Body of Proof: Staying Cancelled Says Dana Delany

Body of ProofThere was news last month that ABC was considering resurrecting Body of Proof. The show was cancelled in May but, in light of ABC’s struggles in establishing new dramas this season, network execs were thinking that might have been a mistake.

Unfortunately for fans, it won’t be coming back. Series star Dana Delany tweeted, “Sorry to disappoint some, but #bodyofproof will not be resurrected. May she rest in peace. Time for new adventures!”

What do you think? Are you disappointed? Were you hoping that the show was coming back?

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  1. Sherrie says

    I am so upset about the Body of Proof will not be returning back to ABC which was a very great show so many people got into the series was i liked very much myself because the show made me laugh so much because it was so funny with the cast that was playing their parts.The series was about Drama and comedy put into one show which i am sorry to hear about their choices but should they have asked about what the fans wanted say just not fair to us because that is why i really hate to watch steady shows on t.v. because they want lasted too long.I just guess they do not care much about their fans anymore they needed to bring the series back again because the show is great just please think about the viewers lost in the matter what was the problem in the first place it’s just so upsetting matter to myself what about the other fans!!!!

  2. Andrea Anderson says

    Sorry ,to see that we are no longer becoming (growing ) taste and accountability for RV positive us in a recession. We have no loyalist to anything. We fight go nothing. We conseed on everything shrug our shoulders and say ” oh well” And just move on to the next uncommitted adventure . The people no longer have a voice that they lift to be heard. Everyone is uncommitted, without one answers to anyone. How we feel is just a sounding board to vent but no body is listening nor do they care.

  3. glenda says

    in so sorry …i just love that show & it was a clean sow …i love the people in it ..i watched t every week ..please bring it back … thanks …hope 2 see u soon u guys …glenda

  4. Pam says

    Honestly, it seems any show that actually has substance or provokes intelligent thought is automatically cancelled. They are replaced with idiotic, non-funny comedies or ridiculous reality shows and I refuse to watch ANY of them. Quality shows that hold your attention are a thing of the past. And, the outlandish number of commercials contained in any show is completely aggravating. Thank God for the mute button on the remote. When are the powers that be going to stop catering to the 18-49 group? There are millions of people who are not in this group who have tremendous buying power and we deserve shows that are worth watching! Smarten up! I will miss this show!!!

  5. Sophie says

    I am very disappointed in the cancellation of this show. I enjoyed watching ,and I looked forward to the next episode every week. Why do the net works always take off the good clean shows? Please bring it back.

  6. kim says

    I agree I am so tired of getti g into a show and then they cancel it doesn’t anuoone care about the viewers opinions anymore apparently not so I know my family will not be getti g into any more new shows why who cares about us little people any more.

  7. Sandra says

    Yes I am disappointed that this show was cancelled. Found the characters very interesting. However the writing did get personal. That might have made the cancellation happen. But I would have liked the show to continue with just a few little changes. The acting was also easy to watch. Some of the new shows are just terrible. Can’t watch them. Also getting tired of The Mentalist and even Castle. Bones is on the edge right now but it was good last night.
    Oh well a person can change the channels and turn the TV off.

    • says

      I was disappointed when they killed off the detective that Delaney seemed to love then they didn’t let the series run long enough with his replacement.

      I still watch and like Bones, The Mentalist, and Castle and hope when they end they’re allowed to wind everything up and leave us thinking all will be well with these characters we’ve liked for so long.

  8. Bob R says

    Yes, it was a mistake to cancel. Put it back, but don’t let it get bogged down in too many relationships where everyone is sleeping with everyone else. That’s one of the things that kills a good show: they forget what they started with, then get bad stories or no stories and settle for office relationships and we get tired of that pretty quick. Save that for the day-time soaps.

  9. skizzatt says

    Yes, I am disappointed. I watched VERY FEW new shows this year because of cancellations. I invest my time in watching and then the network cancels the show! I am sick of it! My revenge……..I just don’t bother to watch the new shows.

    • says

      I totally agree with you. The only new show I tuned into this season was Sleepy Hollow. I have decided not to give the new ones a chance since the powers that be aren’t giving them one either. As the older shows are loosing steam Bones, Castle and maybe now the Mentalist since the Red John story line is ending that might crash and burn too, I am pulling away from TV altogether. We have a nice film collect and there is always the library. I am a child of the 50’s, and isn’t it interesting that back then we had 7 channels and there was always something on that I wanted to watch. Now we have hundreds of stations and many times I can’t find a thing. I’m glad I have hobbies and other interest.

      • Frank says

        I agree, plus the amount of commercials are ridiculous. And they show the same ones over and over. Plain Stupid. I wouldn’t buy any of the products that I get SICK of watching their stupid commercials.

        • Bob R says

          The show was a good one, but started to get sloppy with that relationships, which -as you well know – kill shows when they go on for too long a time.
          Get someone else to play the Delaney role unless she has ownership in it. If that is so, then never mind

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