Reba: Season Six and 13 New Episodes…But Will They Air?

The cast of Reba, that has been savedAs reported here, the WB’s top-rated comedy Reba was not scheduled to make the jump to the new CW network — even though it had been given a two season renewal agreement last year. It was expected that, because of the agreement, FOX would be paid one way or the other. One source put the penalty as high as $20 million, including compensating the studio for lost syndication revenue.

The new CW schedule has been announced and Reba is not on it. But, in a last minute reprieve, the CW has reportedly placed an order for a sixth season comprised of 13 new episodes. When will they air or will they air at all? It’s hard to say but, considering the production costs and the sitcom’s high WB ratings, my best guess would be that the show will be brought back to the airwaves as a midseason replacement.

Will more episodes be ordered? Time will tell. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Blakely Ellis says

    I think not airing reba is a big mistake!!! It is one of the best tv shows i have ever watched!!! It is very relatable!!! It is funny!!! I can sit at the tv for hours and not move!!! I really think the cast shoud be brought together and start a whole new season 7 !!! KEEP REBA GOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Tasha says

    I think this is a poorly made decision! Reba is on of the best shows on TV and I think this is the worst decision anyone can make. I know Reba is going back on tour but you can at least start again when she returns. I have heard Reba say on more than one interview that this show is one of her favorites doing and all the cast love each other. I think the show should be aired with NO EXCEPTIONS!!

  3. says

    oh my, what in the world is wb thinking good show made you laugh it really hit home, although my canadian sleezy husband is seeing woman behind my back , it was good to laugh with the show, and where is kyra ? sure don’t understand where is the show, bring it back please.

  4. madilyn says

    i cant belive it i love reba so does my whole family we watch it all the time together and we are so mad they would even consider takeing it off air its one of the only good family shows left the rest are not normally aproppriate to show your family (not when your kids are 5,7,8,3,and12)

  5. Shelby says

    I can’t believe they would even think of taking Reba off the air!!! My husband and I cannot agree on any television programs, the only one we actually both like is Reba. Please who ever is in charge, reconsider. Reba is one of the only good shows left. Everything is reality TV and it’s aweful!!! I think we need to get some good old sitcoms back. Most things changing in this world are for the worst. At least let us have our funny TV shows.

  6. Steven says


  7. Nicole says

    I love Reba and so does my whole family… I have all four seasons and can’t get enough of it. I do not understand why they would take such a good humored show that everyone in a family can relate to and watch… I REALLY WANT IT TO BE ON AGAIN… and I think their ratings will go down without there #1 show REBA!!!!!

  8. Elizabeth says

    I purchased the four seasons of Reba and was looking forward to the other two seasons. I am so disappointed to read that they might not be produced. My husband & I watch the reruns over & over. Our local stations didn’t show the final show;and we were so disappointed. Hopefully someone will produce the last two seasons.

  9. Kim Pantojas says

    Please bring “Reba” Back. I can’t believe this. Your taking an Excellent, and I mean Excellent sitcom show off WHY????!!!!!! I hope there is someone in their right mind to pick her up. You are going to be losing sooooooooooooooo many Viewers by doing this. I guess that because there’s not blood and guts that’s why their cancelling the “Show” Do you realize what an Inspiration the show means to everyone, millions of people. Why,Why would you do this!!!!!I am a Faithful Viewer for the Reba Show. Do the right thing bring Reba back. We need the show, especially in todays life. Bring Families back together to where they sit down together and realize the Importance of Family, thats Exactly what Reba does…

  10. Becki says

    Finally a show that the whole family can watch…and what do they do..cancel it. I have seasons 1 thru 4 on dvd and 5 & 6 on vhs. I have watched each show at least 20 times. I need new episodes. I am going thru withdrawal. HELP… THIS WAS THE BEST SHOW ON TELEVISION AND THE CW GETS RID OF IT…..MORONS (as Reba would say. If cbs, nbc, or abc where smart, they would pick it up. I think we should all write to the “Big Networks” and beg them to put it back on the air. As far as the CW is concerned….well I have deleted that channel from every tv in my house.

  11. Christina says

    I want seasons five and six of Reba to be released on DVD!!! I have 1-4 and have been anxiously awaiting the last two seasons!

  12. Reamie Evans says

    reba was a fantastis show!..i’ve seen every episode more than once. so many people watched and grew with the cast. CW should go for at least one more season…that would be a great thing for everyone!
    think about it..take consideration CW.

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