Almost Human: Cancelled by FOX, No Season Two

Almost Human canceled or season twoFOX has lowered the ax on Almost Human. The show has been cancelled after one season of 13 episodes.

Taking place in the future, Almost Human follows the partnership of a distrustful cop (Karl Urban) and an android capable of emotion (Michael Ealy). The cast also includes Minka Kelly, Mackenzie Crook, Michael Irby, and Lili Taylor.

The series started strongly in the ratings but the numbers declined over the course of the season. The season finale hit a series low with a 1.5 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 5.6 million total viewers.

Almost Human was reportedly still in the running for a second season until recently. Apparently several of FOX’s new pilots are strong contenders for next season so network execs have decided to let Almost Human go.

What do you think? Did you like this series? Do you think it should have been cancelled or renewed for a second season?

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  1. gail rawson says

    This show was awesome. And what a cast. I don’t understand how they can cancel it without really giving it a chance. One short season? And they know for sure that it won’t gain more of a following? It isn’t like it even got a full season. If FOX wants it to die, why greenlight in the first place? And I agree with Dede up there in the thread about the quality of this show and the lack thereof in Reality TV. Reality TV isn’t only more than a bit disgusting, it is bread and circuses. The only reason no one dies is because networks are afraid of lawsuits and not because of any kind of decency. When did we stop loving a good story that made us think and only want to be voyeurs?

  2. Phill says

    I don’t think I will bother watching any new shows by FOX, they don’t care about fans, they obviously don’t read any of the forums regarding their shows and they won’t give any new decent show a chance.
    I’m done with FOX

  3. Mary says

    IDIOTS, IDIOTS, IDIOTS. Fox executives are brainless morons… Thank god those in charge way back when people didn’t think about money as much as they did about a great show. We wouldn’t have Star Trek or many series that the world have long sealed in their hearts. Please change your mind on this one.

  4. Barb says

    Please don’t cancel. We love this show. We would wait all week to see it. The Actors were fantastic and story line awesome. Get rid off a vampire show and keep this one pleaseeeeee.

  5. Pickering says

    Fox is too impatient and needs to give this series another chance – try another time slot. This is a good story line with an excellent cast. Very disappointed in this network, maybe another network should pick this up.

  6. Paul says

    I am really just done with Fox….First Alcatraz now Almost Human …Fox just sucks period…and yet they Keep that crap ass show American Idol…Please …Its old hat …

    • Kat says

      And they cancelled Terra Nova. And before that, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. And before that, Firefly… the two seasons they gave Dollhouse seems downright generous by comparison.

  7. Tanuue says

    Very disappointed about the cancelation of Almost Human. I loved this show!!! Who made this decision should seriously reconsider!!!!!

  8. Donna says

    What a bummer. I love this show and now it looks like FOX is starting to do what ABC does by cancelling the good shows. I would like to see SYFY pick up this.

  9. Kimberly says

    SIGH..Goodness knows where they get their stupid numbers from…Everybody I knew watched it religiously. LOVED it! Good going Fox. Great Cast, Fun Stories, Sarcasam… How about FireFly? That was a stupid decision as well!

  10. Why Watch says

    This is a shame. Almost Human was the rare show I watched live. I’ll miss the show, but life will go on. But FOX and all the other stations should realize there is a share of the audience that will not watch reality shows. Is FOX’s goal to be the Hell’s Kitchen network?

  11. Joe "O" says

    FOX needs to re-evaluate the people who make these decisions! Information shows that Almost Human was ranked 5th of 17 scripted shows in the 18-49 demo, while it was 3rd in total viewers. The only way FOX will ever get to compete with the other networks is to fire all these YAHOOS and hope they get hired on by CBS!

  12. Zod says

    My wife and I always watched Almost Human, It is sad that fox has shows with less overall ratings and yet they are still airing. Look at the overall numbers not just the Demographic

  13. Mark says

    Fox doing their usual.
    Let’s face it, this network is truly terrible.
    As for “Apparently several of FOX’s new pilots are strong contenders”, let’s see how many of these fantastic, new, inventive shows attract any audience at all, let alone make it through the first 12 eps.
    Do these “network execs” not realise that after seeing show after show get canned without a satisfactory resolution, some of their audience will be a little gun shy about investing time into a series that’ll get canned on a cliff hanger?
    In TV, unlike the stock market, PREVIOUS PERFORMANCE IS A GUARANTEE, etc., etc.

  14. Dede says

    Frustrated that they cancelled Almost Human. I loved the cast and stories. I detest scripted and/or reality TV. This was a well written show with a little bit of everything – drama, sci fi, humor.

  15. cory says

    I hate Fox I am done watching anything on that network from now on because they always cancel the shows I like and not even really giving them a chance. I mean I don’t even know why they make these kinds of shows because they are always cancelled. And they don’t give them a legitimate chance.

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