100 Questions: New NBC Sitcom; Cancel or Keep It?

100 QuestionsNBC recently debuted a new sitcom on Thursday nights called 100 Questions. Will this new TV show last past the summer season and become a staple of the network’s Thursday line-up?

100 Questions revolves around Charlotte Payne (Sophie Winkleman), a young woman looking for love. She’s come to a dating service and is answering 100 questions posed by a consultant named Andrew (Michael Benjamin Washington). While trying to figure out what she’s looking for in a mate, she recounts relationship stories and these memories include friends Leslie (Smith Cho), Jill (Collette Wolfe), Mike (Christopher Moynihan), and Wayne (David Walton).

The sitcom debuted on May 27th to a terrible 0.8 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 2.48 million viewers. That’s one of the worst premieres in NBC’s history. In week two, the demo bumped up a little (a 0.9 rating) but total viewership dropped (2.22 million). Truly horrible numbers for original programming.

The ratings for 100 Questions can’t come as much of a surprise to NBC execs as they seem to have lost faith in the series months ago. NBC originally ordered 13 episodes but they shut down production after only six were completed. The sitcom was planned to be a mid-season replacement series but was pushed into summer, a time when networks typically air repeats and burn off extra programming.

Based on the ratings, there’s no way that 100 Questions will be back for a second season. It’s also highly likely that NBC will pull the show before all six installments have aired. After all, the network is getting better ratings from repeats of its other comedies.

But, what do you think? Do you like 100 Questions? Cancel or keep it?

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  1. Karl says

    Most definetly bring it back, if well advertised it could become a very succesful show. i love th whole group dynamic. Bring the show back!

  2. karby says

    what a great show. i saw the 6 episodes and got hooked.. you just have to bring it back.. it was witty and totally entertaining!!! do the right thing… BRING IT BACK!!!


  3. Leena says

    the show was amazing and im soo glad that i stumbled upon it by accident …i dont know why it was canceled…i dont even remember seeing any advertisement for it… i blame NBC !!

  4. Jamie03 says

    I LOVE THIS SHOW! I blame NBC for the bad ratings bc I knew nothing of this show until I saw it on hulu! I am pretty bummed that it wont be back on :(

  5. Epic Swoleness says

    This had to be one of the worst shows ever. Every single tired sitcom cliche – the “clueless jock” who is somehow successful, the high octane but cynical Asian woman, the forced and unrealistic “diversity” of the group, the star character being so much more centered than the rest of the group, and of course, the openly gay character being the source of all “wisdom” who is beyond reproach – plus the paper-thin plots, contrived situations, the oft-mentioned laugh track (probably borrowed from “The Brady Bunch”), make we question who slept with whom to get this garbage on the air. It isn’t enough that the show was cancelled; someone should be fired over this. I have spoken.

  6. liver says

    We don’t want laugh tracks and one-sided, stereotypical characters. We’ve seen it all before, and a laugh track is just an insult and a distraction. Have you noticed almost all good shows now do NOT have a laugh track? I hope whoever created this show learned their lesson. I’d rather watch re-runs of anything than this crap. What a waste of time.

  7. SCITECH says

    Keep it. I like Wayne’s tough boy act but lover boy style when he interacts with Charlotte. It kills me to wait for the next question but it’s great.

  8. Doc C says

    Totally have to keep this show!!!! I didn’t see a thing on it on NBC, I happened to come across it on Hulu. Its a great plot and entertaining cast. I am dying to see the progression of Charlotte and Wayne!!! Of course no one is going to watch it if they don’t know about it!! Get it together NBC!! It’s so reminiscent of Friends, but with a whole new twist regarding the dating world. KEEP KEEP KEEP!!!!!!!!

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