by making DVD access so difficult? Make the six episodes of "DRIVE" available...I know of at least six sets that would sell immediately here in North Queensland Australia.
  • Sandy DunnCountry: USA2014-09-08 20:10:47
    I have been looking everywhere I can think of to find this show for the last few months. I would gladly buy the DVD if it were released. I honestly don't understand why it wouldn't be available in some form with today's technology.
  • Will CohenCountry: United States2014-08-16 22:28:28
    Hell, I don't even require a conclusion of the show. Just put what you have on DVD and release it. It's 7 episodes. With Firefly, Castle, and everything Emma Stone has done, this will sell. You'll make money, and you'll make fans happy. I believe that is called a win-win. Your move, Fox
  • Zachary DumasCountry: United States2014-08-11 06:33:24
    Please release Drive to DVD, at the very least if we can't get a conclusion.
  • emersonCountry: us2014-06-27 13:43:48
    I really missed this program and would like to see it again thank you FOX that was not right
  • Veronica jonesCountry: USA2014-06-25 15:15:35
    Loved this show and wanted to see how it ended. Definitely would buy the DVD.
  • JodieCountry: United Kingdom2014-04-21 12:37:11
    Would love to have the series on dvd
  • VanessaCountry: United States2014-03-29 20:42:28
    One . . . The reason the reviews were low -- there was no advertisements for the show! I remember flipping through the TV and saw it was coming on . . . .never heard of it, gave it a chance. After the first episode --- I was hooked. Please ADVERTISE and bring back the TV Series DRIVE. I would have signed the petition long before now if I knew it was out there! Great excitement and fun!!
  • JohnCountry: Usa2013-09-06 06:19:31
    Bring it back
  • DavidCountry: USA2013-07-26 18:10:28
    I have never forgiven FOX for canceling this show. What kind of focus groups do you employ to choose your programming? There hasn't been a decent show on fix since. Maybe you just want to air lame cartoon comedies?
  • Dean DangerCountry: USA2013-07-19 00:58:28
    This was a very good show. I have purchased it through iTunes but I want the DVD so I can watch it without the PC. Fox never should have canceled it.
  • Christopher KnowlesCountry: USA2013-05-04 18:46:10
    I loved this series and want to have it on DVD to watch again. Please get this on DVD.
  • Christopher KnowlesCountry: USA2013-05-04 18:46:10
    I loved this series and want to have it on DVD to watch again. Please get this on DVD.
  • Anthony PopchockCountry: USA2013-04-25 20:50:58
    As a huge fan of Nathan Fillion and many of the cast members I would very much like to have the series on DVD.
  • juneCountry: u.s.2012-12-05 09:29:34
    Me and my family enjoyed the series on the night it was aired it was our family night everyone in my family enjoyed it can we get it on dvd please this is the only show i ever known to have it happend to that was not right FOX to do that
  • LynnCountry: Australia2012-11-07 21:46:02
    Please complete series and release on DVD
  • Per Helge hagvarCountry: Norway2012-11-05 08:34:28
    Give us dvds please
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