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Prison Break: Petition to Continue the Cancelled TV Show

Prison BreakFOX’s president, Kevin Reilly, has announced that Prison Break is ending after four seasons on the air. The drama once attracted over 10 million viewers each week but the ratings have fallen to an average of 6.1 million. That’s a lot of people but fewer than the network wants to keep a show on the air.

It looks like the producers will be allowed to finish off the series but, with all of the many ongoing storylines, it seems highly unlikely that all of viewers’ questions will be answered. And what about being able to see the characters’ lives afterwards?

Would you like to see Prison Break continue — either for additional episodes or for a follow-up TV movie? Millions still watch the show every week and care about what happens to the characters.

If you’d like to see Prison Break continue in some form, there are a few things you can do:

Tell your friends and family members to tune in and watch the show on FOX. If that’s not possible, encourage them to watch online. Maybe one of them is secretly a “Nielsen family” or knows one.

Write to FOX and let the network know how you feel. Remember to keep it civil. Everyone responds best to courtesy.

Sign the petition below and let the network execs know that you’ve signed it. Spread the word and ask others to do the same. You can even tell your favorite falsely-accused felon.

To: 20th Century Fox Television, Adelstein-Parouse Productions, Original Film, and FOX

We, the undersigned, consistently watch and enjoy Prison Break on FOX. This TV show has been an action-packed thrill ride, right from the very first episode. Though the story may have had a few missteps, we don’t want to see it end just yet.

We are truly upset to hear that it has been decided to end this show. Please consider continuing Prison Break in some way — either for more episodes or for follow-up TV movies. There are so many interesting characters and intriguing storylines that we don’t want to see the story end. We are just a few of this show’s millions and millions of fans who look forward to watching every week.

Thank you for your consideration.

12605 Entries - 505 Pages
  • Lynn Ann HoffmanCountry: United States2014-09-29 21:12:49
    Loved the show and would love more
  • Ruth ChanCountry: Bahamas2014-09-28 23:55:18
    Please bring back prison break.I watched over the past two weeks and thoroughly enjoyed it and there is still so much that can happen.
  • ArchieCountry: Zambia2014-09-27 09:51:11
    We want season 5 of prison break maybe general krantz daughter set up a new company and have Lj or Lincoln take them down with references to micheal scoefield.
  • Lee crossleyCountry: England2014-09-25 14:05:19
    Please continue prison break, it's one of the best shows fox have produced, it didn't feel finished, I feel as though there's still more to give. Cheers.
  • KirstyCountry: England 2014-09-24 17:54:47
    Please continue it's the best thing I've watched in years... I've watched on Netflix amazing... Gripping.. Very clever :) love wentworth please bring it back :)
  • Nadeige BernardCountry: USA2014-09-23 12:13:44
    Please please bring back prison break
  • Hayden loveCountry: USA2014-09-22 19:59:14
    I love Prison Break I watched all four season very quickly over and over again. I miss the whole show and the cast members. Please bring back the show! I would do anything. & I know you would get all the ratings you want even more than 10 million. Please bring it back!
  • KashifCountry: Pakistan2014-09-22 02:04:19
    Hello, i am a big fan of Prison Break. I watched all 4 season in a short period. Now please release its new season aa followers want to watch Micheal Schofield in action again. Thanx
  • Joy hartshornCountry: uk2014-09-20 18:50:50
    please return prison break best ever drama nothing to match this please bring it back including Michael sarsh and linc pls
  • mindy juddCountry: Canada2014-09-20 13:33:50
    Please bring prison break back. Even at the very least make a movie following up on their lives now and bring Michael back. A movie would make millions. Can you not see that? Look at how many people love the show! Give the people what they want. Prison Break was the best show on t.v.
  • TomCountry: UK2014-09-20 09:49:26
    Plz bring back this great series. I have loved watching them and is the only great programme I watch. Thanks
  • Laura RedmondCountry: United Kingdom2014-09-20 09:05:26
    There is no show that can compete with prison break! I cant find any show that has a great couple like Michael and Sara, or has a great a plot like prison break! There are so many ways that they can bring Michael back!!! Wentworth Milller is a great actor and I just really want to see him back!! I am so emotionally invested in this show..... I miss it so much! Please, let there be something!!
  • KirstyCountry: Uk2014-09-19 02:57:54
    Emotional wreck! Please make a come back
  • Noah TCountry: United States2014-09-17 08:03:03
    Whoever reading this please continue ~ As I have watched the first 4 seasons there is still more to learn. Just Because Michael " died " don't mean the show has to end. How do we know for sure that Michael died? He could still be alive and he could have still escaped and met up with them again. And we still have T-Bag, Gretchen, General, Sucre, Kellerman, Lincoln, Sara, and soon michaels son. Michaels son could grow up and learn about his dad and then maybe michael lived and is in jail and his son breaks him out or Lincoln could return the favor. I just can't see it end here! There is so much more to find out and nobody is truly free yet. Please take I to consideration the millions of devoted viewers looking to watch a season5! Have a blessed day!
  • Jahidur RahmanCountry: United kingdom2014-09-16 10:21:51
    Would love to see a season 5 or this show continued because the first 4 seasons were amazing!
  • Benjamin CarrCountry: United States2014-09-14 06:35:56
    I'm loving the show as I'm watching the seasons in netfix and never knew it was on television and is an awesome show so can we please get it back on the air and start it back up and get it refunded and have it begin where it left off.
  • MujCountry: uk2014-09-12 08:07:05
    Plzz bring bac prison break. Best show EVER!!!!!
  • miriamCountry: usa2014-09-09 18:36:47
    I just finished watching this amazing seri which captivated me since day one, however I am somehow disappointed with the finale, after going thru so much I did not expect to see Michael "supposedly" dying in such a stupid way.
  • JonathanCountry: England2014-09-09 18:00:20
    Great program please bring it back!
  • palashCountry: india2014-09-09 01:02:58
    Please bring season 5 of prison break ,i am big fan of wentworth miller and prison break,i was addicted to this series
  • Kevin WalshCountry: Canada2014-08-30 22:14:54
    Please bring back prison break! Ended it right when it was getting really good!
  • NatashaCountry: England2014-08-30 11:03:37
    I don't get fox on my tv but now the amazing Prison break is on netflix and can't et enough of it and I cried when I finished 😂 - but it's an amazing show that can have a never ending storyline!!! Please make a season 5
  • MeCountry: us2014-08-29 13:11:05
    I need season 5!!!!! this show is so addicting its my favorite tv series ever. made me laugh, cry, everything. amazing work with this show!
  • lisaCountry: England2014-08-28 13:15:31
    Just finished watching season 4. Would love a series 5!
  • maggie waltersCountry: United Kingdom2014-08-25 12:35:48
    please it cannot end. I'm so sad :'(

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