Stargate Universe: Syfy TV Show Cancelled; No Season Three

Stargate UniverseSyfy has confirmed that there won’t be a third season for Stargate Universe. The science fiction series has been cancelled after two seasons and 40 episodes.

The first half of season two finished airing on November 30th. The second 10 episodes are expected to air in the Spring of 2011. Unless the cable channel comes up with a replacement, this will mark the first time since 2002 that a Stargate series hasn’t aired on Syfy (previously known as the Sci-Fi Channel).

Stargate Universe follows a diverse exploration team who is unable to return to Earth after evacuating to a Ancient spaceship that’s headed to a distant part of the universe. The cast includes Robert Carlyle, Louis Ferreira, Brian J. Smith, Elyse Levesque, David Blue, Alaina Huffman, Jamil Walker Smith, and Ming-Na.

Here’s the official statement from Syfy…

Syfy will end its original action-adventure series Stargate Universe when the show returns with the final 10 episodes of its second season in the Spring of 2011. The Stargate franchise — consisting of Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe — has aired on Syfy since 2002.

Syfy has a slate of new sci-fi/fantasy scripted projects lined up for 2011 including the series premiere of Being Human on January 17, the recently green lit one-hour drama series Alphas and the much anticipated Battlestar Galactica prequel pilot movie, Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome. Warehouse 13, Eureka and Haven will also return with new seasons next year.

It’s unclear if the final 10 episodes of Stargate Universe will give closure to the series.

What do you think? Are you sorry that SGU is coming to an end? Do you think the ongoing storylines will be resolved?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Audie says

    If Stargate Universe Cancelled bring back Stargate Atlantis, It’s has more action and lot’s of option on the storyline……. Please

  2. Laura says

    So, just finished watching the Series Finale, and I really hate cliff hangers. They cancelled the show because the ratings dropped when the moved it from Friday night to Tuesday night, well, then move it back. I have watched every series of Stargate starting with the original movie, I need my Stargate fix, bring it back, or bring a new Stargate. My favorite was SG/SG1

  3. says

    I don’t know if anyone remembers, ‘Nowhere Man’ but it was a great GREAT show that was cancelled by the supposed ‘smart’ people within a network’s programming brain. There have been others that were cancelled to cater to the dumbed down masses….and here we are again. Stargate Universe is the best of the Stargate shows by far and SciFi, YES, I too knew the writing was on the wall with Syfy (huh?) , has done it again. They’ve dropped an intelligent thought provoking program in favor of what? Wrestling? Scary Hauntings? Boo!….? I hope the collective brains within the SciFi network will rethink the decision to drop SGU. I want to know what happens. Does Eli survive….do they survive? How many years into the future? 3, 1000, ….? Come one, what a story THAT would make!


  4. Steven carter says

    When SciFi became SyFy I knew the writing was on the wall. Its a shame that quality science fiction writing can no longer find a home on that channel. Its all about money to 95% of the cable networks so unless it draws in the numbers you can kiss it good by. Good science fiction appeals to only a moderate amount of people if that so its a crap shoot every time one makes it on air/cable. Personally I’ve axed the cable, find what I can on Hulu and try not to get too enthused when I find something as I know it’ll probably get axed somewhere into the unfinished story. Its sad – but then there’s so much great science fiction waiting to be consumed and its in books be they the old stand by’s or all the new stuff. So chuck the cable and renew the library card.

  5. kevin says

    Thanks syfy, I can now cancel DirecTV. The only reason I kept DirecTV was for Syfy. No need now. You just saved me a bunch of money with your idiotic wrestling. I’m guessing since wrestling is so fake it must qualify as sci-fi to the delusional powers that be.

  6. Nighty says

    Actually, i gotta say i am not really surprised.

    I loved and still love SG SG1 and SGA, but i couldn’t find any good thing about SGU, i was really dissapointed in that show and stopped watching after the first eleven episodes, i just watched them and was hoping that it will get better, but i was just bored with all of it, with the story, the ship, the crew…SG just wasn’t what it used to be anymore, maybe it would have been ok if it wouldn’t have been labeled with “Stargate”, i don’t know.

    Yet, i still hope that there will be some kind of new SG in the future, i would really appreciate it.

  7. says

    Guess it’s time to come up with alternative means to establish good shows and truely switch off tv alltogether. Not like the existing news on tv would serve any decent purpose or weather would be any more accurate there than on the web. Maybe the step to cancel one of the most promissing shows in 3 decades acts as an inspiration to abandon this demolished media delivery system and give in to their urge to become redundant.

    Just from the heart: I have really enjoyed this show deeply and am almost experiencing a sense of grief to hear that it’s gone. To all those, who worked on it: Congratulations for a masterful and outstanding job! You won’t be forgotten, for sure!

  8. BLOO2 says

    I totally agree,SCIFI network is really screwed up.they insist on canceling all the good shows like:Farscape,SGA,& SGU so abruptly,& continue 2 make all of those crappy,suckass original movies that show on saturdays that no one watches,wtf? I thought the customer was always right,give us what we want!!! p.s. wrestling,come on really???

  9. says

    Just like so much of cable television these days, SyFy has capitulated to the “dumbing down of the audience” movement. With Stargate Universe gone now, I have absolutely no reason to watch the SyFy channel any more. Congratulations SyFy management, another loyal viewer has been lost. Besides wrestling, perhaps you could come up with a clone of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ to air next season. I’m sure it would bring in more of your new target audience. Just pitiful.

  10. gerry says

    So bummed thatt SGU is coming to an end. hopefully it will continue in another fashion. Don’t get why syfy pulled the plug on this show. it’s well written, well acted and compelling. i looked forward to it every week. real characters, not caricatures and darker than most of the other current programming on the channel. Why do they cancel good shows and keep mediocre cheese like warehouse 13 and sanctuary? and wrestling? give me a break. less and less to watch on syfy.

  11. Satellite45 says

    It makes you feel like just because you aren’t apart of the idiot masses who prefer wrestling and plotless entertainment… Those who appreciate good sci-fi … Don’t matter. How can the sci-fi channel be so out of touch with their consumer base?

  12. says

    I am so sick and tired of every show that I love to watch being ripped away from me on SYFY!!! This show was my most favorite show on all of TV. I looked forward to any night of the week that it came on. Every since this last guy took over the network, this channel’s quality of programs has continuously gone down.

    Wrestling???? For crying out loud, give me a break! This bafoonery, along with all the cheesy movies with a $50 budget, has me quickly becoming history channel’s number one fan.

    The storyline of SGU was not even developed to point of a proper ending. At least…show us what happens when they come out of stasis and bring the back to earth. This sucks!!

    I have a good mind to thwart the ratings by watching anything else that comes on SYFY, On Hulu or from some other source.

    This SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

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