2007 – 2008 Cancelled Shows: Lots of TV Series Casualties

USA' The 4400With the writers strike in full swing, the networks have been reluctant to officially cancel many shows this season. They’re desperate for original scripted programming, even if it’s getting less-than-impressive ratings. In that way, the strike’s been good for some series; giving them more time to try to build an audience. Unfortunately, sometimes it isn’t enough.

Here are the 2007 – 2008 season casualties, as well as a few cable and summer series:

The 4400 – USA Network decided to end the series after 45 episodes and four seasons, leaving many storylines unresolved.

Anchorwoman – After one night on the air, FOX pulled this comedy-reality series starring former World Wrestling Entertainment model Lauren Jones. There was talk that another channel might pick it up but that hasn’t happened.

The Dead Zone – USA Network recently decided to end the series after 80 episodes and six seasons. There are currently no plans to wrap up the show’s unfinished storylines.

Emeril Live – Food Network has cancelled one of it’s flagship programs after 10 years on the air. Fans of Emeril can take consolation in the fact that the energetic chef will still be seen on his other show, Essence of Emeril.

Hey Paula – Paula Abdul felt she was unfairly portrayed in the Bravo series and has said that she has no interest in doing another reality show like this one. It would be hard to continue the series without her.

John from Cincinnati – Rather than produce another season of Deadwood, HBO went with this often confusing series from David Milch. Viewership didn’t meet expectations and it was cancelled after one season. The DVD set is coming in April 2008.

Journeyman – Despite following NBC’s Heroes, this time-travel series consistently lost much of its lead-in audience. The network let it’s option to order more first season episodes lapse. Though there’s a possibility that the show could return for a second season, it’s highly unlikely.

The Kill Point – Though the John Leguizamo/Donnie Wahlberg series performed well, Spike TV decided against renewing it, opting instead to pursue reality programming.

Nashville – When FOX pulled this reality show after only two episodes, the network maintained that it would return. Unfortunately, the cast and crew were later informed that it was in fact cancelled. The producers were shopping the series to other outlets but it doesn’t look like they have had any luck.

On the Lot – FOX had high hopes for the Mark Burnett/Steven Spielberg filmmaking competition but viewers weren’t interested. The show was cut to one episode per week and barely made it to its conclusion. The official site’s been taken down and it’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever see the show again.

Online Nation – The first official network cancellation of the season, this CW Internet clip show was dropped after four episodes and lousy ratings.

Passions – NBC cancelled the soap in January. It was saved when DirecTV stepped in and bought the exclusive rights to air it; hoping fans would subscribe to the satellite TV provider. Things haven’t worked out and now DirecTV has pulled the plug. The last shows will air in August and, understandably, many soap fans feel cheated. Will someone else save the series?

The Showbiz Show with David Spade – Comedy Central opted not to renew the mock-entertainment news program after three seasons. Spade continues to be seen on CBS’ Rules of Engagement.

Traveler – ABC had little faith in this series almost from the start, when the network shortened its episode order and delayed it until Summer 2007. All eight episodes have aired and castmembers have moved on to other projects.

Viva Laughlin – CBS dropped the musical drama after it hit sour notes with both critics and viewers. Eight episodes were filmed but only two have seen the light of day.

How many shows will join this list once the writers strike is finished? Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. K. Mitchell says

    4400 was a nice surprise! Wish it didn’t go off the air. I think the acting was exceptional. There certainly was a variety of quirky moments mixed with drama, intrigue and plenty of twists and mystery to keep you interested each episode. I loved most of the characters – Gretsch’s part was a little too intense but guess that was how he was cast, and Conchita was a believable darling. I absolutely loved Chad and Patrick, and who couldn’t be mesmerized by Ali. Guess there wasn’t anyone I didn’t like in particular.

    So why not bring them all back and make us happy :)

  2. Duane says

    What was the name of the show with a Detective Cruise who was framed for a murder and then got out of jail once his name was cleared? He recieved a settlement from the city and went back to the ploice force.

