Three Rivers: Alex O’Loughlin Series Cancelled at Home

Three RiversCBS’ Sunday night medical drama, Three Rivers, is destined to be cancelled here in the US but at least the show is still on the air.

The network hasn’t announced any plans to pull the Alex O’Loughlin series yet, perhaps in part due to the actor’s active fanbase from his days on Moonlight. Apparently people from the actor’s home land of Australia aren’t as sentimental. Three Rivers has already been cancelled there.

Three Rivers was pulled from the schedule of Australia’s TEN network after just one airing.

TV show supportThe premiere ran on a Wednesday night and attracted fewer than 500,000 viewers, putting it in fourth place for the timeslot. The show was replaced on the schedule by an NCIS repeat the following week.

TEN has yet to indicate any interest in returning Three Rivers to the schedule.

What do you think? Why isn’t this show working? Bad storylines, poor acting, a flawed premise, or something else?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Jean says

    I enjoyed Three Rivers, also because of Alex who totally excelled as Mick St. John. I feel CBS really blew it when they canceled Moonlight. Now the other networks are raking in the dough CBS could have had if they had to foresight to poll and listen to the public. I don’t know who made the decision to pull Moonlight but I hope they lost their job for stupidity!

  2. Glenda says

    I too was disappointed to hear ‘Three Rivers’ was canceled. For a medical drama focused on transplants, it seemed to be a great vehicle to promote transplants and how vital it is that we have people out there who are selfless and want to be unknown heroes to other people. I just found out recently that my father needs a double lung transplant and sadly here in Australia there are none available. So my dad has to wait. I have no idea how long he will have to wait, but a show like ‘Three Rivers’ showed people how vital it is not only to be a donor but for the people who are blessed to be able to receive such a gift. If transplants are such a taboo subject, what about a hospital dedicated to saving cancer patients.

    • Sam says

      I wish I could be an organ donor but anything short of my involvement in an accident before lupus or Sjogren’s destroys more of my body than it has so far, there will be nothing remaining to donate. Even my eyes are not viable because of an eye disease and a problem with my optic nerves; however, the one day I will always carry in my heart was the day when my oldest daughter went to get her driver’s license. She was 16 years old. The officer who filled out her paperwork after she passed the driving test asked if she wanted to be an organ donor. She asked for a moment to come to me to ask for my permission, my blessings for her to do so. It filled me with such pride it spilled over into tears. How many children of her age think of giving life to another should her life end?

      That was probably my most precious moment spent with her so far especially because it was such a grown-up decision and she put the needs of others ahead of her own with the knowledge that should she die, there was still some way for her to carry on to help others live. I only wish more adults had the courage and care for others that my daughter had at 16 and continues to have nearly a decade later.

      As a world, there needs to be more education on the subject of organ donations. So many people die each day and their deaths could save and/or change the lives of so many others yet ignorance often prevents people from agreeing to donate their organs out of a misplaced fear that doctors won’t do everything humanly possible to save a life because they are in too big of a hurry to donate organs, which could not be further from the truth. Three Rivers showed this side of organ donation. I’m thankful that the organ transplant program is the one system where money and social status does not prevail; everyone has a chance to move to the top of the list and there is no way to buy your way there. Now if only we can somehow go beyond the financial boundaries to receive care and cover the costs of surgery and anti-rejection medications so the transplant system will truly be totally equal for all. That’s my wish.

  3. Kaye O says

    I love Three Rivers and will be very upset at it being cancelled. It is one of the best shows on the TV right now, I can’t believe they keep the crummy shows and take off the interesting ones.

  4. Sues says

    Three Rivers just wasn’t interesting. But ‘Moonlight’ was. If the network got the entire team of writers, actors, director, producer, etc together again to pick up where the vampy series left off – maybe, just maybe the chemistry of the hit ‘Moonlight’ would take off again. If not, you can buy the entire series for about $25.00 like I did. At least it has no commercials.

  5. says

    I want to know what idiot puts a brand new television show with no following up against Sunday night football, with a floating time schedule i.e. it comes on whenever the stupid game gets over. Nobody could find the show half the time. How incredibly stupid. Why it was never tested on another night it equally as stupid. I guess CBS keeps the stupid shows because well, they’re STUPID!!!!

  6. Patti Fichman says

    I increasingly get annoyed with network television for sinking to the lowest common denominator. The reality shows may be cheap, but they look it. Why can’t intelligent adults get quality television. This only happens on cable television now, not network.
    Three Rivers was a show that doctors watched, and that’s saying a lot. I beg the network to give this show a chance, or eventually they will lose all of their viewers to cable television. Is that what the networks want? Please give it another chance, in another time slot.

