Rookie Blue

Rookie BlueNetwork: ABC
Episodes: Ongoing (hour)
Seasons: Ongoing

TV show dates: June 24, 2010 — present
Series status: Has not been cancelled

Performers include: Missy Peregrym, Gregory Smith, Ben Bass, Enuka Okuma, Travis Milne, Eric Johnson, Charlotte Sullivan, Matt Gordon, Noam Jenkins, Melanie Nicholls-King, Aidan Devine, Lyriq Bent, and Peter MacNeill.

TV show description:      
This police drama follows five young officers who have just graduated from the Academy.

Andy McNally (Missy Peregrym) is empathetic, sometimes at a cost. She’s also very bright but didn’t get off to a great start in her new job, already clashing with training officer Sam Swarek (Ben Bass). He just wants her to trust her instincts. That’s what he did when he was undercover as a drug dealer for eight months until his cover was blown and he was forced back on the beat. Andy has a hard time not controlling every aspect of her life, and that just doesn’t work out well for a cop. She should know that too since her dad was also a cop and now hits the bottle too often. After watching his struggles, Andy sometimes wonders if she can really do this job.

Andy’s nearly exact opposite is fellow rookie Dov Epstein (Gregory Smith). He seems to always be in trouble because of his gung-ho approach to policing, yet he gets the job done. He was very sickly as a child and spent his time watching Starsky & Hutch, much to the disapproval of his hippie parents. He’s seeing a very different side of policing than what he saw on television, thanks to his riding shotgun with training officer Oliver Shaw (Matt Gordon). Oliver isn’t about the flash and is a very easy-going, family guy. If Dov can get beyond his wise-cracking, he’ll hopefully be able to prove himself to be a serious police officer.

Fellow rookie Gail Peck (Charlotte Sullivan) may not have the best police instincts, but she plays the game and isn’t above brown-nosing. Like Andy, she was also born into a family of officers, with her mother being the Superintendent. This makes it really hard for her to fit in and be accepted by the other rookies. She’s much more vulnerable than she comes off, as fellow rookie Chris Diaz (Travis Milne) starts to suspect. Chris knows every single rule and regulation and always has a crisp uniform. This small-town guy is all about doing the right thing, but being a cop in the big city is going to teach him that sometimes you have to break the rules.

Andy’s best friend from the police academy is Traci Nash (Enuka Okuma), and for good reason since she’s a great confidant. Her success in policing is in her ability to read people, seeing everyone as a suspect and not paying any attention to politics. Unlike the others, she didn’t go to college, but she has a different kind of education from the streets. She’s having an affair with Detective Jerry Barber (Noam Jenkins) who she met at the Academy.

An invaluable mentor to all of the rookies is training officer Noelle Williams (Melanie Nicholls-King). Her big lesson to the newbies is “get over yourself.” She’s a single woman who’s considering becoming responsible for more than just herself, a prospect that scares her like nothing else.

Detective Luke Callaghan (Eric Johnson) is obsessed with the murder of a rookie, an unsolved case from two years ago. As a child, he witnessed a family trauma that left him going back and forth between foster homes. His personal history finds him being drawn to Andy, suspecting that she has her own troubling family secret.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Sherry Gabor says

    I have to add that I watch re-runs of Rookie on ION tv, but do watch it on ABC….So thanks ABC, but don’t string us along and say it is going to be cancelled and then say YES……that’s not nice……
    Thanks to ALL you that LOVE the show as much as I do…..

  2. Sherry Gabor says

    OMG……love, love, love, love, etc,,,,,Rookie blue show….It shows in my area on Wed nites late and ALL DAY on Friday…..yipeeeeeeeeee…..Rookie Blue marathon frenzy…..
    I loved this show from the start……characters, action, story lines, love interests…..guess I say all that is because I worked at a local police dept. and things you see are truly things that happen. Come on people….people working side by side everyday….there has to be love interest and drama……I can not wait for the new season to start. I asked for all the seasons for Christmas…didn’t get them…surely later. Thank you ION tv….also loved Flashpoint…..was bummed when it got cancelled….You go Rookie Blue……. hope you are on for a long time….LOVE YOU ALL……

  3. Anonymous says

    I am so relieved to here rookie blue is not cancelled! Ion has become one of my favorite t.v. Channels. I Am one of your American fans!

  4. SheriBeri says

    This is my all time favorite show, EVER !!! I wish the network would move ROOKIE BLUE to the Fall Schedule, there is just too much story to tell and they could easily fill 23+ episodes. The CHEMISTRY between Sam & Andy is phenomenal, even better than Castle. Gail and Nick had fabulous chemistry this last season as well. LOVE this show. Can’t get enough of ROOKIE BLUE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. curt says

    why isn’t episode “out of time” airing on august 9th like they said? I already had to wait because it wasn’t on the week before like it was supposed to be. Anyone?

  6. Dan Harvell says

    To play counterpoint to Lenora’s comment, I WAS a Rookie Blue fan, until season 2. Season 2 is when it went from an interesting and engaging show about rookie police officers to a completely cheesy, hard to digest soap opera. Get the stories back on the police officers and out of the overly done, completely boring “who is sleeping with whom and how many other people is whom in bed with with who?” plot lines. I mean, what is this? A police drama, or a tired soap opera that has already been rehashed on afternoon TV for the past thousand decades? Rookie Blue? Yawn…

  7. Susan M. Rizza says

    Hello, today July 26, 2012, Rookie Blue Season 3, episode 8, part one is scheduled to air. I would like to know when Rookie Blue Season 3, episode 8, part two will air because the episodes have been a little bit out of order. For instance, Rookie Blue, Season 3, episode 3 will be airing on August 2, 2012. I would appreciate an answer ASAP.

    Thank you
    Susan M. Rizza

  8. lenora tims says

    i think this tv show is a fresh look at todays rookie cops and what they go there both personal and professional. it would be very sad if this show gets pulled to make way for the older generation of actors who can’t make it with out pushing the new people around.

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