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Prison Break: Petition to Continue the Cancelled TV Show

Prison BreakFOX’s president, Kevin Reilly, has announced that Prison Break is ending after four seasons on the air. The drama once attracted over 10 million viewers each week but the ratings have fallen to an average of 6.1 million. That’s a lot of people but fewer than the network wants to keep a show on the air.

It looks like the producers will be allowed to finish off the series but, with all of the many ongoing storylines, it seems highly unlikely that all of viewers’ questions will be answered. And what about being able to see the characters’ lives afterwards?

Would you like to see Prison Break continue – either for additional episodes or for a follow-up TV movie? Millions still watch the show every week and care about what happens to the characters.

If you’d like to see Prison Break continue in some form, there are a few things you can do:

Tell your friends and family members to tune in and watch the show on FOX. If that’s not possible, encourage them to watch online. Maybe one of them is secretly a “Nielsen family” or knows one.

Write to FOX and let the network know how you feel. Remember to keep it civil. Everyone responds best to courtesy.

Sign the petition below and let the network execs know that you’ve signed it. Spread the word and ask others to do the same. You can even tell your favorite falsely-accused felon.

To: 20th Century Fox Television, Adelstein-Parouse Productions, Original Film, and FOX

We, the undersigned, consistently watch and enjoy Prison Break on FOX. This TV show has been an action-packed thrill ride, right from the very first episode. Though the story may have had a few missteps, we don’t want to see it end just yet.

We are truly upset to hear that it has been decided to end this show. Please consider continuing Prison Break in some way – either for more episodes or for follow-up TV movies. There are so many interesting characters and intriguing storylines that we don’t want to see the story end. We are just a few of this show’s millions and millions of fans who look forward to watching every week.

Thank you for your consideration.

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  • MeCountry: us2014-08-29 13:11:05
    I need season 5!!!!! this show is so addicting its my favorite tv series ever. made me laugh, cry, everything. amazing work with this show!
  • lisaCountry: England2014-08-28 13:15:31
    Just finished watching season 4. Would love a series 5!
  • maggie waltersCountry: United Kingdom2014-08-25 12:35:48
    please it cannot end. I'm so sad :'(
  • RhondaCountry: Scotland2014-08-25 07:47:32
    Please Please Please make season 5!!!!
  • Tracey RasmussenCountry: USA2014-08-23 19:10:41
    Prison Break is awesome. I don't have conventional TV so I use Roku with Netflix. My husband and I are on the last few episodes and I'm already dying that there will be nothing more to watch. Please find a way to bring the show back with all the same players. It is one of the best series I have seen. Please!!
  • PeterCountry: Germany2014-08-22 17:58:25
    Please go for Season 5!!!
  • RQBEGUMCountry: england2014-08-21 17:30:22
    I love this drama plz dnt cancell season 5.
  • Zak HussainCountry: England2014-08-21 10:54:24
    I didn't like the way Michael scofield died, I think he shouldn't of died at all because he did everything to protect his family and he just dies. Sara shouldn't of got arrested and this led to Micheal dying. His Brain tumour should of gone and that should of be the end of that and I was disappointed and upset with that decision. He should of lived happily ever after with Sara and his child and T-bag had to survive, he didn't deserve to live. Please do something about this. Make an episode with a different ending without Michael dying please, Thanks
  • michelle lynd burkeCountry: United Kingdom2014-08-18 18:04:18
    You have to do more seasons of prison break the only reason the ratings drop was because you all ways had it on same day as other popular programs I no if you chose I day and time that there was maybe not much on the ratings would fly through the air from prison break fan
  • Corey sCountry: England2014-08-17 20:02:49
    Plz prison break was soo good at least a tbag spin off
  • Chandre' La GrangeCountry: South Africa2014-08-16 17:54:00
    Hi can you please bring back prison break, even if it is just a movie. We are left with so many unanswered questions. It was terrifying the way michael died. He could've atleast died in peace with sara, michael jr, linc, alex and sucre on his side. Thank you
  • john maloneyCountry: ireland2014-08-15 09:48:45
    Best show I have ever watched just finished watching the full thing on netflix . Please make more epidsodes and have micheal. I would really like to see more of this qnd imagine alot of other people would too if the show came back on it could easily break 10 milloin views with a bit of advertising and micheal should also still be in the show and that his death was just a cover up or something
  • chelseaCountry: uk2014-08-12 16:53:27
    Prison break 5 need to come soonn
  • Kishan JethwaCountry: Uk2014-08-11 13:05:33
    Really miss prison break, was totally hooked on it, best show I've ever seen period. Exciting, thrilling, every episode was great, normally after second season things go down hill but prison break just got better even though there was that writers strike In the US. Great acting, writing and casting. Anyway what I'm trying to say is please bring prison break back, just start off with Michael didn't die just had everyone think he died as the company started up again and they were after him... Something like that
  • EseCountry: UK2014-08-07 17:43:02
    I am hooked on Prison Break. It is such a fantastic programme. I am sure I speak for many people across the globe that we would like to see season 5. Please make it happen.
  • RobertCountry: Canada2014-08-07 12:01:42
    Please bring Prison Break back, it has been the best show going.
  • Chris EllisonCountry: United Kingdom2014-08-06 07:23:31
    Michael's not dead. The Company paid for him to be cured as they did his Mother. Had to stay away to keep Link and Sarah safe part of the deal plus working for the Company. Now Link is in trouble after being setup by T Bag who had a lucky escape in being transfered to another prision and Michael has to break cover to save him going down.
  • ManuelCountry: United States 2014-08-06 02:39:43
    This was the best tv series I have ever watched & would love the season to continue with all the same actors/actress & plus we all know Michael Schofield isn't really dead so please continue this series.
  • SylviaCountry: England, UK2014-08-04 19:49:46
    Downloaded the box set seasons 1-4 on Demand and was hooked from start to finish. Sobbed my heart out at the end :( surely this can't be the end?? Would love another season!! It's been five years and I'm sure there's still more to be told. There's been a couple of other characters brought back from the dead so I'm hoping this isn't the end..........
  • Carly deeganCountry: England2014-08-04 16:49:37
    I know many people that would love to see a series 5 including me, we have just watched the whole lot on Netflix and want more, plzzzzzzz hands up for more Michael weatherly and gang✋✋✋
  • SharonCountry: Scotland2014-08-04 07:41:17
    Please bring it back :-*
  • ruth drummondCountry: Scotland2014-08-03 10:18:37
    please please give us a season 5. My family and I got completely hooked! we're currently watching the complete series again and almost finished. It would be amazing to look forward to another season!!
  • Breanne McKinneyCountry: United States2014-08-03 01:45:36
    People love this show I love this show. I sat in my room crying for 16 minutes because of the last episode and then my mom had to by me a new TV because I threw it out the window please make a season 5 please please please
  • DavidCountry: 2014-08-02 14:14:26
  • Josh CarterCountry: 2014-08-01 13:35:18
    Please please PLEASE make a season five! I've never cried so hard in my life when I watched the last episode and the movie. I do t like how Michael went through all that trilouble just to end up dead in the End without being happy with his son and Sarah. This is probly the best show I have ever seen in my entire life. Micheal dying at the end was the last thing I expected. So please consider doing another season. It would probably benefit you guys financially and you'll make a lot of people in the world happy to see another season.

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