666 Park Avenue: Cancelled Because of One Million Moms?

666 park avenue cancelledIt was revealed yesterday that ABC had decided not to order any additional episodes of 666 Park Avenue. The show may not be technically cancelled but all acknowledge that it won’t be back. Thankfully all 13 episodes that have been produced are expected to air.

Before the show even premiered, One Million Moms (a site started by the conservative American Family Association) urged their readers to write to ABC to “strongly encourage” the network to cancel their plans to air the program. “Let them also know you are prepared to join thousands of other voices in urging advertisers to place it on their ‘do not advertise’ list and consider pulling all ads from the ABC network in protest.”

A later post lists some of 666 Park Avenue’s sponsors and encourages readers to email them in protest directly; Johnson & Johnson, Egg Beaters (ConAgra Foods), KFC (YUM Brands), Subway, Revlon, Colgate Total (Colgate-Palmolive), and Macy’s in protest of their commercial support.

666 Park Avenue TV show supportWednesday’s post claims victory, stating that none of the sponsors of the first episodes were seen advertising on later installments. The post urges readers to email their distaste for the program to other sponsors; Petco, Clorox, Outback, Dyson, Dairy Queen, and Red Lobster (Darden Restaurants).

While it was most likely just poor ratings that sank 666 Park Avenue, do you think that the protests to the network and their sponsors influenced ABC’s decision? Share your thoughts below.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Dmmm says

    I love 666 Park Avenue. So upset that I heard it was cancelled. I love the twist and turns of the show, reminded me of the mystery it left you just like Lost. Sooooo sad to hear that Abc is cancelling. Please ABC don’t cancel this Great show.

  2. Kay says

    What’s the big deal. Very interesting show. Pnly should have PG 13 rating. there are many more dark er themed shows on T.V. I guess it’s okay to release shows that have intense sexual overtures or murder and mayhem as their main content. Heck even once upon aa time is more violent and skews a child as well as the adults minds.
    What the Heck. The Term 666 bother people, change the title to the unusual happenings at Park Avenue., if that will shut up the sactimonius, so called proper moms, who don’t let their kids watch cartoons of any kind due to the violence, who themselves do not watch soaps of any kind or reality shows that are not in the least real or shows that overtly foster homosexuality as an alternative and acceptable viewing for those innoncent ears. If they think their kids don’t already know these things, they are living in a different world than their kids. I suppose there are no computers or Iphones in these kids lives and don’t go outdoors, cause they might see something that might skew their purity. Get real. It was a great (entertaining) show.

  3. karen mother of 8 says

    I loved this show 666 park avenue and as a mother myself, know there are shows for adults and shows for kids. Both can be aired on tv. Just keep your kids from watching. Why do we all have to pay for those who cannot set boundaries or say no to their spoiled entitled children. I am sick of the Christian right pushing their agenda. Please ABC exercise your Firtst Ammendment Right and do not give in to these crazy moms. The show was completely fine for network tv. To the cast and crew I was a fan. Good Job. Would really like to see all episodes shot at least.

  4. dm funk says

    this was one of the best 2012 shows and now it’s been cancelled. low ratings? seems a lot of people i know, and many more i do not, all seem to say the same thing as it being a super duper show full of thrills and surprises. well, this might seem a bit dramatic but the show and contents had me coming back week after week, etc. i am sure hoping it re-surfaces maybe on another channel. cable/satelitte tv is a vast area where someone takes the dare and makes it part of their tv line-up. by the way, the article says that moms were against the show? why? it was on at 10p on sunday night. shouldn’t those tiny tykes be tucked away in beds by then? so what’s the beef with the irate mothers’ group? i’ve been in homes where mothers of that kind banish shows like this but allow their wee ones to watch kids’ shows that are way too old for them or innane shows that show nothing. whatever and anyway, please please bring back 666 park avenue. it has a following by true blue fans.

  5. Mariagirl says

    This show was really starting to get good! Please bring back the show. It seems like too often shows are being cancelled way too early before a decent following can even start, it takes time to grow a fan base. I was just starting to tell my friends about it. On the other hand if this show was cancelled because of pressure from that stupid group One Million Loser (oops I mean Moms) then I say to them GET A LIFE and stop being busy bodies and learn how to control your children and stop trying to censor the world just because you are too dumb to know how to be a proper parent!

