The Event: Efforts to Save Cancelled TV Series Still Alive

The EventOn Monday, fans of The Event got together to support their cancelled TV series. The “Save The Event” website encouraged fans to buy related products — purchase episodes, the soundtrack, or pre-order the DVD set — and to send polite emails and tweets to Marc Graboff and Ted Harbert, high-ranking executives at NBC-Universal. Their goal is to get the series back, in some form — either as a regular show, a mini-series, a movie, or whatever.

Though series creator Nick Wauters has taken a job working on CW’s The Vampire Diaries (and seems to be enjoying it), he’s still hoping that The Event can return. He supported the Monday effort via his Twitter account.

He also noted that there are still official efforts to keep the show alive. When the show was cancelled, it was reported that talks were underway to possibly continue the series elsewhere.

Recently, Wauters indicated that those possibilities are still alive when he tweeted, “We are still actively searching for a way to bring back #theevent. No concrete update at this time, guys. Hopefully we’ll hear smthg soon.”

What do you think? Do you think The Event can realistically be saved? If a regular series isn’t an option, how would you like to see it come back?

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  1. Jr 221 says

    Let it gently rest in peace. The story is unbelievably unbelievable.
    Somebody smoked too much.

    So, let us and them close our eyes on this one, for good.

  2. Marco says

    while we are on the topic, bring back V. There is a V campaign called Project Alice. Check it out on yor social networks for info. Iam all for saving a show. Especially a show like V which had a huge following. Any show including The Event which has people begging for more, should really be reconsidered by the powers that be.
    Seriously why was V cancelled. With DVR ratings it pulled in a good 8 million a week, what drugs was ABC on? Shows on NBC have had a good rate of being picked up elsewhere so maybe The Event has a good chance. But also everyone help V and join Project Alice. At least give us closure in a movie event form, V deserves a huge ending!!!

  3. N Semmerud says

    Bring it back anyway you’re able to bring it back……it’s a great story, engrossing and well acted, it kept me looking forward to the next episode to see what would happen next. I was VERY disappointed when I hear of it’s cancellation, so YES, bring it back! Please!

  4. Ponder This says

    Networks make a promise in many ways to provide closure to series shows. I watched “V” and “The Event” each week. I like SF shows. In the future, maybe they should approach these shows like the great series “Life on Mars (U.S. TV series)” which had a planned ending date. Life on Mars when it ended left with very good ratings and viewers wanting more. In fact, if I am not mistaken it was the highest rated event of the week. In any event, they owe it to those still watching to see closure to series shows. Keep in mind that such a ruckus was raised over “Dead Like ME” that they came back latter to try and provide closure, but it was dry with out Mandy Patankin.

  5. NEK38583 says

    Honestly, after seeing how all the effort to save AMC and OLTL has seem to be failing. I think none of these campaigns will ever work because if one was going to work it would have been on of those.

  6. Darvedd says

    Badly written series with a largely wasted cast-how can people want to ‘die in a ditch’ for this?

  7. Kat says

    See, if we have to put up with The Event, why can’t we have V, too? V’s a much better show, but whatever.

  8. Samara says

    It would be nice to have, at least, a mini-series, so as to give it a proper ending and answer all remaining questions! And if it really can’t be saved, I hope that the actors like Jason Ritter and Laura Innes get parts in something great and lasting!

  9. Grandizer says

    The series failed because of writing, if they restarted it and removed some of the most ridiculous parts, it might have a chance.

    I will still never get over how the two were able to jet around the world with no clothes, no money and guns with them all of the time.
    Not to mention how beat up and disheveled they were so often. If I saw them 2 get on the same plane as me, I would worry…

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