As the World Turns: Watch the Last Episode; What Did You Think?

As the World TurnsAfter 54 years on the air and 13,858 episodes, As the World Turns has ended.

The last installment aired this afternoon and was filled with closure. Doctor Bob Hughes (Don Hastings) retired from the hospital , Barbara (Colleen Zenk) dissolved her partnership with Paul (Roger Howarth), Casey (Billy Magnussen) left for law school, Chris (Daniel Cosgrove) proposed to Katie (Terri Colombino), Lucinda (Elizabeth Hubbard) and John (Larry Bryggman) got back together, and Janet (Julie Pinson) asked Jack (Michael Park) to be Lorenzo’s godfather.

It seemed like everyone’s storyline was wrapped up in some way, except for Luke (Van Hansis). As fans are well aware, he lost Reid (Eric Sheffer Stevens) last week and yesterday, said goodbye to Noah (Jake Silbermann). The closest he got was to be able to use Reid’s stethoscope to listen to Reid’s heart, now pumping in Chris’ body.

If you missed the farewell episode, here it is…

What do you think? Are you satisfied by the final episode, “The World Stops Turning”? Is there anything you would have done differently?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    the last couple of months as the world turns was at its best, but i was very disappointed that the producers did not bring back any African Americans actors for the farewell, i would have thought at lease Jessica and daughter would have been back, where was ben and the others, thats the reason they were cancel, there were so many black outs.

  2. Triss says

    ATWT was one of the best day time soap operas that I have ever watched and I have watched several as I work eveings and can afford to. I was truthfully unaware that the show was being cancelled. Why was it cancelled? I thought that the show was at it’s strongest that it has ever been. It is really quite sad as I have grown very fond of the characthers and would love nothing more than to continue watching them grow. I will be truly sad to never see Carly, Jack, Luke, Lucinda, Emily, Dusty and all of the other characters again as I feel like they are part of my family. It was an amazing show and I will always be greatful to the actors and CBS for putting it on the air. All the best to all of you in the future. :)

  3. Jackie says

    Thanks so much for posting this. I have Watched ATWT for at least 28 years but I remember seeing my mother watch it before that. Somehow I had missed the last episode and forgot to record it. I went to cbs to watch it and I could not find it. Thanks agian for showing it. I am so sad that it is gone I wish they would consider bringing it back but we all know they won’t :(.

  4. isedia rijfkogel says

    Thank you so much for putting the last episode up. i work during the day and came home early one day to catch up and saw the price is right. i was devastated. I loved as the world turns i have been watching it since i was a little kid. All the the characters played tremndous roles through out the years. Great appreciation to all of the cast. They will be forever missed!!!!!

  5. Donna says

    Thanks for having the last episode on I thought I would never be able to see it. I have watched it since I was a child with my Mom.. Thank you again!!

  6. Sandy Mckinney says

    I turned my TV on to watch ATWT and found “The Price Is Right”. I thought, “ohh, I must have it on the wrong channel.” I was sad to find out
    I was wrong, and that I had missed the last episode. I hate that ATWT is gone
    and was replaced with fat boy! What the heck. The episode was great, and many
    happy endings. I will miss ATWT and will never forget it! I have been watching it
    since I was 12 years of age. I am 38, and will miss everyone that seemed like family. Thanks for posting the last episode.

  7. Ann says

    Thank you so much for posting the last episode of As The World Turns. I missed the last week due to illness in the family. If anyone else knows where I can watch the 5 b4 this one can you please email me I’ve tried and fancast but they have been expired.

  8. Gail Andolina says



    I’m very sad that As The World Turns was canceled. I’ve been watching the show my entire life and I’m 42 years old. I started watching the show with my great grandmother. I feel like I knew all of the characters personally and this will take a little getting used to, not being able to watch this great show. My great grandmother has been dead since 1988 and when I watched your show, it always reminded me of her. I would like to say thank you for all the years you’ve been on the air. You will truly be missed!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. malenda says

    i am devastated. i watched this show beginning at 12 years old. i am 46 now. i have missed sum months and years of it thruout the years.. but, it was like an old friend. a warm comfy blanket i wouldnt throw away. a piece of my own history gone. i watched when kevin proposed to susan when i was 12.. rivited to the t.v.- my mom having let me miss school that day. i remember don and his crazy wife ,joyce. when chris hughes died. when nancy later married the police chief who later had alzheimers. lucinda and john and the bathtub. all of the antics of henry who was supposed to be only a guest appearance for a few days. when margo and tom got married in the park surprising their whole families. oh! the memories. these people became part of the fabric of my own history. i knew the storylines from day one when nancy s first line was “more coffee dear”. my mother filled me in and i bought the 25th anneversary edition of the show. i cannot believe they canceled this show. and this following the cancellation of Guiding Light. that, too, was devastating and so uncalled for. i have worked in many nursing homes… do people realize how many older people.. men and women.. got together each day to watch this show? !! and it was part of their routine and gave them so much joy. Lets Make A Deal does not even have 1 chance in Hell of replacing that void in their lives. shame on CBS. thats pretty much all i have to say. is shame on CBS. i would like to say.. young and the restless and especially bold and the beautiful cannot compare in any way to the 2 wonderful , poignant, enduring and endearing shows CBS chose to cancel. i know my sentiments are felt by many. i am so saddened. what a loss to the fabric of our society. a huge piece of history eliminated like it was mere dust. the Guiding Light and As The W orld Turns began before T.V. became a fixture. they will live on… i sympathize with so many. my sincerest sorrow and regret. malenda

