RubiconNetwork: A&E
Episodes: 13 (hour)
Seasons: One

TV show dates: June 13  — October 17, 2010
Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: James Badge Dale, Jessica Collins, Lauren Hodges, Dallas Roberts, Christopher Evan Welch, Arliss Howard, and Miranda Richardson.

rubicon past TV show

TV show description:
Will Travers (James Badge Dale) is an intelligent man who is obsessed with patterns and is the team leader of a group of American Policy Institute analysts. In the terrorist attacks on September 11, his wife and daughter were killed at the World Trade Center. He was supposed to be there as well, but was late. A pattern he discovers in a newspaper’s crossword puzzle is dismissed by others as meaningless, but it gets the attentions of his supervisors. Will gets promoted to his recently deceased father-in-law’s position as team leader as the conspiracy slowly spills out.

Also discovering secrets is Katherine Rhumor (Miranda Richardson), the recent widow of Tom Rhumor. His shocking suicide led her to find that he was hiding certain aspects of his life, such as a secret townhouse in Manhattan. Katherine moves in there after a break-in at her suburban home and is wondering if she ever knew her husband at all.

Kale Ingram (Arliss Howard) is a superior at API, having been with several different intelligence agencies after his start in Army Intel. With his various friends across the world, this is a guy you don’t want to cross. Once Will is promoted, he tries to get closer to him, but is it to prevent him from finding the truth or to help him out? Will’s assistant, Maggie Young (Jessica Collins), is beginning to get feelings for him, but it’s complicated by the deal she made with Kale to narc on everyone in the office. When he realizes her affection for Will, he lets Will know his beautiful assistant is spying on him. She’s removed from the team and transferred.

It helps Will out to have a member of his analysis team like Miles Fiedler (Dallas Roberts), who has a genius-level IQ and a graduate of MIT, but takes his intelligence for granted. Yet Miles keeps secrets as well. He keeps quiet about his home life, specifically his recent separation. Another analyst, Grant Test (Christopher Evan Welch), is racked with anger, jealousy, and self-doubt. He believes he should have gotten the promotion Will received. He’s always been an outsider since his time at Princeton, and is in an unhappy marriage with two kids.

Tanya McGaffin (Lauren Hodges) only joined API after becoming part of Will’s team. She’s bright and competitive, but her insecurity has her wondering if this is the line of work she’s meant for. Kale notices something’s up and tells Will to keep his eye on her. Lie detector and drug tests explain what the problem is, and she’s placed in rehab.

No longer an API analyst after retiring early, it’s left Ed Bancroft (Roger Robinson) adrift and lonely. He just can’t let his old job go, or forget everything he went through when he was part of the team. He keeps seeing conspiracies all over, and he might not be seeing things. It could be Truxton Spangler (Michael Cristofer) who Ed’s growing suspicious of, as he seems more connected than he lets on. He’s the head of API and takes it all very seriously. He’s very tough mentally and isn’t intimidated often.


Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. W says

    Still lamenting the loss of this series. And tell me it isn’t true that the Killing is gone also?!?!?!?Boo hiss.

  2. Cookie Mstr says

    A great series and missed opportunity for AMC. The themes of corporate greed and corruption enmeshed with technocrats aren’t new but the telling certainly was. There was also an aesthetic to the design of the show that rang true versus the gleaming sheen of secret agent thriller shows littering the majors. The election year would have given writer so many more themes to explore. Thirteen episodes weren’t close to enough but they are better than none. Great performances by a cast including many lesser known faces who one hopes get more work of this caliber. Truxton Spangler was so good he could have been a Le Carre antihero. High praise indeed.

  3. Tony B says

    Odd how the most compelling and interesting TV shows with the best story lines are canceled so soon like Rubicon and Flash Forward. So networks like to fill their audience heads with nonsense reality based shows and comedies. People need to read more and throw away the boob tube!!

  4. Jessica says

    I am also very disappointed this show was cancelled! I was just researching to see when season 2 begins & see it’s cancelled! I really liked this show, kept you guessing & I couldn’t ever wait for the next episode! Very sad!!! I rarely watch tv & finally a show that keept my attention & always left me thinking is cancelled :( not happy at all!!!

  5. Mike Campanella says

    Rubicon is (was) one of the best series on TV (anywhere). It was miles above the reality TV schlock that the big 3 (and minor) networks peddle every week. My wife and I watched (and DVR’d) every episode. At the end of the season we watched all 13 episodes over the course of a couple of days (the better to see the continuity of the story). The plot was compelling and the acting was pitch perfect. We were impressed with the integrity and intelligence of Will Travers (and his team) and appalled by the villiany of Truxton Spangler. Too bad that AMC decided to cancel the series. We were looking forward to seeing how the story moved forward in the wake of the finale disaster. Would Spangler get Will or would Will finally gather the evidence necessary to bring Spangler and his cartel down? Now we’ll never know. Again, too bad for us (and for AMC).

    • Snubby says

      I’m with Mike! The simple task of re-proritizing my DVR timers has left me with a broken heart…I was checking to see when Season 2 starts! I am aghast that AMC – with their few, but STELLAR offerings – has let us down. We watched every Rubicon episode thoroughly and completely – and scheduled 2nd viewings of many after our initial post-episode discussions left us with different impressions. It was wondeful to have our brains exercised for a change and anticipating the next episode was pleasantly torturous. Now I’m cranky because AMC kicked us, a phenomenally intriguing show and excellent cast to the curb. Grrrrrrrr

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