As the World Turns: Julianne Moore Returns to Her Emmy-Winning Role

Julianne Moore on As the World TurnsIn what looks like could be the final season of As the World Turns, there’s a treat is in store for fans of the venerable CBS soap opera.

ATWT has announced that actress Julianne Moore will return to play one half of her Daytime Emmy Award-winning role, Frannie Hughes. Moore played half sisters Frannie and Sabrina from 1985-1988 and won the Emmy the year she left.

Moore won’t be in Oakdale for long though. She’ll essentially do a walk-on to congratulate her parents as they celebrate their anniversary. The episode was taped on March 3rd.

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If Executive Producer Christopher Goutman has his way, Moore’s appearance will be just the first of many celebrated returns by big name stars that got their start on the soap. Famous alumni include Parker Posey, Marisa Tomei, and Meg Ryan.

CBS announced the cancellation of As the World Turns late last year. It’s no secret that ATWT has been struggling in the ratings for some time. Of Moore’s appearance, Goutman said, “Throughout our history, As The World Turns has remained dedicated to sharing compelling stories that have entertained fans for more than five decades. Julianne’s appearance says something about the show and how it had an important place in her life.”

It’s reported that the ATWT production team has more fun cappers planned for the final weeks of the soap, including the onscreen reunions of some favorite couples. Production will continue on World through the summer, with the final episode set to air in September 2010 – though TeleNext Media, the production arm of Proctor & Gamble that produces the show, has not given up on their search to find a new home for the soap.

What do you think? If you’re a fan of ATWT, who would you like to see return next? If you’re not a fan, will you tune in on April 5th to see Moore return to the soap after 22 years away?

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  1. Kenya Johnson says


    I just the final episode of ATWT today after months of wandering what happened to my favorite show. I loved it, cried and missed the anticipation of watching my show at 2pm every week day. I am a nurse and i got hooked on the show because i would wake up at 1pm after my night duty shift. I was heartbroken when the show cancelled. However, back to your question. I thought the ending was perfect everything i imagined an ending should be! Please bring ATWT back!!

  2. lynn says

    I can not believe they have turned out the lights on As the World Turns. I have watched since a teen. I have experienced many ups and downs through the years and could always turn on As the World Turns and smile. I already had to do without Guilding Light, I have no idea what I’ll watch now. I have finally retired and have the time to watch what I always was catching up on, now the wonderful shows are gone. What a sad day.

  3. mary says

    I loved As the world turns , I watched for twenty five or more years. I will really miss it. Good luck to all the cast and crew . First Guiding Light , now As the world turns.
    To all the people at channel 3,,,,, YOU STINK,,,, I will never watch channel 3 again,,, time to start watching channel 10,or 13,,, I used to say channel 3 is the only channel I need.
    besides Young and the restless (which I will watch on soap central channel ) you have nothing left. I can watch news on any channel.. take your stupid game shows and shove them ,,,, I will never watch channel 3 again.

  4. Diane Woolsey says

    I would love to see As the World Turns put on evening programming. I am not a fan of game shows and do not watch Let’s Make a Deal. I’ve been watching ATWT since it started and every vacation I watch as much as possible. If it were on in the evening I could watch it every night or as many nights as they showed it. They are my extended family.

  5. Camille says

    I have watched ATWT my entire life, literally. It was my Mother’s favorite show and we have had a delightful time over all these years sharing and discussing our TV family too.

    What a shame that TV excellence and tradition is being sacrificed for dribble game shows, and reality TV. The wrong people are making decisions.

  6. DC says

    ATWT needs to find a new home! C’mon, someone pick up this amazing show. Even if it’s SoapNet! I got started watching the show with my mom back when I was just toddler. There were a few where I wasn’t into it regularly, but it’s part of my daily life and my day doesn’t begin until the show is over each day. This is a show I expected to be watching way into my retirement years & I’m only 30 now…lol What needs to be done is get rid of most reality shows and stupid game shows…ugh We need scripted dramas to immerse ourselves in.

  7. Sharon says

    I have been a fan of GL and ATWT since I was 10, now 57. It bugs me that long time fans have to give up our comfort zone completely. We have lost the best soaps. They should get rid of Bold and Beautiful and Y&R they keep repeating the same story lines. I think ATWT could be revived if they brought back some of the original families. More Snyders, Stewarts, Hughes, Lila Perrity, or other characters from the past. Rebuild the soap don’t let it die!

  8. Craig says

    I’m holding out hope that they can find a new home but I know it’s over. Sounds like their finally listening to fans just to bad it’s at the end. We herd this before about finding GL a new home. Why no one in counting on it.

  9. Laury Post says

    My mom & I watched guiding light & and As the World Turns together since I was in 6th grade. I’m now 43 yrs old. Mom & I had a Guiding Light final episode party . My mom died a few weeks later from cancer. As the world turns gets me through my days. So much talent Maura, John,Kelly, Tom, Colleen, Elizabeth, Michael etc .
    These guys feel like friends. Laury Post –

  10. L Sager says

    ATWT and Guilding Light were my you can count on them second family. My days off of work I would race home to watch or cuddle on the couch with soup when home sick.

    It’s going to be hard after tuning in to Oakdale for 34 years. ATWT has been my longest committment, longer than my husband and kids. It’s going to be sad.

  11. Katherine Ann Gray says

    My grandmother loved As the World Turns! It seems we are moving away from sinking ourselves into a daytime drama and moving into nothing but reality TV, which by the way, I am really sick of! I work fulltime and have not watched soaps much lately but As the World Turns really has a special place in my heart….When I was a child, my mom watched “As the World Turns(30mins at the time!), Guiding Light and The Edge of Night! WOW! I just got so enthralled watching it with her! I would love to see Betsy and Steve come back! They were the ultimate couple! It is so sad to see these womderful soaps go off the air…it is like the end of an era! I cried when the Guiding Light went off!

  12. says

    ATWT has been a sentimental favorite of mine since I was a teenager, way longer ago than I care to remember. I hope it finds a new home, but, if it doesn’t, I’m glad the network is giving it a decent send-off.

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