Wildfire: Why Was the ABC Family Series Cancelled?

WildfireAfter four seasons on ABC Family, teen drama Wildfire ends tonight. Devoted fans are understandably upset. So, why is it leaving?

Wildfire debuted back on June 25, 2005 and revolves around the world of horse racing. The series began with teen Kristine “Kris” Furillo (Genevieve Cortese) coming to the Raintree Farm from a juvenile detention center.

Season one averaged just over a million weekly viewers and season two increased to 1.56 million, an increase of over 50%. Unfortunately, season three dropped back to the first year’s numbers. Season four debuted in January. Soonafter, ABC Family announced that Wildfire had been cancelled.

Fans have petitioned ABC Family to continue the series. The folks at SaveWildfire.com have sent truckloads of hay, 500 cast iron horseshoes, apples, rope, and 1,000 pounds of carrots. Unfortunately, it’s higher ratings and additional viewers that the show really needs. As CBS learned from Jericho, a passionate campaign doesn’t necessarily mean that viewers will tune in.

ABC Family’s media relations manager, Amy Maloney, told the Albuquerque Journal that the fan support doesn’t come as much of a surprise. She said, “It is par for the course, in a sense that we’ve always known there is a strong fan base for the show… It’s flattering. It’s exciting.” In other words, Wildfire has a core audience but it’s not big enough for ABC Family.

Word is that Lionsgate, the company that produces the series, is looking for a new home for Wildfire. If the series is renewed, producer Lester Berman the cast and crew are ready. He says, “We’re saving a lot of the set dressing and the uniforms. We’re putting it in storage just in case there’s a miracle that [Wildfire] comes back.”

When the cast and crew wrapped their filming in June 2007, they were unsure if they would be back for season five. A few months ago, Cortese spoke proudly of Wildfire and the season four closer. She said, “I think we have one of the best casts and crews in television… On the other hand, we also end (this season) on a really cool note. I’d be glad to go back and get to work again with people I love, but if not, at least I’ll know we did a great job.” Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. says

    It is a damn shame the network will not bring back Wildfire. A fantastic show. It is the greed of these networks that the public loses so many of their good shows. GREED. Not enough viewers, hell, what about the viewers that love the show? I guess we did not count. Ultimately it boils down to greed and the fact the the people with the power to keep this show a float were not viewers.

  2. Liz says

    I love Wildfire so much. It is such an amazing show and who cares if it isn’t big enough for ABC Family only because it had and still has a lot of viewers re-watching it. Some good ideas for a season five could be….Kris and Junior go on their honeymoon to Fiji while Matt and Danni continue working on the ranch together as partners or maybe more than a partner, again….Kris and Junior’s father can still make Kris’s life hard but, she always winds up doing what is best for her and her life….wildfire could be retired and/or be in racing again even if Kris isn’t his jockey but, she will always be with him…..Jean and Pablo, like put them together in a scene of their life together or just continue working side by side….maybe old girlfriends/boyfriends come together in one episode, they find out Kris and Junior are married you could either put drama or not…..there could be an episode where Kris’s father, mother or brother comes back into her life again and they did not know she was married..or Kris could go visit her father or mother to tell them she is married….Junior gets another big deal on the Alaska project or somewhere else….there could be trouble with Kris’s friend that came that almost killed himself, maybe there could be a scene where the Feds come to the ranch or something….Junior and Kris could get into arguments, which they always do but they still stay together….Wildfire could be sterile again and make another foul….someone gets pregnant either Danni, Kris or Jean…..on e of Matt’s or Junior ex girlfriends comes back with a surprise saying she is pregnant with their child…..so many ideas, hopefully it helps…but if it ends again, just make sure the season does not leave any openings.

  3. Brittney Hughes says

    I love this show so much it hurts like crap its like one of the worse break ups in the history of break ups….imma about to cry…..); smh

    • citizen says

      good way to loose out!!! i loved this show too!!! and so did my daughter. The same thing happening to Dallas, Hart of Dixie, The client List —–Poor Marketing!! can’t figure out or even know when the new season’s episode are going too be aired!!!

  4. Brittney Hughes says

    Heck I fell inlove with this show and I’m still inlove with this show still still this day this show has taught me so much about love and about dreams and never giving up…..I never forgave abc famng away one of the most amazing shows that ever step foot on abc family and let’s not forget the most amazing cast who did an outstanding job in making these charachters come to life in our lives I love them all and will always love them and would be honored to meet them one day…I know it might sound silly but I love them more than anything its a true crush I have on this show…crazy I know can’t help it…but its never to late to bring wildfire back it should air on CW50 because its to raw anyway for ABCFAMILY….its 2013 its never too late….peace and love love you WILDFIRE!

  5. says

    I saw this show on DVD and a friend told me how good it was. I watched the first season and had to get the rest. The ending was so perfect! For awhile I was really upset because I was afraid Kris was not going to end up with Junior. Junior is now my second favorite fictional character. I sure wish there were more than four seasons. I am going to watch all four over and over. I love this show so much. Good job, cast and crew. Thank you for such a wonderful show. It has made me feel better when my life is not really going so well. I would have been a viewer when it was airing but for some reason I did not know about it. But just one extra viewer probably would not have been enough to save the show anyway. Such a loss.

    • Brittney Hughes says

      I love you for that comment I feel the same way in everything you said…..so i m going to watch the dvds over and over again because I never get tired of them and I just purchased them from amozon because for the longest I could not find wildfire dvds….long story but its nice too know that I’m not the only one who still loves Wildfire…thank you (:

  6. Fayann says

    I have just finishing watching all the season of wildfire. I love the show. I wish they would make season 5. Please please make season 5.

  7. Dorothy Totolos says

    I love Wildfire I really wish it came back on. I watched it when it was on ABC Family and now im watching it on Netflix. I really miss this show and i wish it came back on again

  8. Katie m says

    I love this show so much .!! I’ve watched all for seasons like 5 times already and I don’t get tired of watching it .! Please make season 5 I would love to see kris and junior’s marriage life :) .! Pleassssssseee

    • Brittney Hughes says

      oooohh meee tooo that’s all I’ve been waiting for like a lil kris and juniour running around…..awwww tht would be amazing…

  9. Sharon says

    We have been watching Wildfire on netflix, too! Kris is annoying as a wishy washy over emotional spoiled girl who kisses any cute boy who looks at her… but Pablo and Junior really make the show for me. I hated Junior at first but now I love his character. I’m not sure why he and Matt think Kris is all that… she’s so fickle and selfish, even worse than Dani when you think about it because at least Dani was raised with privilege and is admittedly a spoiled brat. Kris was given the opportunity of a lifetime after being in prison and she’s still “all about me.” It gets old!

  10. Caren Olsen says

    I love watching Wilfire on Netflex . I have one more show to watch, then watch them all over. This is a Great show, wish it was still on.

  11. Jackie Flowers says

    I watched Wild Fire on netfilx Ive been late for work and other places I just cant get enough of it this makes the second time for me watching it and it was just as good each time plainning on watching it again it never gets old. Please make a part 5 because Im sure others and myself would love it to.PS just dont let any of the horses get hurt in this one love wildfire and flame.

  12. valerie taylor says

    i just watch wildfire on netfilx and i love it and i want to see season 5 i will paray for it to come back on abc family

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