  3. Liznkids says

    Moonlight cancelled WHY??? It was a fascinating show such a great cast and story line. I hope the big guys reconsider now that there is so much hype on twilight. Vampires are pretty popular right now, bring my show BACK!! What do we have to do to get the attention, we the viewers want good shows not all this reality junk.

  4. Janie Del Toro says

    Why is it that everytime I like a show, it is cancelled?Like, Surface, Invasion, Cane, October Road, Windfall, What About Brian. “What about my shows”.? Puro Pedo!!!!
    That’s just messed up. I am “Sick” of the all the “Stupid Reality Shows”, especially “Bachelorette”, “Bachelor”. Get real, how is someone going to fall in love in ten weeks. These couples don’t even stay together. Talk about a waste of money. If your going to waste money , put it in my checking account. Take a moment to refelect on all the emails that you have received about all the cancelled shows that “we like”. Maybe, you should put them back on. Give it a chance…….!

  5. Brianna says

    Journeyman was a great show. I love the time travel stuff and am really gonna miss it. They really need to reconsider.

  6. Jennifer says

    I can’t believe that all of these shows are being cancelled. It was nice to actually have “FAMILY” shows that I did not have to screen for murder/rape/violence. Plus to have stuff that entertained me as well! Bye-Bye Moonlight, Life is Wild, Wildfire, Men in trees, Journey Man

  7. Lindsay says

    Are you kidding me?? NO Journeyman, Big Shots and October Road, what am I supposed to watch now, more reality tv or more guts and death with ALL the CSI and Law and Orders’ the networks have. Thank God I still have HBO.

  8. C Riley says

    I am deeply disappointed you have cancelled one of our favorite shows. Men in Trees was a refreshing show from all the murder and criminal shows you now have on TV. I am not alone with this feeling – I have had many people say they feel the same way. What is wrong with you people???

  9. Rachael says

    I am amazed how these networks are pushing out new shows as fast as they can. They change them if they dont get the instant ratings they want. They dont even give them a chance. Take Jericho…They came in at aprox 7 million viewers. They only brought it back because of all the backlash. They stuck it in the latest timeslot and will probably cancel it this season. They actually have 2 season enders incase they dont get what they want. Journeyman is the other one…they decide to put it on the back burner as a backup but it prob wont come back either. They dont even allow these shows to get a good foundation. Journeyman …I thought…was just starting to get really good.

  10. says

    I think 4400 and Deadzone will be back because they still have some episode that the writers didn’t finish. i think Journeyman will be back.

  11. Jason says

    Wow, all of these shows got cancelled!! These networks don’t think before they act. They cancel shows that don’t even have time to get their feet on the ground. What do the networks expect, when they put new shows against shows that highly ranked shows, they won’t win. If they would of moved the shows around to different time slots and/or give them more then 2-3 episodes to build some fans, they would see that the shows that they jumped the gun to cancel, would of actually done well. The networks need to actually listen to us, the viewers, to see what we want to watch!! What the hell to they know anyways, they’re fueled by greed, and don’t really car about the shows or their fans. They cancelled some great shows: the deadzone, the 4400, drive, fastlane, etc… Those were just the shows that i watched, not to mention tons of other shows that everyone else loves to watch. All of you exec’s, need to pull your heads out of your a$$es and come back to reality!! I mean, if you cancel all the shows that people love and keep replacing shows left and right, pretty soon, nobody will be watching your networks at all!! Without all of the fans/viewers, you won’t have any sponsors or jobs, then you’ll have to get real jobs like the rest of us and then when you’re bored and want to sit down and watch some tv, guess what, there will be nothing on, because you cancelled them. You need to correct this situation while you have a chance and bring back some/all of the shows that you prematurely cancelled and give them a second chance. Look at family guy and jericho, they came back and look at them!!

  12. Susan says

    I can’r believe that Journeyman has been cancelled. It’s one of the few shows that I looked forward to watching every week.

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