  6. Mrs. Dorothy Gee says

    Yes, I’m so very disappointed that 666 Park Avenue is being cancelled ….!
    I have one thing to tell these “”mothers”” put your kids to bed for the 10:00 pm show!!
    They should be in bed anyways….. And I agree that ABC t.v. network doesn’t get it!!
    It had good acting, good dialogue and each show was the best one leading onto the
    next one. Let’s see, other people want to see “”reality shows” —- come on now —-
    they are trash —— Even “Scandal” a new show I watched was “”excellent”…………..
    Why does the minority always rule….you stink, !! “”mothers” or whoever you are!!
    You know who you are……….. you stink !! from Apple Valley, Ca.

  7. Anonymous says

    This is a great show with excellent acting, interesting plot, fantastic photography. Someone should set up a site for supporters of this show to vote in support of keeping it on the air and for more episodes. We should call it Ten Million Park Avenue Supporters

  8. teresa says

    My FAVORITE show this year!!! This is horrible! As for those crazed lunatics called the “mom” – well, the fact is every kids show around these days has wizards, witches, vampires, werewolves etc! This was the ONE good show on tv, and I am personally disgusted it is cancelled!!!

  9. Brandon says

    I cant believe they are cancelling the show only after the first season and they decided to cancel it before half way or so, I normally do not watch ABC and this was the only show on ABC that i even found remotely interesting at all. I have been telling people about it and this, Walking Dead and Last Resort are the only to shows i actually enjoy watching and now they are taking it off the air, extremely disappointed with ABC for this decision, i mean c’mon parents it’s not like the show is going to make your precious children go out and join a cult besides it comes on after the kids should be in bed anyways idk tho maybe like someone else said it could have been the ratings like the show claimed but if it is then they should wait for at least one more season and see how it does after football season is over but i have a feeling that is not the only reason it went off i think that the women that put up a protest had influenced ABC because it is a family network but still its not like it was a horrible show after all, but i guess the women rule that station and they could tell them if they dont take it off they would stop and then they would loose alot of ppl, so now were stuck with the same retarded reality shows that seem to all be the same over and over, its crazy how ppl are so interested in reality shows that are not good and all the same plot…oh well tho guess that’s what u get when your not willing to take a chance with a show

  10. Mark says

    I certainly hope they’re not showing their children any Disney movies with witches or wizardy, such as Snow White, Cinderella, Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty… People without an appreciation for folklore seem unnatural to me. I love 666 Park Avenue – it’s a New York version of Dr. Faustus.

  11. Lindsay says

    I have heard more people talking about how much they like this show. My husband and I both really look forward to watching 666 Park Ave. I wish ABC would rethink canceling it….every episode is better than the previous episode. Come on!!!!

  12. Mary says

    This Show 666 Park Avenue is one of the best shows on tv right now and now they cancel it. Not everyone wants to watch reality tv all day or stupid not funny sit coms that are on for 10 years without one really funny joke. You gotta be kiddin me. So dissappointed ABC this was a very bad decision. I’m not watching nothing on ABC as of now. I am really so DISSAPPOINTED!!

  13. says

    I cannot believe that they are cancelling this show…it is one of the best shows on t.v…I see that things continue to be all about money…this show is very intriguing…it is so weird how this is like the 109th season of The Bachelor…are you kidding me?..like it is horse crap and they continue to show a bunch of insecure girls and a guy that can’t find a girl unless they are all put together under one roof…but they can’t stand behind a good script…Interesting!!!…soon all we’ll have to look forward to on t.v are all reality shows with human beings acting like trash…wait, hold on!….that’s actually all we have to watch on t.v….”rolling eyes”

  14. Linda Lou says

    I really hope cable picks up this show. This is a good show with great scripts and great acting. Once again extremely radical political views organize a protest while some of us just like to watch a good show. I didn’t even realize there was a protest until I was shocked this show was cancelled. These protesters where never going to watch anyways and need to put their kids to bed! Someone else posted that maybe the title of the show doomed it, I don’t know, maybe. If it was due to ratings, once the NFL season is over, I’m sure the rating would improve.
    My protest. I don’t believe I will watch any other broadcast dramas again. Lost may have been the last of it’s kind. Network tv doesn’t get it. Time to turn off broadcast and watch cable: Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Hell of Wheels.

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