Another World

another world soap operaNetwork: NBC
Episodes: 8,891 (30 – 90 minutes)
Seasons: 35

TV show dates: May 4, 1964 — June 25, 1999
Series status: Cancelled/ended

Performers include: Audra Lindley, Irene Dailey, Shepperd Strudwick, Hugh Marlowe, Virginia Dwyer, Michael M. Ryan, Joseph Gallison, Carol Roux, Beverly Penberthy, Susan Trustman, Constance Ford, Robin Strasser, George Reinholt, Jacqueline Courtney, Sam Groom, Victoria Wyndham, Margie Impert, Douglass Watson, Beverlee McKinsey, Anne Meacham, Jacqueline Courtney, Susan Harney, Cathy Greene, Jennifer Leak, Michael M. Ryan, Beverlee McKinsey, Christine Jones, William Gray Espy, David Bailey, Christopher Rich, Nancy Frangione, Vana Tribbey, Linda Borgeson, Jennifer Runyon, Laura Malone, John Considine, Anna Stuart, Kale Browne, David Forsyth, Barbara Berjer, Linda Dano, Anna Kathryn Holbrook, Anne Heche, Laurence Lau, Joanna Going, Sally Spencer, Ed Fry, Richard Burgi, Sandra Ferguson, Matt Crane, Alexandra Wilson, David Bailey, Jacqueline Courtney, Beverly Penberthy, Dorothy Lyman, Nicolas Coster, George Reinholt, Christine Jones, Victoria Wyndham, Jensen Buchanan, Carmen Duncan, Cali Timmins, John Aprea, Alicia Coppola, Alla Korot, Ricky Paull Goldin, Julie Osburn, Stephen Schnetzer, Anne Howard, Chris Robinson, Alice Barrett, Judi Evans Luciano, Tom Eplin, Cali Timmins, Judi Evans Luciano, Joseph Barbara, Christine Tucci, Mark Pinter, Robin Christopher, Charles Keating, Paul Michael Valley, Victoria Wyndham, Alice Barrett, and Lisa Peluso.

another world past TV show

TV show description:
Set in Bay City, this long-running soap opera was the first to air one hour episodes and follows the loves and losses of the Matthews, Cory, Hudson, Frame, and Winthrop families.

Created by Irna Phillips, the series begins with the death of the wealthy William Matthews (Joseph Gallison). His wife Liz (Audra Lindley, later Irene Dailey) despised her late husband’s family, especially working-class brother Jim (Shepperd Strudwick, later Hugh Marlowe) and his wife Mary (Virginia Dywer). The tension and disagreements between the two families provides much of the storyline’s initial conflict.

As the series continues, the lives and loves of Jim’s children — Russ (Sam Groom, later Robert Hover and David Bailey), Alice (Jacqueline Courtney), and Pat (Beverly Penberthy) — become much more prominent. The love triangle between Alice, businessman Steve Frame (George Reinholt) and the scheming Rachel (Robin Strasser, Maggie Impert, Victoria Wyndham) helped the show gain popularity.

Later, Rachel finds love with magazine editor Mackensie “Mac” Cory (Douglas Watson) despite the protests of his daughter Iris Carrington (Beverlee McKinsey), who was the same age as her step-mother. Mac and Rachel’s children, Amanda (Sandra Ferguson) and Matthew (Matt Crane), follow suit and endure their own trials and tribulations in love with artist Sam Folwer (Robert Kelker-Kelley, Danny Markel and Brian Green) and Josie Watts (Alexandra Wilson).

The series also spawned the first soap opera spin-offs (Somerset and Texas). Cast members that went on to film and television careers afterward include Christine Beranski, Kelsey Grammar, Anne Heche, Ray Liotta, Lindsay Lohan, Luke Perry, Brad Pitt, and Kyra Sedgwick.

Series Finale:     
Episode #8,891
Cass and Lila are finally married. Rachel reminisces with Carl and remarks, “All’s well that ends well.” She adds a photo to a group of framed family pictures, and walks around the living room, surveying collections of photos of characters from the past and present. The two embrace, kiss, turn out the lights and climb the stairs, arm in arm. The scene fades to black and and we see a still frame shot of Mac Cory (Douglass Watson) with his glass lifted in toast.
First aired: June 25, 1999

What do you think? Do you like the Another World TV series? Do you wish that it was still on the air?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. verajay59 says

    i watched ANOTHER WORLD, all because of my mother. i loved the characters of ADA,LIZ,BILL,MISSY,RACHEL,ALICE STEVE, LEE RANDOLPH, actors, VAL DUFOUR,and JUDITH BARCROFT., BEVERLY PENBERTHY,. what a great soap.and how can i miss the late great,BEVERLEE MC KINSEY

  2. verajay59 says

    another world i watched because of my mother. i wish it was back on. i loved missy and bill, alice and steve, and rachel,.

  3. Brandy Nettleton-McCallum says

    Kevin, I liked those too! If you go to youtube, you can see season 35 episodes in their entirity! I know it’s not the really old ones you miss so much, but it is a nice trip back to Bay City! =0)

  4. Kevin Costley says

    I loved Another Word back during the days of Steve and Alice, and Rachael as well as listening to Ada’s good advice. Then came those great days with Mac and Rachel. The show has been gone now nearly ten years and I still miss it.

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