18 to Life: CW TV Show Planned to Return in December

18 to LifeLast week, The CW pulled 18 to Life after just three weeks on the air. The series was confirmed as cancelled but one of the TV show’s producers says that the network hasn’t given up on the series yet.

18 to Life tells the tale of two best friends who end up getting married at an early age and, to the dismay of their families. The show’s cast includes Michael Seater, Stacey Farber, Alain Goulem, Angela Asher, Jesse Rath, Kaniehtiio Horn, Arielle Shiri, Peter Keleghan, Ellen David, Erin Agostino, Carl Alacchi, Samantha Moore, and Raphael Cohen-Demers.

On The CW, the show got off to a poor start in the ratings and the debut ranked in last place for the timeslot. Later installments brought fewer viewers. After last week’s pair of episodes, the network decided to pull the show from the schedule, leaving six installments on the shelf.

The CBC has already renewed 18 to Life for season two in Canada and, according to one of the show’s executive producers, US viewers haven’t seen the last of it either.

Galafilm’s Arnie Gelbart tells us that The CW intends to air the remaining six episodes of 18 to Life in December when the network has available airtime. The plan is to give the series the push that they weren’t able to give it the first time around.

Gelbart was told that the network is pleased with the show’s performance, especially considering the summer airdates and limited promotion. The CW has an option to purchase future episodes and they’ve asked to see season two episodes as they are completed.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to 18 to Life’s return in December? Do you think it’ll have a better chance at success?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. A Noun says

    I watched this series on Canadian TV, and it is very well done. Refreshing and lighthearted. Far too good to join the dreck on CW.

    I actually didn’t watch any of the CW episodes, because I was concerned they’d “sanitized” it for American (puritanical) sensibilities, and didn’t want my memories of the show altered. Yes, they even sanitize Canadian series.

  2. Jessica says

    I wouldn’t count on repeats of the first 6 episodes as the time between November sweeps and Christmas specials is short. Maybe a Saturday or Sunday marathon or something to squeeze them in.

    This might be the first somewhat sensible thing i have seen come from The CW, other than buying rights to the show in the first place. Perhaps they will even be wise enough to promo its return. Is that hoping for too much?

  3. BJ says

    I missed the first week’s pilot & second episode of “18 to Life”; but I watched the second week & liked it. I was hoping that the pilot & second episode would be rerun since a lot of networks do that, especially with the new summer shows, which are so easily missed! I also told a friend about it. She called back because she couldn’g find it — it had apparently already been cancelled. Too bad. I’m glad to hear they will be airing the rest of the episodes in December, and I hope they have the sense to rerun the already aired episodes before the unaired ones!!!!!!!!!

  4. david182 says

    i luv this show, im watching the rest of season 1 online, the cw screwed the show over by not giving it any promotion, no body knew about this show and it still got viewers, they need to stop promoting there new crappy shows no one will watch and focus on the ones that people will, and this show is great!!!!

  5. says

    I was sooo excited to start watching this show.. and I turned the TV to channel 5 to watch the episodes tonight but they’re showing something else. ): SO DISAPPOINTED, but hopefully they do promote it more and I’ll be waiting to see it again in December (:

  6. Ann says

    I really liked this show. I was telling friends about it since they hadn’t heard of it yet, but how can I tell them to watch when it’s off the air already, they didn’t give it a chance. I thought it was very funny, we need more shows like this, there are way too many dramas on tv.

  7. Brittany says

    Very disappointed that 18 to Life was pulled especially after waiting for it to come out in the US. Should of had more promotion.

  8. ticia says

    if the cw announced the show im sure more people would have watched it
    i was literally laughing in my room form watching this show which doesnt usually happen when i watch comedy tv shows
    cant wait to see the other episodes
    and if i cant, im going to have to find another way to watch it

  9. Nicole says

    I recognize Michael Seater from Life With Derek and , Stacey Farber from Degrassi. I think the show is funny, but it never got the promotino that it deserves. Hope it comes back soon.

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