Eureka: Series Finale Ordered; Why Was the Show Cancelled?

Eureka canceled season sixThough Eureka remains one of Syfy’s most popular TV series, the cable channel cancelled it earlier this week. What’s even more perplexing is that Syfy announced that Eureka had been renewed for an abbreviated sixth season last week. They even issued a statement to assure viewers that they hoped to continue the show beyond that. Why was it cancelled?

Eureka executive producer Amy Berg shed some light on the move via Twitter, indicating that Syfy didn’t want to cancel the show but financially, Comcast mandated it. She said, “We are the network’s golden child in every way, except profit margins. Fact is, #Eureka is an expensive show to make. And we could not maintain the quality of our show with the cuts it would take to make us profitable for Syfy’s new parent company. Our creative execs at Syfy fought hard to keep us. Trust me, they LOVE us. We just couldn’t make the numbers work.”

The cast and crew were in the midst of filming the end of season five when the cancellation news came down. With such short notice, it seemed unlikely that they would be able to bring the show to a satisfying conclusion with such short notice.

Thankfully, Syfy has now ordered one additional episode so that, as Berg puts it, “we can end the series on our terms.” She indicated that she’s working on the series finale and it will be shot the week of the 21st.

For those keeping count, this means that there are 19 episodes of Eureka left; five more for this season and 14 for season five.

What do you think? Are you glad to hear there will be a true series finale? How would you like to see the show end?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Warketa says

    I am from Czech Republick, but I love this serial, I don’t want end of this serial. More czech students love it. For me it’s sad news. I love sll characters, and all episodes. I want to see more!!!!! Start make new series!!!!!!I want to see new Eureka town, new leader od GD in work, new technologies and technics!!! Don’t stop make best serial of my life!

  2. Camenbert says

    So sad about Eureka. I loved the show from the very first episode….. Just like I loved Jericho and they cancelled that too.

  3. says

    I have followed the show now on netflix and then on the tv till the end and have loved the show from the start. It seemed that just about all of the episodes had something to hook you into the show. I now know why I am totally giving up on all tv at my house. I came to me when most of the nights where I have set aside a half hour just to relax. Most of that time I have to watch commercials or pass though the channels to try and find a show with some thought put into a plot or characters. I give up. There are very little real shows left in this world and the next generation seems to only like the shows they are told to like by the media. They all seem mindless to the system that is taking over the networks. It is very sad to see the show come to a hasty end. It seemed in the last episode they opened so many cans of worms for the following episodes that one show would never fill in all the blanks properly. I hope and pray that some other network will come to the rescue of Eureka. It would make alot of people’s worlds for that to happen including mine. Thanks to the person that started these blogs. It helps to vent my frustrations with our sorry outlook of the future.

  4. slyone says

    theres so much crap on tv that goes on forever but yet they cancel some of these shows because they want an easy button, just press it and money keeps comming in. these so called reality shows are not even reality. consumers have no say anymore its all tv execs that want to make the most money while they are there and then scram with their pockets full. screw the veiwers.

  5. Anonymous says

    The male characters were like women and the women acted like men. You know, guys raised by single-mothers. Eventually the female demographic tired of it, just like in real life. The same dynamic goes in Warehouse 13.

    Bumbling sensitivity is difficult to create comedy with (unless your Woody Allen) and women, with exceptions, are clever and witty but not funny. The comedy part was struggling after the first season. Political correctness strikes again. They should have studied Revenge of the Nerds 1.

  6. Kristi says

    This sux! ALL THESE REALITY TV SHOWS ON TV AND WE CAN’T EVEN KEEP ANY SHOWS THAT R WORTH WILD! TV is going down hill! My husband was just happy I was enjoying a series on SYFI channels! We finally had a show we LOVED to watch together! I fell in LOVE w/all of the characters in the show! It even kept me up at night watching one after the other! Though I’ve come to love Warehouse 13 it is still not Eureka! I can’t believe it is ending already! I am so sad it will all be over soon! Though it also means that’s besides warehouse 13 the SYFI channel will be one I pass w/out a blink of an eye agian! I’m not normally a SYFI kind of girl! The rest of the shows r so boring where that one was amazing for any kind of person not just the SYFI average viewer! Which is what made the show amazing! It’s too bad really!

    • vivian says

      I just want to add my total and absolute dismay over the cancellation of Eureka! We live in Europe and while home in Calif. a few years ago, saw a preview for the show and ever since then have waited patiently for them to be released on DVD. During the writers strike, we even paid a ‘full price’ for HALF a season and are now halfway through the 4th season – horrors !! I knew there would be a 5th season but after reading that was to have been a sixth season – but woefully cancelled…. aagghhh I am utterly devastated!

      My husband and I have ALL the StarTrek Next Generation, Voyager, Stargate and Atlantis – there should be more more more more! After we watched Serenity – which we also own and have watched at least 4 or 5 times, we found out there was a series ‘Firefly’ – I looked it up and found that it had been cancelled after just one season – W H Y ?? I have yet to buy it, as I know it’s just the one season – so I just keep watching the movie… thank goodness I get to see Nathan Fillion as Castle! Oh woe to all us Syfy junkies! We even have my mother record ALL of Grimm – for when we are home visiting… and don’t get me started on wishing we could get Warehouse 13 here – as quirky as IT is…. it is STILL Syfy….

      I heartily concur with the comments – especially the one about how Eureka tugs at all the emotions – I do shed a tear, laugh out loud and moan when someone actually does something stupid on the show – A good ending? there IS no good ‘ending’ !! I’m just glad there will be one more season for us to watch and I will miss the show tremendously! Is this too long? Do we need to sign a petiton? and when did wrestling become science fiction? I am only too happy NOT to have Comcast where we live – they should be ashamed of themselves! now I know this is too long…

  7. Drake Jones says

    Programming executives are notoriously inept: Kill a hit to save a buck and lose a bundle in the bargain. Pure genius. I expect it NBC canceling hits, but SyFy? I wonder if NBC owns the show.

  8. Julie says

    I love Eureka….why do they always cancel the GOOD shows & keep the BAD??? Are they stupid? Shows that have been on for years & that the fans are watching….this means your making $$$$…..taking off the GOOD just to try something new that turns out BAD makes you how much $$$$ ?????????????? Does this make sense to you??? If it does, give your head a shake! :((((((

  9. says

    It seems that tv is turning into cheap junk shows, Millions like me were 20 year subs
    to dish or cable and now are cancelling and going back to antenna, Eureka was great,
    big corporations and the college boys have ruined radio and now tv. I watched and worked at a giant FM in Tampa that was number one. The big boys changed format and went to dead last, THE CLEARWATER SUN newspaper was a great success and had their own giant building and web press. The college boys bought it, fired the staff,
    just took the AP wire and foolish color and went broke in two months. People want content and not fluff.

  10. BLUErage says

    Typical corporate scumbaggery. Take away something the people want cus not making gobs of cash for the executive bonuses, replace with piece o’ crap they don’t want and try to shove it down their throats. Tell people they MUST consume it as thats all there is. Its CRAPTASTIC COMCRASS!

  11. Phill says

    I have just finished the end of season 4, it was very exciting but left you up in the air. I will be waiting for the final season to bring it all together.

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