The Paul Reiser Show

Paul Reiser Show cancelled by NBCNetwork: NBC
Episodes: six but only two aired (half-hour)
Seasons: One

TV show dates: April 14, 2011 — April 21, 2011
Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: Paul Reiser, Amy Landecker, Andrew Daly, Ben Shenkman, Duane Martin, Koby Rouviere, and Omid Djalili.

TV show description:      
This single camera comedy comes from comedian-author-producer-actor Paul Reiser and writer-producer Jonathan Shapiro and stars Reiser as “Paul Reiser,” a fictional version of himself.

It’s been a few years since Paul’s hit TV series Mad About You went off the air. Since then, he’s been enjoying the quiet life at home with his lovely wife and kids and generally minding his own business. Lately, however, Paul has been thinking that it’s time he did something new, something meaningful. As to what that next thing might be, he has no idea.

In his quest to figure it out, Paul is helped and hindered by his new “friends.” Like most men his age, Paul didn’t choose these friends. They’re the husbands of his wife’s friends, the dads of kids that his boys go to school with. Thrown together by circumstance, Paul and his friends form an unlikely comradeship — and a horrible basketball team.

Brad (Andrew Daly) is Paul’s extravagant friend who comes from old family money and wants for nothing. Jonathan (Ben Shenkman) is a tightly wound prosecutor.

Paul’s charismatic friend, Fernando (Duane Martin), is a successful entrepreneur and restaurateur. Habib (Omid Djalili) is a sweet-natured friend who runs a business selling “slightly-damaged” goods.

Claire (Amy Landecker) is Paul’s loving and endlessly supportive wife. She juggles her professional career as a psychologist and her personal life as a wife and mother of two.

Series Finale:     
Episode six – The Playdate
It’s the morning before school and things are hectic, as usual. Claire tells Paul that Gabe has a playdate at their place after school and has a dentist appointment at 11. She’s interrupted by a cat yowling outside, which has been tormenting them for days. Paul vows to take care of the cat.

Paul drops Gabe off at school and confides in the guys about his cat problem. Coincidentally, Habib is a “cat tracker” and offers to come over to help Paul with his situation.

The gang runs into Fernando’s friend Henry, who says “hi” to everyone except for Paul. Convinced that Henry has an issue with him, Paul asks Fernando to figure out what it is. Meanwhile, Brad learns from his son’s teacher that his son has an issue with constantly breaking things.

Back at the house, Habib is taking care of Paul’s cat situation; apparently the cat is underground. Habib digs a hole and, after substantial struggling, manages to retrieve the cat. Now Paul is at a loss about what to do with the mangy cat and is forced to take it into his home.

Meanwhile, Fernando calls Paul; Paul’s suspicions about Henry were right. Henry doesn’t like Paul because Paul told the producer of a film Henry auditioned for that he didn’t think Henry was funny.

Claire pulls Gabe out of school to go to the dentist only to find that the appointment was switched to the afternoon. The receptionist offers to squeeze him in, which results in the two waiting all afternoon and Gabe missing the rest of the school day anyway.

Since they’re still stuck at the dentist, Claire calls Paul to pick up their son’s friend for their playdate. At the same time, Fernando calls Paul to tell him that Henry wants to have a sit-down and hash out their issues. Paul picks up Brad’s son and takes him with him to meet Henry, who insists on reading his part to Paul to prove that he’s funny. In fact, he’s not funny. Paul lies, saying he’ll make the call to the producer anyway.

Paul arrives back at the house with Brad’s accident-prone son, only to be met by Jonathan dropping off pajamas for his son. Apparently Paul picked up the wrong son for the playdate. They find Jonathan’s son still waiting to be picked up at school. The extremely clingy boy is terrified and has a hard time recovering from the incident.

Later, Jonathan returns to the house to retrieve his son’s pajamas, his son still clinging to him for dear life. But in the midst of the madness, his son takes comfort in the same cat that was terrorizing Paul. Paul offers the cat to Jonathan and is thrilled to be rid of it while at the same time making peace with Jonathan. At that moment, Henry shows up to retrieve the cat; apparently Claire sent out an email to the parents offering up the cat, and he’s come to claim it.
First aired: April 21, 2011. NBC only aired two episodes but the last produced episode ran as the second installment. Courtesy NBC.


Canceled and renewed TV show

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