Hawaii Five-0: Will Alex O’Loughlin Star in the CBS Remake?

Alex OLoughlinThe third time might be the charm for both a Hawaii Five-0 remake and a popular CBS star.

The original Hawaii Five-0 series ran on CBS for 12 years, from 1968 until 1980. Jack Lord stars as Steve McGarrett, the leader of an elite branch of the fictional Hawaii State Police. His right-hand man is Dan “Dan-O” Williams (James MacArthur). Others in the cast include Kam Fong, Herman Wedemeyer, Harry Endo, Zulu, Richard Denning, Al Harrington, Al Eben, Peggy Ryan, Glenn Cannon, Danny Kamekona, Moe Keale, Douglas Mossman, and Kwan Hi Lim.

A revival series was first attempted in 1997, led by legendary producer Stephen J. Cannell. A pilot was filmed with Gary Busey in the lead role and several castmembers from the original series returned for the project. Lord was in ill health (he died in 1998) and didn’t participate and the project was ultimately deemed “unairable” by CBS execs.

Last year, it was reported that CBS was toying with the idea of remaking Hawaii Five-0 once again. The project was to be led by be Criminal Minds executive producer Ed Bernerdo and was expected to center around Steve McGarrett’s son. It never got off the ground.

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The network decided to try again, relying this time on a team that includes a pair of feature writers who know about rebooting old TV shows. Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (Star Trek, Transformers, and Mission Impossible III) and Peter Lenkov (CSI: New York executive producer) were put in charge. Lenkov wrote the pilot script, under the supervision of Kurtzman and Orci.

CBS has now given a greenlight for the pilot and all three scribes are on board as executive producers.

EW is reporting that the network may rely on a familiar face for the lead role. It’s being rumored that Alex O’Loughlin (Three Rivers and Moonlight) is currently in discussions to play Steve McGarrett.

Last week, CBS president Nina Tassler confirmed that Three Rivers was indeed dead, freeing up the actor’s schedule. She also reiterated the network’s desire to be in business with actor. Tassler said, “We love him and want him to stay around a long time.”

What do you think? Is O’Loughlin right for the role of Steve McGarrett? Are you interested in watching a remake of Hawaii Five-0? Could this one succeed where other TV remakes have failed?

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  1. lovergirl says

    LOVE the new Hawaii five-0
    I have never seen the old one and i perfer not to, it looks super lame!!!
    I love Alex O’loughlin as McGarrett he plays the part wonderfully.
    And I love the fact that they are useing Grace Park as Kono, she is an amazing actor and the show needs a strong woman to do the part.
    Without those two actors the show would never have worked out.

  2. Ken says

    I watched Hawaii 5-0 from 1968 – 1980 and never missed an episode. I loved that show. I
    have tried to watch the new version, but get about 10 or 15 minutes into the show and turn
    the channel. That show is not good at all. For 1) Alex doesn’t come close to filling Jack Lord’s shoes. The only McGarrett (Jack) was a take charge, take no crap boss. The new McGarrett (Alex) seams to be lost and let’s the new Danny talk down to him. The show sucks. 2) Kono was a man, not a women. The only thing I like about this show is that they
    kept the original music. Like so many other TV shows Hollywood tries to remake, to me they have failed again. Keep the memories of all the past shows that were great and there
    were many alive by not trying to remake them. It doesn’t work!

  3. says

    I love the new Five O but enough of Danno’s caustic, snide, nasty, unnecessary remarks and tyraids. Good grief.. the original Dano would never have spoken to McGarret that way.. they were a team.. This Danno is a discrace to the character.. I now Tivo the show, then transfer it to a tape, deleting most of Danno’s B S.. Alex is the perfect McGarett and Kono and Chin are professional.. Danno is an obnoxious jerk.. Jealous because Steve is smart and in charge of Five O..

  4. Elliott says

    I will never understand why Moonlight was canceled… Neither do I understand why Three Rivers was canceled.. Both were pretty good shows, and he was great in both…. Meanwhile, there are some pretty crappy shows on the air (my opinion) which have lasted for years!!
    Oh!! One more thing… I wish I looked like Alex O’Loughlin!!! I’m straight, but even a “real” man can see the guys good looks (yes, I’m very sure of my masculinity, that’s way I can make that statement!!)..

  5. Suzanne Faith says

    Ahhh Susie: here we go again…I KNOW Alex didNOT quit Moonlight…Lord why would he and left the country (with I think his then girlfriend Holly) and brooded for a while. Yeah he’s pretty well into what CBS wants him to do now but I firmlydoubt he would talked into something he didn’t want to do CBS or not. Anyway, we could go on and on…bottom line is we love him and wish him the best always…you and I should get an award for being his BIGGEST FANS!!! Right? Love, Suzanne

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