Mister Ed

Mister EdNetwork: first-run syndication, CBS
Episodes: 144 (half-hour)
Seasons: Six

TV show dates: January 5, 1961 — February 6, 1966
Series status: Cancelled/ended

Performers include: Alan Young, Connie Hines, Larry Keating, Edna Skinner, Leon Ames, Florence MacMichael, Barry Kelley, James Flavin, Richard Deacon, and Allan Lane (voice of Mister Ed).

mister ed past TV show

TV show description:
In this classic sitcom, architect Wilbur Post (Alan Young) has grown tired of the city life and transplants himself and his wife, Carol (Connie Hines), to the country. Shortly after arriving at their new home, the newlyweds discover a surprise; a horse is living in their barn.

Neighbor Roger Addison (Larry Keating) explains that the horse is named Mister Ed (voiced by Alan Lane) and had belonged to the previous owners of the house. Carol wants to get rid of him but Wilbur begs her to let the horse stay.

One afternoon, while Wilbur is brushing the Palomino, he makes a very surprising discovery — Mister Ed can talk. Unfortunately, the only person he likes enough to converse with is Wilbur. When Wilbur tries to tell his wife or neighbors like Kay Addison (Edna Skinner) or Gordon and Winnie Kirkwood (Leon Ames and Florence MacMichael), they all think he’s crazy. Such a gift proves to be both a blessing and a curse and Wilbur’s exploits with Mister Ed often get him into plenty of trouble, especially with Carol.

Since Wilbur’s office is in Mister Ed’s stable, the two spend a lot of time together — a fact that makes Carol fell kind of jealous. In the end, the man and his horse have a bond that only they can understand.

Celebrity guest appearances on the show include Clint Eastwood, Zsa Zsa Gabor, George Burns, Donna Douglas, Blanche Leo Durocher, Kathleen Freeman, Alan Hale Jr., and Linda Kaye.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Dustbindiva says

    No, the few times Ed spoke was covered up by Wilbur so no one knew it was a horse. My favorite one of those setups was when Ed sang Pretty little Filly with Wilbur lip synching so even though Ed was singing Wilbur stood in front of him and no one knew it was Ed.

    • Dustbindiva says

      That Dodgers episode was the top rated ep8isode of the whole 5 seasons of the show. It was very funny. I liked the show the first 2 years until Larry Keating was replaced with Leon Ames. Then the content became very dull but improved the last year or so after Leon Ames left. The show was for me screwball, the team of Wilbur and Ed, and a lot like nutty comedy movies in the 1930s which combined slapstick and high culture. This show had great sentimentality but poignant.

  2. Dustbindiva says

    Wilbur didnt discover Mister Ed could talk while brushing him. He was standing in the bare barn and said “It’s been a long time since I was a little boy” and Mister Ed says “It’s been a long time since I was a pony”. Thats how he first learned Ed could speak.

    • Dustbindiva says

      That was in a dream sequence that he was getting married with Wilbur as the preacher. Then he discovers that Rosita has a bunch of kids already, so Ed wakes up and decides not to get married.

  3. Scott Denny says

    This show never really got the applause it should have.I have not watched one episode that did not make me or anyone else laugh which is what a comedy is suppose to do.I have never seen the last few episodes run in sydication which might be where carol finds out Ed can talk,.Does anyone know why.?

      • Dustbindiva says

        No, she did not know even when Ed phoned Wilbur and he rushed over to the barn at night, she accepted his explanation that it was a client calling or some other goofy excuse for the phone call.

  4. joseph says

    mister ed is one of my all time favorite tv shows. i think that my favorite episode is the one with ed calling to get unemployment compensation. also, the episode with richard deacon as the shrink when ed was afraid of heights. i watch the reruns of mister ed on this tv, and i’ve seen it on nickelodeon, and years ago, wjbk tv in detroit had weekend reruns of it as well. connie hines was so cute. it’s too bad that she never really got any choice parts after mister ed was cancelled, because i’ve seen her appearance on bonanza in 1960; that she did before mister ed.

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