  7. Sam says

    I just learned Three Rivers was canceled and it pisses me off tremendously! I’ve sat through with family members and friends who have had to undergo transplants and let me tell you, it’s not an easy thing to survive or to witness. I thought that having Three Rivers show the TRUE way in which transplants happen would perk the interest of the public but it seems that GOOD television is just not what people want anymore. Heck, I LOVED Moonlight; excellent television show yet it was pulled too. What morons are making the decisions? Are they just throwing darts at everything that isn’t a stupid reality show or cooking show or Donald Trump berating young educated people attempting to make their mark in the business world? If I wanted to hear all the bitching and moaning I’d find my birth father. He always did a great job in that dept with his alcoholism to help fire him up for the physical abuse that followed.

    I’m sick of the shows that seem to stay on forever like the constant onslaught of let’s watch people prance around to a dance contest or listen to a chef berate others, let’s watch some idiots on some stupid Japanese game show… Good television has gone to crap. I actually disconnected my dish because there was never anything on. Now I go online to watch the old television shows that were great such as Moonlight, Beauty and the Beast series with Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton, and others…. It seems that the writers made out like bandits during the writing strike yet they came back with a bad case of stupid. It can’t even be called writer’s block – it’s plain out stupidity. The few that manage to write original scripts have others who screw it up by tossing the great shows and putting on or keeping the bad. Nobody wants to watch the same crap on every channel every night. Bring back real television before television itself becomes obsolete.

    CBS could at least give viewers the credit and allow closure to Three Rivers. If they don’t, then shame on them. I hope they lose out big time in 2010. I want them to lose their shirts so they will start realizing that people want more than to listen to stupidity on television night after night. There has to be more than court dramas and reality television where someone is always belittling and berating others unnecessarily. I’ve personally thought during my flicking through channels that those who were in the reality tv shows like the Chefs from Hell series should file lawsuits against the man who was constantly cursing and belittling them in front of not only other chefs but in front of so-called customers. It’s amazing how dumbed down the series line up has become over the years… Sure, the shows of the 80s and the good few of the 90s were a bit cheesy but at least they were interesting and different and it didn’t rely on constant tv beratement teaching our children that it’s okay to act like an ass toward co-workers and strangers when it’s not.

    • Roger says

      I am a transplanted man, 40 y.o and I am transplanted about 5 years( in 31/12/2004). I’m so sad because the show is cancelled…no words

  8. Kristyn says

    I’m pretty disappointed that Three Rivers is canceled, sure it wasn’t they best, i myself love House, but i still enjoyed Three Rivers, I though it was interesting that there was a show based in Pittsburgh, were I myself lived, I thought the show to be pretty interesting, but having it on Sundays, would have never worked anyway, if they would move it to another day, would be a lot more easier for everyone to watch and enjoy.

  9. Jamie says

    Actually, Martine said it for me. CBS swallow your pride and admt you blew it. Not just for Alex but for the other actors (British anyone and left over Dr. Who?) Moonlight was a quality show and you axed it because of the writers strike and against the wishes of a loyal fan base……. Can anyone say stupid?

  10. Gladys Quintal says

    Although I don’t agree with the first part of Martine’s comment( I love medical drama’s esp house and Grey’s and thought Three River’s was quite original) I do agree with the 2nd part. Moonlight was amazing and Alex was born to be Mick St John – not to say he doesn’t play other characters well but Moonlight will always be my favourite show of all time. It would be awesome to see a second series or movie and from what I have read from fans can’t see how it could poss fail. Whether or not Alex would want to revisit his role or not though and whether CBS would accept defeat remains to be seen. It was left on a cliff hanger though with a lot of unanswered questions so personally I think they owe us a conclusion at least:)

  11. Martine says

    I agree with what most people have said. Three Rivers never had a chance. It was not a particularly original show (ER, anyone?) Yes, I know it was different, but it felt like “reheated stuff”, I’m sorry to say. The premise wasn’t that easy to believe for starters (what are the odds that all these transplants would happen in this manner?) Anyway, the main reason I watched it was Alex O’Laughlin. And the reason I know about Alex is Moonlight, a show that was excellent, original, fresh. Moonlight sold like hot cakes when it came out on video (that’s how I discovered the show; never have I regretted so much not watching a series live). The question now is: do CBS executives have the guts to admit they were wrong about Moonlight and it should be restarted? Alex O’Laughlin was born to play that part. He did an extraordinary job and were the show given better publicity (as in, more catchy), and considering the base of fans that already exists, I have no doubt it would be a success. Come on, CBS, just swallow the pill and show you can turn around an earlier misjudgment. I doubt you will regret it.

  12. Jamie says

    That would require a network executive actually admitting that they just might have made a mistake … Seen any ice skaters in hell?

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