House: What Did You Think of the Last Episode?

House series finaleWell, Gregory House went out with a bang. Sort of. Tonight, FOX aired the series finale of their medical series, House. Titled “Everybody Dies,” the finale was directed by series creator and executive producer David Shore.

House premiered November 16, 2004, to modest ratings but eventually became a hit. In addition to some great ratings, House drew four Emmy nominations for best drama and six for star Hugh Laurie.

The ratings have been in decline for awhile so it was decided that, after eight seasons and 177 episodes, it was time to say goodbye to the curmudgeonly genius physician.

Many suspected that House would die in the final episode and they were right, mostly. Last week, Wilson and House were making plans to spend Wilson’s last five months on Earth together. Those plans were scuttled by the discovery of the hockey tickets that House stole. It seems his parole has been revoked and the grumpy doc will be spending the next six months in jail instead.

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House is so despondent over the situation that he’s committing suicide in a burning building. While there, he’s “visited” by several characters from the show’s past — courtesy of several special actor cameos. In their own ways, they tell him that his life is worth living and he ultimately agrees. As he tries to leave, the floor collapses and he dies.

At his funeral, a distraught Wilson starts to deliver a thoughtful eulogy but can’t contain his ranting, calling his fallen friend a selfish jerk. He’s interrupted by a cellphone noise that turns out to be coming from his own pocket — and a cellphone that wasn’t his own. The text message tells him to shut up.

We next see Wilson incredulously meeting a very-alive House, simply sitting on some city steps. House has faked his death and left a corpse in his place (after switching dental records). Wilson tells him that he’s throwing away everything by doing this but the good doctor thinks it’s worth it to spend the next five months with his best friend.

We see the rest of the characters happily going about their lives. Chase has become the head of the department. Foreman finds House’s hospital badge slipped under his end table, realizes what it means, and smiles. House and Wilson, riding motorcycles depart on the open road, into the sunset, together.

What do you think? Was this a fitting end to House? Are you glad that House didn’t die? Did they miss anything? Was Cuddy’s absence a big deal?

Here’s a more complete synopsis of the last episode of House.

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  1. Julie says



  2. Jerry Johnston says

    A truly exciting ending for me, which would have completely blown everybody’s mind, would have been for the writers to have written a story about Cuddy, who wanted to give House, his best friend for life, a gift for what he has done for all the amazing people’s lives he saved, each one taxing his puzzle solving skills to the max each time, and showing the world how good of a diagnostic genius House really was.
    However the twist would be to have Wilson go to Hippocrates Institute in Florida, where they have a very high cure rate for cancer, all forms, by detoxing the body of all toxins, with colonics and chlorophyll, and letting the body naturally heal, after it’s squeaky clean, and change everybody’s outlook towards medicine and how they perceive the lives they choose for themselves and how this incident might change them.

  3. Frank M says

    I must agree great way to end it BUT cuddy should have taken part in the ceremony and i believe house should have died in the finale so that its for sure over it would of been a more dramatic and serious ending to such a phenomenal tv series…..with that being said i am on the fence about riding away on a motorcycle its too main stream just my opinion but i love the series house hope the make a HOUSE M.D 2:Medicine in the Congo

  4. notonyernelly says

    Very disappointing ending. Ridiculous that Cuddy was not part of it. I thougt they would end it with House somehow faking his death and Wilson conveniently deciding to take a South American trip thus driving House over the border. But House can’t resist getting into medical situs on their trip through S. America, saving some more people and Wilson enjoying “being of use”…poor people very grateful, lots kids dying from cancer given cures etc…what makes Wilson happy makes House happy. And then they meet nirvana in some beautiful 3rd world spot and find some mushrooms which make Wilsons passing idyllic and also alleviates Houses pained leg. House has therefore discovered the next aspirin and starts up shop – thats is a clinic – illegally and therefore quite happily – and therefore he is able to let his friend go. Especially as the lone woman in town is the soul sista of Cuddy..who he send a cryptic postcard too and the last scene is her grinning, while House is making babies on Et Tu Mama Tambien type of beach…

  5. ashlie byrd says

    The best series finale I have ever seen!! They managed to actually make me feel satisfied and accepting of the show being over. It was a perfect ending and I will remember this show fondly and it will go down as one, if not the, of my favorite shows I ever enjoyed :-)

  6. linda c says

    I thought HOUSE was a great show! I watched it often years ago, but just every now and then, for the past few years.
    But I made sure to see the Finale. And LOVED IT!! Wow! almost brought me to tears, seeing Wilson and House driving away together, on their bikes, free, happy, and content.
    Great writing on this one guys/gals! Best wishes to Hugh, and the rest of the cast. Continued success!

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