After the Writers Strike, Who’s Not Coming Back?

CavemenWhen the writers strike was in full swing, the networks were hesitant to cancel any of their series, no matter how poor the ratings were. They needed whatever original scripted content they could get.

Now, with the strike expected to end tomorrow, the networks have some tough decisions to make. Based on past ratings, which shows should be put back into production? Is it more economically feasible to relaunch an existing show with a big marketing campaign or start from scratch with a new series?

We’ll know more in the next couple weeks but, for now, it looks pretty certain that these shows won’t be coming back:

Big Shots — The ABC drama received poor reviews and lousy ratings in its post-Grey’s Anatomy timeslot. Of the 13 ordered episodes, only 11 were completed and aired.

Bionic Woman — NBC had high hopes for this series but the ratings seemed to drop each week and it’s not a cheap show to produce. Because of the writers strike, only eight episodes were produced and aired.

Cane — This CBS drama never caught on despite the star power of veterans like Jimmy Smits, Hector Elizondo, Nestor Carbonell, and Rita Moreno. All 13 produced episodes have aired. There’s a sliver of a chance that it could be back in the fall but USA Today has reported that it’s finished.

Carpoolers — ABC’s sitcom has dropped from an audience of nine million to less than four. Of the 13 episodes produced, 11 have aired thus far. The remaining two are still currently on the schedule.

Cavemen — The much-maligned ABC sitcom aired for six episodes. There are seven left on the shelf but it’s pretty certain that the show’s gone for good.

K-Ville — The FOX drama’s been off the air since December. One of the 11 produced episodes hasn’t aired.

Life is Wild — The CW drama was a ratings disaster on Sunday nights so it’s no surprise that its fate is sealed. All 12 produced episodes have aired.

We’ll keep you posted as things change so stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. Debo says

    I am a dedicated watcher of “Girlfriends|” and “The Game” and now you guys have cancelled Girlfriends and possibly the The Game. I really look forward to watching These two shows and now you’re taking them off the air. I don’t appreciate it but I can say this; I will not watch the other junk that is on the set. I will finally do what has been long needed, I will do more much need reading. So I guess I can say thanks to you.

  2. Ne'Ne says

    Cane is a very good show and the network needs to save the show . Please bring it back for more seasons because it deserves to have a slot on network tv. so pleae do not cancel this show.

  3. Maria says

    Cane was the best show on tv in years!! It reminded me of Knots Landing and Dallas. Great storyline, I could not wait for next episode and it goes off the air. Give me a break, why would they do that. We don’t need another reality show, please. Cane needs to come back, I liked every episode and the hour flew. Please bring it back!!

  4. Rob says

    I can’t believe the you cancelled Cane. It was one of the greatis show that has been on TV in recent years. You’re making a great mistake. Every one s spoke to is really p–t off. Take soje of the realilty shows off instead!

  5. CMG says

    Carpoolers was actually a REALLY funny show! Why do they always cancel the good ones? Arrested Development? Bravo’s “Significant Others? I still haven’t gotten over “Popular” and “Felicity” being cancelled years ago. :-(

  6. Melissa says

    CANE is an amazing, dramatic, and well thought of tv series..I cannot believe that anyone would even THINK of canning this show! There is nothing like it, it would be a tragedy to let something this good die…please save this show for the viewers!

  7. fredly says

    Too bad about Bionic Women, it had a good cast and the action was good, I enjoyed it. The writers’ strike really killed this program!

  8. Jeff says

    I Tivo’d the Cane episodes and only recently watched all of the episodes back to back. Cane is a great show as is the cast. It is one of the few good shows on television right now. We’ll be very frustrated if Cane doesn’t come back. KEEP IT GOING, please.

  9. WolvenSpectre says

    I concur that Cane is one of the best things to hit tv in years, K-Ville is an increadably well acted show with great dialogue (even if the premises and reality factor are a little far fetched), and I know most people may doubt my sence of taste but Cavemen and The Bionic woman were getting good.

    Both the Bionic Woman and Cavemen were done so badly that they had to totally restructure the style and looks of the show, both had tallented actors, and if they were given the chance to get better perhaps they would find an audience. I know cavemen will have a cult following for years to come, just peopl;e will have to get over the stigma of the shows premise and wheere it came from.

  10. Anonymous says

    How can CBS cancel CANE finally a series that show Hispanic united as a family. Once again we will continue to see more reality shows just what we need.

    The cast ia fantastic and so professional.

    People speak up and let the powers of be know how we want to save CANE!!

  11. kristineb says

    I also heard that journeyman is being cancelled, there are so many shows on tv that are just plain stupid and they keep getting renewed i cant understand it what they need to do is get rid of some of these shows i wont mention any names where the characters act like a bunch of idiots or shows that have so much smut that kids arent even able to sit down and watch tv with their parents anymore. journeyman is such a great show and shows some originality and also shows someone that helps situations for the better.

    Editor: You can read about Journeyman here.

  12. kristineb says

    i cant believe that cane is being cancelled it is one of the best shows on tv, how can we convince the network to bring it back

  13. lisa says

    please don’t cancel life is wild because its a awsome show to watch with families. i have been watching it ever since they aired it. in now i’m waiting for a second sesson because this show deserve another sesson. so please don’t cancel this show

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