666 Park Avenue: New ABC Series; Cancel or Keep It?

666 park avenue cancel or keep?ABC gave 666 Park Avenue a lot of promotion leading into the fall season. Has it paid off? Is the new show a ratings success or is it in danger of being cancelled instead?

If you haven’t seen it, 666 Park Avenue follows a Midwest couple who’ve moved to New York City and end up managing The Drake, a prestigious residential hotel. They feel like they’re living their dream lives — until they realize that every dream comes with a price. The TV series features the talents of Terry O’Quinn, Vanessa Williams, Dave Annable, Rachael Taylor, Robert Buckley, Mercedes Masöhn, Helena Mattsson, Samantha Logan, and Erik Palladino.

The show debuted on September 30th, in ABC’s troubled Sundays at 10pm timeslot (see: Pan Am, GCB). The premiere’s ratings weren’t very impressive, attracting a mediocre 2.1 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 6.9 million total viewers. That was 30% lower than what Pan Am had registered last fall — and we all know what happened to that show.

Should 666 Park Avenue be cancelled?

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Unfortunately, Park Avenue’s numbers have gotten even worse since the debut. The coveted demographic dropped to a 1.7 rating in week two (down 19%) and a 1.5 rating in week three (down another 12%). The ratings perked up a bit in weeks four (a 1.7 rating) and five (a 1.6 rating) but are still terrible.

A couple weeks ago, ABC ordered two more scripts for Park Avenue, likely to give the network execs some extra time to continue watching the ratings and then determine the show’s fate. If they were hoping for growth, they were disappointed.

ABC initially ordered 13 episodes of Park Avenue. They could put some more into production but that seems unlikely given the ratings. We’re heading into the holiday season so the show will probably be pre-empted and that will likely hurt the numbers even more.

666 Park Avenue TV show supportFor whatever reason, this one just hasn’t resonated with a large audience. At this point, unless the ratings start getting better, it looks like 666 Park Avenue is doomed to be cancelled.

But, what do you think? Do you like the TV series? Do you think it should be cancelled or renewed for another season? Could anything be done to attract more viewers or is it already too late?

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  1. Myles says

    This is a fantastic show its a real mix of everything i love and reminds me of the devils advocate at times. Maybe they need to ramp up the scare factor but it would be a real shame to cancel.

  2. Su Prescot says

    666 was another show ABC cancelled I liked. I will now not watch their new Red Widow because I do not trust them!

  3. Lisa says

    I am not surprised… about this or about Last Resort. Only cheesy and stupid “reality” shows seem to stay on the air. Any good show with a story line or of interest is ALWAYS cancelled. I am to the point that I am afraid to start new shows because I know if I like it the show will be cancelled. If 85% vote to keep the show that should say something to the network

  4. Maryann says

    Yeah… JUST CHANGE THE NAME!!!! Look as a Christian I told my self I would NOT DARE watch that show b/c it had the number of the ainti christ…and one evening someone had the show on (& I didn’t know it was THAT show) and it totally sucked me in! It was intense and left you wanting to know what happen next! I found my self watching it every time a new episode came on and wishing the show didn’t have that name. I tryed to get my boyfriend to watch it with me, but he wouldn’t………….ALL B/C OF THE NAME OF IT!

    anyway that’s my opinion….
    does anyone know how I can get the rest of the episodes????

  5. Lori says

    Favorite show for me and my 2 daughters…spans a generation from 45 to 15! What better demographic could ABC want??

  6. Rich says

    666 Park Avenue is a great show. It is drama, suspense, mystery, it makes you think. I’d like to know what demographic area ABC targeted to collected their statistical data. Please don’t cancel this show.

  7. debbie says

    I do not know where these people get the ratings from ? I am in Toronto and I love the show and many of my friends also like it . I hope it comes back .

  8. SherryB says

    Please do not cancel 666 Park Avenue – I was just getting into it. I look forward to watching Revenge then 666 Park Avenue on my resting Sunday night.

  9. Tamara says

    LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE DONT CANCEL!!! OR REPLACE with more of the crappy shows that have come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Kim says

    I agree too; there are all these ridiculous reality shows that I honestly will never understand why people are attracted to, to keep their ratings high (i.e. Kardashians, Honeyboo boo). Who cares about the Kardashians, I can’t stand them. Plus that is not reality……your average American will never be wealthy like them and live in luxury, how do you call that reality??? And Honey Boo boo, seriously there is something wrong with this country if people can watch this junk. Then you have a really good show like 666, well written and it gets cancelled. Please bring this show back!!!

  11. Joe Tyson says

    I have to agree with all of the other comments, I still haven’t got over not watching LOST every week and now they want to cancel 666, are they nuts? Change the time from 10PM Sunday night to any time between 8-9pm on any other night. One of the better shows on TV with such great actors and now we have to watch reality TV nonsense, someone shoot me now please!

  12. Pat says

    I can’t believe a really good show like this has been cancelled & replaced with more of ABC’s crappy shows. The B in Apt & Happy Endings REALLY? Two REALLY REALLY dumb show’s replacing a pretty interesting, well written, & well acted show. As soon as Scandal ended last night & the “DUMB” shows started I turned the T.V off……I won’t be watching ABC after Scandal is over for the evening. ABC should have given the show a better time slot. Hopefully one of the cable station will wise up & pick up the show.

    • vikki says

      Really? Do shows even get a chance anymore? I didn’t start watching NCIS until the the second season, I love that show. Please just give it a little longer. Sometimes it just takes a while for people to find a very enjoyable show like this. Great cast and a lot of fun. Think about it?

  13. irene steakin says

    please do not cancel this show. I have been waiting for it’s return. We all enjoy watching this show.

  14. Amy says

    So an intelligent, thought provoking show gets cancelled – I feel because of the 10 pm time slot on a Sunday – but yet, Honey Boo Boo and the Kardashian’s stay afloat… what has this country come to. This show is interesting and different. Give it another shot with a different time slot.. you’ll see not of all American viewers are ignorant and simple.

    • Lori says

      Sherry, that doesn’t make sense. I agree that 666 PA is one billion times better than the Stupid Simpsons but I’m not sure if that is what u meant.

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