Moonlight: Update on Possible Series Move to CW

MoonlightAfter CBS cancelled the supernatural drama, some hope emerged that Moonlight might continue on another network. Media Rights Capital (MRC) has purchased CW’s Sunday night airtime and they were offered the show to help them fill it. It was only a chance but it was enough to stall the destruction of the Moonlight sets and frankly, it was better than nothing.

Unfortunately, MRC is committed to producing its own original programming. They aren’t interested in taking on any cast-offs from other networks — even if one comes with legions of fans. Will MRC’s new shows be able to match the ratings of Moonlight on CBS? Highly doubtable, especially considering CW’s track night with Sunday nights.

There’s still glimmer of hope that MRC could pick up the show for mid-season but it’s a very, very remote possibility. Moonlight’s cause isn’t helped by the fact that the show doesn’t come cheap, a factor that played a part in CBS’s decision to drop it.

So, what’s left for Moonlight fans? A Jericho-like campaign? CBS’ disappointing experience with that show has made the network gun-shy of listening to supporters of other cult shows. Of Moonlight fans’ campaigns to save their show, CBS President Nina Tassler said, “It was a factor, obviously… It was a passionate fanbase, and that’s not a bad thing. It’s just hard to translate that into numbers.”

Though his show may have been cancelled, Moonlight star Alex O’Loughlin may not be done with the network. CBS still holds an option on the actor’s services and he’s apparently in demand. That may present a catch-22 for fans. Though fans may be happy for O’Loughlin to land other jobs, there’s a chance that, if Moonlight is finally saved, one of the show’s stars may not be available to do it. We’ll keep you posted so stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. Emily says

    I love moonlight. I really hope that this show stays on, or at least come out with movies on this show for season 2. I really want to watch it. I love vampires.

  2. Patricia Casey says

    I think it is absolutely outrageous that Moonlight has been canceled! The new series that replaced Moonlight on Friday nights, The Ex List, is just stupid!!!!! I hate it. Moonlight was the only show I watched on CBS and I will NOT watch anything else that CBS has to offer!!!!!!! It seems that every time I really like a show, it gets sacked!!!!!!

    I am very disappointed! 😛

  3. patty says

    One word: Political!

    I dont see any reason for them to cancel the show… Believe me, Moolight made me watch CBS..
    Aside from the budget, Im sure there’s some kind of a conspiracy thing…

    Another one word: KARMA!

  4. Hairul says

    I’d like to say that ‘Moonlight’ was one of my favorite vampire drama along with ‘Forever Knight’ a long time ago.No doubt I’m residing in Singapore all the way on the other side of the continent but this drama really had a profound addiction to it.With beautiful cast of Alex O’ Loughlin, Sophia Myles & Shannyn Sossamon caught up in an unnatural love triangle.

    What I don’t understand is why CBS decided not to make Season 2 out of it….is it fear that it won’t be a success that it’ll follow ‘Jericho’ footsteps…

    Well let me say a piece of my mind if your reading this e-mail CBS..It’s a good drama with good plot.You’ve got good talents working for you…If a guy staying in S’pore happened by chance to see this drama & feel ‘enchanted’ by’s a good sign. Believe me…I may not be a famous figure to comment this but I know & definitely BELIEVE if you’d make the second season & give it an additional exposure, ‘Moonlight’ will be a success..& pls do not ask how I got to see the series..its that by chance I saw it in a neighbouring country’s tv network & I was dying to see what happened behind the close doors after the last episode after the door was closed….(Did Mick work it out with Beth?)


  5. sandra says

    las fans del mundo seguimos apoyando esta maravillosa serie y pedimos una segunda temporada,por favor apoyemos todas las peticiones

  6. Katherine says

    Soy una fans Latina y todos en Latinoamerica estamos luchando por que Moonlight tenga una segunda oportunidad, ya que se merece eso y mucho m?s, no hay que perder las esperanzas hay que aferrarnos a ellas como sea.


  7. Carol says

    I just found out that moonlight was cancelled..CBS have you lost your minds. This was a great show..I looked forward to Friday nights, It had drama, comedy and romance..Moonlight without Alex would not be worth watching..The chemistry between Mick and Joseph and Beth were will not be able to do it with anyone else and I wouldn’t even bother to watch…How can you leave us all hanging like that..Shame on you CBS..I will not support any of your shows and will never watch anything new from you again…The least you could of done was answer all those unanswered questions you left us hanging with…..At least give it a another season and end it the right way…

  8. sam taylor says

    Well CBS Why on earth have you cancelled the BEST SHOW EVER!!!! have you lost your marbles? Obviously. I watched Moonlight on SKY and I am distraught. So come on other Networks get this show and make CBS realise they have dropped the biggest Clanger ever. I would like to add that Moonlight would not be the same without the Gorgeouse Mick and Josef and of course the chemistry between Mick and Beth. Please please please make us moonlight fans happy again and make another series. WE LOVE MICK!!!!!!!

  9. PENELOPE says

    You cancelled Moonlight…but you kept old christine…are you people nuts!!!!! I used to think CBS was the old people’s channel, then you stated to air better programs. Now you cancel the ones we love? Instead of cancelling without a clue of what the public really wants…TRY ASKING US!!!!! Try having people log on to your website and help you decide what to cancel. That way you make better informed decisions and we won’t call you stupid selfish pinheads…how about that?????

  10. Rhonda says

    I didn’t know about any of this and I’m pretty disgusted right now. CBS, why would you cancel a show that recently won an award and was hugely popular with fans? Now, there is nothing to keep me watching that stupid Numbers show. Come to think of it, why should I bother to tune in on Fridays at all now? Your network has the worst reception of all of them anyway. Oh, and as for Jericho, you would have kept your fans if you hadn’t killed off so many popular characters. Duh. You people aren’t very bright, are you?

  11. Brenda B. says

    My comment is, I think CBS is making a big mistake for canceling the show. That’s the only show that made it worth eating popcorn and watching a movie at home fun and relaxing, in a family setting, plus you did’nt have to leave home, cause it’s so dangerous to go out sometimes. They are gona wait and keep the show off to long and some genius will come along put on another channel and the rating will hit the roof, then what will cbs do? They lose money and rating. I know hundreds of people on the job and church and their families watch this show every friday night. BIG MISTAKE CBS, BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Moonlight is terrific show.

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