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Prison Break: Petition to Continue the Cancelled TV Show

Prison BreakFOX’s president, Kevin Reilly, has announced that Prison Break is ending after four seasons on the air. The drama once attracted over 10 million viewers each week but the ratings have fallen to an average of 6.1 million. That’s a lot of people but fewer than the network wants to keep a show on the air.

It looks like the producers will be allowed to finish off the series but, with all of the many ongoing storylines, it seems highly unlikely that all of viewers’ questions will be answered. And what about being able to see the characters’ lives afterwards?

Would you like to see Prison Break continue – either for additional episodes or for a follow-up TV movie? Millions still watch the show every week and care about what happens to the characters.

If you’d like to see Prison Break continue in some form, there are a few things you can do:

Tell your friends and family members to tune in and watch the show on FOX. If that’s not possible, encourage them to watch online. Maybe one of them is secretly a “Nielsen family” or knows one.

Write to FOX and let the network know how you feel. Remember to keep it civil. Everyone responds best to courtesy.

Sign the petition below and let the network execs know that you’ve signed it. Spread the word and ask others to do the same. You can even tell your favorite falsely-accused felon.

To: 20th Century Fox Television, Adelstein-Parouse Productions, Original Film, and FOX

We, the undersigned, consistently watch and enjoy Prison Break on FOX. This TV show has been an action-packed thrill ride, right from the very first episode. Though the story may have had a few missteps, we don’t want to see it end just yet.

We are truly upset to hear that it has been decided to end this show. Please consider continuing Prison Break in some way – either for more episodes or for follow-up TV movies. There are so many interesting characters and intriguing storylines that we don’t want to see the story end. We are just a few of this show’s millions and millions of fans who look forward to watching every week.

Thank you for your consideration.

12549 Entries - 502 Pages
  • Carol ZdziebkoCountry: United Kingdom2014-07-20 17:50:34
    Best series I have ever seen with great characters. Please make a 5th series. These characters are too good to disappear forever!!
  • teresa FuentesCountry: usa2014-07-19 14:46:10
    Best show i have ever seen. still watch the episodes over and over. I can not get over the fact the show just ended. Please bring it back.
  • KellyCountry: England2014-07-17 14:54:13
    Plsss put prison break back on TV even season 5 I would love to see all the episodes again and I would love to see season 5 .
  • David WagerCountry: United States2014-07-16 00:07:17
    I would really appreciate it if prison break was back on the air... I'm addicted to the show... I've been watching every episode... It's a great show...
  • NasiroCountry: United States of America 2014-07-11 18:41:04
    Prison Break is the best show I have ever watched. I would die to see season 5, so please bring back the show. It will mean a lot to many people all over the world!
  • anthonyCountry: syracuse2014-07-10 20:48:38
    Bring back prison break, people were fully let unsure. We could have miheal still be alive and is making an organozation like the company or some nipples. I need this show to live!!!!!!!
  • NezirCountry: Bosnia and Herzegovina 2014-07-07 22:57:27
    Please continue recording Prison break.
  • shannon byrneCountry: england2014-07-07 18:25:28
    Please bring it back nobody actually seen Michaels dead body and he was always surprising people it would be easy to bring him back and prison break is clearly the best show ever made !
  • sineadCountry: ireland2014-07-04 09:49:13
    Please bring back prison brake the best show every I've tried to look for a support group to get over it with no luck so please please bring it back
  • Daniel smithCountry: United States2014-07-04 00:45:00
    This was a awesome show and my family really loved it looking back they should make reunion episodes, also you guys should bring back the warden of fox river.. My whole family cried when we seen the Swanson finale. Please just try one season or one reunion episode please just to test it.
  • millerrrCountry: portugal2014-07-03 15:57:20
    Please i cant sleep please i need it
  • RifahthCountry: India2014-07-03 05:02:30
    Kindly continue with the production of prison break. I love that show.
  • vikas kedareCountry: india2014-06-26 16:09:54
    please bring the season 5.. Prison break is just amazing n i loved it.
  • ChristopherCountry: United States2014-06-25 10:10:19
    To whom this May concern; My name is Christopher Harris. My whole family watches prison break and it's the only time all of us can get along for more than 30 mins.. Lol but we really wish u would keep the show gowing. There r many ways to continue. We never see michaels dead body.. So plz continue the show..
  • adminCountry: 2014-06-24 09:09:22
    No, there are four seasons.
  • Stephanie ConlonCountry: Northern Ireland2014-06-24 08:57:16
    Hello, well I was wondering if there is going to be other season of prison break? While watching prison break I got very emotional and once it came to the end I wondered if there was season 5, however I searched online and it said that it got cancelled? Why did the TV Show cancel for? Anyways everyone would love to see prison break back on tv to show what happenings after the final break. If you could take this into consideration and think about the much people that wants to see prison break again. Although I would like to ask, some people are saying Netflix have Prison Break Season 5, is this true?
  • Nada TownendCountry: United States2014-06-24 00:22:06
    This is a gripping series and it would be immensely popular and well received! Please bring back these characters that are so beloved!
  • maureen heaslipCountry: united kingdom2014-06-22 19:02:18
    Please would you consider a series 5 of prison is excellent..
  • JenniferCountry: United State2014-06-22 17:39:32
    Continued prison break either with the return of Michael Scofield or a least make a new one with his son! Prison Break just became one of my all time favorite show. 4 seasons isnt enough!
  • Francis LongCountry: US2014-06-22 11:46:57
    Please bring back Prison Break!!! I love that show! I keep watching it on Netflix over and over and still cry when they go to his grave. So please bring it back!!
  • AliCountry: Canada2014-06-21 18:33:50
    Please please bring back prison break ! A season 5 at least ! It was the best tv show i ever watched in my life, And i barely watch tv! Please bring it back !!!
  • EricCountry: United States2014-06-20 14:30:29
    Pleas make a season 5. I was really sad when Michel died, I was watching it on netflix and it took me about a month to finish it. This show is one of my favorites pleas make a season 5.
  • mahua ghoshCountry: India2014-06-20 02:36:46
    Please please please I can't believe you have decided to cancel any further episode of Prison Break...its one of the best and has an extremely good storyline. I can't believe you don't have any further plan of season 5. Stop teasing us. We need it back on air. We want prison break!!!!
  • Gloria PalmaCountry: USA2014-06-19 20:38:46
    I loved Prison Break. I watched all 4 seasons in less than a week. I did not want it to end. Please bring it back I loved all the characters Please, Please, Please bring it back. Thank you
  • kelechiCountry: london2014-06-19 16:46:22
    i really like this show and would like it if there was another season with michaels son as he grows up and becomes just like his father

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