Off the Map: Cancelled TV Series Coming to DVD

Off the Map DVDThere won’t be a second season of ABC’s freshman medical drama, Off the Map, but there’s still some backstage material that fans haven’t seen yet. Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment has announced that the cancelled series is coming to DVD on August 23rd.

All 13 episodes will be included and presented in anamorphic widescreen video, English Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, and with French and Spanish subtitles. In addition, there will be extras like deleted scenes, outtakes, and featurettes like “Jungle Medicine” and “On the Set at Off the Map.”

The three-disc set will retail for $29.99 but you’ll be able to find it a lot cheaper if you look around. You can currently pre-order Off The Map: The Complete Series for $20.99 at Amazon. There’s no word on a Blu-ray release, likely because the TV show only ran for one season and the company is unsure if they’d sell enough copies.

What do you think? Are you interested in picking up the Off the Map DVD set? Would you like a Blu-ray release? What “extras” would you like to see included?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Julia says

    I’m so mad. I really loved this show. I was waiting for the new season for the whole summer just to find out it was cancelled. ;( Why cancel an amazing show after only one season?!!!!!!

  2. says

    Every time there’s a show that I like, it gets cancelled. I know it’s so much cheaper to make those cheesy reality shows which aren’t really reality, but leave something good on for some of us. I don’t think that you gave it long enough. No, I won’t buy the DVD set, I’m not supporting any of these companies anymore.

  3. Alison davies says

    Don’t understand why you would cancel off the map and then put a War medical drama on..which is a stupid show and terrible acting. Abc you have lost me once again. Truly freed up my dvr?

  4. Vicky says

    I can’t believe they cancelled the show on a cliff hanger either. I’m not a TV person but I did enjoy this show. GO FIGURE! IDIOTS!!!

  5. Loni says

    Incredibly upset that the show was cancelled! I personally thought it was a great show…. A bit peeved to hear that it just ended as a cliff hanger!

  6. Irene Ferreira says

    I’m so sick of having of having shows that are nice being canceled!!!! I’m just not going to bother with any new stuff, before they pull series off the air they should ask the peole that watch them.

  7. don reiff II says

    You cancalled 2 of your better shows from last year! Off the Map and Detroit 187! You just cant get it right and thats why you lose ratings Great job jerks

    • Savage says

      I agree 100%! I really enjoyed Off The Map and Detroit 187, didn’t miss a single episode of either one, and am at a loss why they should be canceled while other “reality” dreck lives on.

  8. Tee says

    I love this show. I will buy the dvd. I can’t believe its cancelled already, there’s so many places it could still go.

  9. Carolyn says

    I am so bummed this new show got cancelled!!!! I have very little room for new shows in my life but I seemed to find time for this one . Now it is gone……………….. I will not be buying the series………. I want to see new shows not ones I have already seen.

  10. aaronite_1 says

    Really upset about the cancellation, buying this box set won’t help bring it back, so I won’t :-(

  11. Kristin says

    I’ve got the series saved on my DVR, so the only way I’d buy the DVD is if it included resolution to the cliff-hanger ending. To be honest, I’m still too annoyed that the show was cancelled to support the company that pulled the plug on it.

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