  11. Faithful to ATWT says

    I was a faithful viewer of ATWT for decades. I actually remember watching the show before I was old enough to attend school. I have so many memories of this soap opera that I would often say, Bob Hughes is much like my father, full of wisdom. Always knows the right thing to say in any situation. Many of the other people in this soap were near and dear to me as well. One of them was Nancy Hughes. I was so disappointed by the way her real life death was handled on the show. I know she might have had something to do with the way it was handled, but we as an audience needed closure after she passed away, not 6 weeks later when it was convenient to get the cast back together. She was there on the first day, and I was so sad she didn’t make it to the end of the show. I thought a special tribute to her was only respectful to her life, and for all the years that she spent on the show. I know she didn’t always see eye to eye with the story lines, but ATWT was sensitive to those feelings, as she ultimately stayed on the show. I would have like to have seen more of the previous cast members brought back, much the same way as they brought back John Dixon, but only a few made it back. I know the show was responsible for so many young and inexperienced actors’ making it in the business. I’m sure that they are all greatful for the time they spent on the soap, too. I will miss the show, and I agree that game shows do not cut it. I know that there is another ‘talk’ show that will ultimately replace ATWT, and it starts in a couple of weeks. I truly hope it is better than the ABC show, which has arguing, snarks, opinions, and conversation that is just plain rude. I can’t believe how they all talk at the same time, don’t listen to one another, etc. But, this is not a blog to give that show any credit. Maybe the producers of ATWT could do a special prime time movie to actually ‘finalize’ this institution. Maybe it could be a glimpse into the show a year later from where it ‘ended’. In my opinion, it was not a real ending…and maybe that was done with purpose. There are lots of movies, TV shows, etc., that leave some endings to the viewers choice, or to the viewers imagination, and that is good for TV; however, in the case of this show, it needed to have something more substantial. I agree that Lisa Grimaldi should have been a larger part of the ending, but maybe there was a ‘real life’ reason that she didn’t participate like we would have liked for her to. It would have been great to see her find somebody and marry one last time, fly away to an exotic place, and give all her holdings to other family members. Oh well, I guess I just made up one of my ‘happy endings’. But after all the men who played opposite her as a husband, or love interest, who could have filled those shoes? Oh, something to think about….good-bye my ATWT, we will all miss you!

  12. Elizabeth says

    I never cared to get hooked any soap I thought they were to much drama to top off with my own but watching just one show As the world turns hooked me quick there was great stories to every person the show kept me wanting more avery time not once could I say it was boring to most people who don,t watch soaps such as this one don’t know what there missing I will miss the show cant wait to see if they put the show back on

  13. CHRIS says

    I agree that we have way too many game, talk & reality shows. I think was a terrible idea to take ATWT off the air. I have been watching this since I was a little girl, staying home from school sick. As I got older and had real responsibilities I didn’t get to watch it every day, but I was able to watch enough to stay up with the story line. But if it did have to end, I did not like the way it ended. I think as long as ‘Lisa’ has been on this show, since the beginning I believe, I think that SHE should have gotten more recognition in the end. If anybody deserved to have a ‘happy ending’, it should have been her. Also Lillie & Holden should have had a happier ending. I know that it wasn’t real, but sometimes just seeing other peoples lives in a bigger upheaval than your own, as long as they weren’t real, made your own problems seem not so bad.

    • mia says

      I agree, Lisa should have had a happily ever after as well as Holden and Lily. I’ve watched since I was a little girl. I agree about all that glitz on the other shows. More and more I rely on cable for entertainment. Now, with the end of ATWT, I guess it’s cable for me!!

  14. Dionne Gleaton says

    I was truly happy and delighted to have found that someone had posted the final episode of the soap opera that I had grown to love over past four years. I had regrettably missed the final episode and had begun to worry I’d never see it. The characters were great, and I looked forward to seeing it each week day. The soap opera will indeed be missed.

  15. says

    I watched ATWT since I was in college. I`d have my sack lunch and join others student`s at my college to watch the show on my lunch break. As many faithful viewers, I was flabbergasted that I missed the final episode when it was aired. I had heard the show was being canceled but didn`t know when it was to end. I tuned in the program and found “The Price is Right” in its place. ATWT was a staple of daytime programming for deacades and to be treated so shabbily was a disgrace. The characters were believable and the storylines family- based not just glitz and glitter like other daytime dramas on the air. The acting was superb as recognized by the Daytime Emmys this year. I wish CBS would reconsider and make a place for this show on its schedule rather than another gameshow. Gameshows do not stay with you like a well written show that keeps viewers tuning in to see what happens next. ATWT will surely be missed by the many viewers who see something other than dollar signs, ratings, or market shares in its programming.

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