No Ordinary Family: ABC Exiles Episode to Saturday

No Ordinary FamilyAs if there weren’t enough signs already that ABC’s No Ordinary Family is doomed to be cancelled, the network has given us another one.

The TV series, about a super-powered family, has been struggling in the ratings for quite awhile and currently averages just a 1.9 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 6.67 million viewers. Last week’s episode attracted only a 1.2 demo rating. ABC also recently cut the episode order from 22 to 20 installments.

Just days after production wrapped on what will likely be the final episode of No Ordinary Family, the show’s stars signed on for new CBS shows. Michael Chiklis will star in a new sitcom pilot called Vince Uncensored. Julie Benz has signed on for an as-yet-untitled supernatural medical drama, co-starring Patrick Wilson. (These are technically in second position but it’s certainly not a good sign.)

And now, ABC has decided to air the second-to-last season episode on a Saturday night. The network has pre-empted No Ordinary Family on March 29th with an hour special, Dancing with the Stars: The Story So Far. There are two episodes left so one will air this Saturday, March 26th, at 10pm. The finale will then air on Tuesday, April 5th, at its usual time.

What do you think? Is there still a chance that No Ordinary Family will be renewed?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Justin says

    I swear I am so tired of networks every time I get interested in s good show where the plot line actually changes from week to week and keeps me wondering what’s going to happen next they cancel the show! Come on give the show a chance move it to a different time slit first. How are you gonna end the show when the plot line gets super interesting I mean come on now they will work with the government, and George gets powers, what are they will katies baby grow at a super rate and help in the fight I mean it was born after less than 3 weeks. Abc execs are a joke this gets canceled and the simpsons has been on for how long? This is family entertainment! Yet survivor where they basically teach people that backstabbing, lying and being manipulative is ok as long as you are going for money no wonder this country is in the state it is in.

  2. Laurie says

    I’m really sorry to see “No Ordinary Family” cancelled. The characters are likeable and work well together. I found the story line really interesting and look forward to seeing it every week.

  3. DIANE says

    Please don’t cancel this show!!! It seems like every time people get into a show the network cancels it just give it a chance.

  4. Philip Howard says

    Definitely do NOT cancel No Ordinary Family. SO much more entertaining than the trashy reality drivel it apparently competes with.ABC should show its ability to appeal to intelligence, and there are clearly so many of us already captivated!

  5. N.O.F. fan!!!!!!! says

    I love ABC family, almost every show is amazing. i also love sci-fi, when this show came out it was like the best of both worlds. and now they are going to cancel it. i mean this is exactly what happened to the show pretty little liars. no one watched it and then friends told friends at camp and they bought it on itunes, now they are starting their 3rd season. plus what the heck ending a show on a cliff hanger that is sooo annoying, its like ooommmggg its the best part yay! and then you see a caption saying o btw were ending the show sorry….not bye.

  6. Nathan Parks says

    I most certainly hope they renew No Ordinary Family. I think with the finale I just watched, the story is just about to take a turn for the better! Don’t get me wrong, I already love this show. It just looks like it’s getting even more interesting.

    ABC!!! Please don’t cancel my No Ordinary Family.

    • Nathan Parks says

      Besides, Romany Malco (George) just got his powers! What are they? What’s going to happen next? Don’t make me wonder, geeeeeez…

  7. Dawn says

    I loved the show and I hated that now I have more questions than answers. They should have shown what will happen to the sidekick?

  8. bk says

    This show had a lot of potential. Why did it fail? The network (come on they hack jobbed V as well) and the time slot they put it on more than anything else. The acting was good the story was good but in this day and age where things can be watched on HULU like websites if something that is established is already in that slot then something like this show will get played later.

    Will it be back? Sadly without the 2 main characters the parents already moving on highly doubtful.

    If it where to come back I could go into Avenger mode and have the good powered guys help against the bad. ABC should have considered the amount of hero movies coming out this next year and held on a little bit longer on it would have helped with a bigger pay day for the network which is what its all about.


  9. Jake says

    Please Don’t Cancel it… This show is so good and the last episode was great. Every time something good comes on they cancel it.

    • MAYE says



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