Breaking Pointe: CW Pulls the Season Finale

Breaking Pointe: canceled or renewed for season three?The CW has decided to replace the season finale of Breaking Pointe. A pair of Whose Line Is It Anyway? reruns will air instead on September 23rd. It’s unclear when or if the Breaking Pointe finale will air.

The network renewed the Ballet West docu-series last year despite poor ratings and this summer’s ratings have been even worse. Season one averaged 780,000 weekly viewers while season two has been averaging 490,000.

Meanwhile, Whose Line Is It Anyway? has been the network’s best performer of this summer. Even reruns have been performing better than other shows’ originals. Last night’s reruns attracted about 1.8 million.

What do you think? Have you been watching Breaking Pointe on The CW? Are you hoping that they air the finale? Would you like a third season renewal?

UPDATE: Ballet West has indicated that the last episode of the season is a recap so it doesn’t sound like viewers will be missing any original content. The ballet company still plans to host their “season finale party” on the 23rd in Salt Lake City.

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  1. Jo says

    I’d love to see another season of Breaking Pointe. I watched them all, unfortunately online, since I don’t have CW. I’m sure I’m not the only one watching it online (which won’t count in the ratings)
    I’m sure if CW would make the entire episodes available on their website, people would watch it there and they would see that the show is actually doing great. (just a thought)
    **hint hint CW**

  2. Grace Tez says

    I don’t understand what this article said about not showing the season finale of Breaking Pointe. What I watched last night looked like the season finale with the dancers going to California to raise money (hopefully) for the company. I have faithfully watched this series because it is so different from the other reality shows which are nothing more than garbage (some of them). Please, please renew the series for 2014. It is a breath of fresh air on TV! Thank you so much from a grateful fan.

  3. S. Jones says

    Like others who have commented, I am NOT a fan of reality TV, where fake romances and fake fights abound and where unworthy and uninspiring people are followed around. This show is SO not like that! These are real, passionate artists/athletes and we get a look at their REAL dedication, hard work, triumphs, failures, and relationships. They are beautiful AND interesting and SO talented. The show has received good reviews from national publications. I sincerely hope it is renewed and promoted. I think there are more of us discriminating viewers out there than this channel realizes. Most of my friends have never even heard about it, and I found it accidentally. P.S. My macho husband loves it, too.

  4. Dina Young says

    I am not a fan of reality television shows, it is always the same drama and same stories of the rich or famous people and all the problems or the glamorous lives they live.

    Breaking Pointe is real, raw, and very entertaining. I can personally relate to the show because I was a ballet dancer and dealt with the constant pressure that is being portrayed. I normally don’t watch television because of my hectic schedule but I always set my DVR to tape this show. I believe this show can do very well and have higher viewers, if there is more exposure. Watching this show has inspired me to start getting back in shape. Even though will not be dancing in a company, reminds me of the glory days. Its an inspiration, plain and simple.

  5. PibbityBibbity says

    I am not a fan of ballet at all; personally I just don’t see the attraction.

    BUT, that being said, I really like this show and I so hope it is renewed! I have grown very fond of these people and I have enjoyed experiencing this small part of their lives. I am even thinking about taking a trip to see them perform!

    The woman are beautiful and talented, the men are handsome and talented, and they seem like just such nice, REAL people. I realize as dancers they have their own little neuroses, but every profession does.

    I am not a fan if reality TV at all, but Breaking Pointe is captivating. I hope it is renewed!

  6. Dottie J says

    I am a big fan of ballet and really enjoyed watching the inner workings of a company. Tried not to miss an episode and would love to see Season 3 be produced. I am one of the half million who watched each week.

  7. Ree says

    the first, only and last “reality” show I will ever watch

    not a fan of the genre, in general, but oh, did this one ever suck me in

  8. Loren says

    Actually, the recap on the 23rd is cancelled NOT the finale on the 16th. I hope they renew for a 3rd season. The dancers are gracefull personable people and are extremely loyal to their fans.

      • says

        Thanks for your comments. A season finale, no matter what the content, is the last episode of the season. At this point, The CW isn’t airing the season finale. I’ve added a notation that it’s a recap episode.

  9. Taryn Decicco says

    Absolutely! As a dancer I love how this show displays the true hard work put into this art while the artists also have to deal with personal issues. The second season got even better so I can only imagine how awesome the third season will be :)

  10. Claudia says

    do I get that right, instead of showing the finale they are showing reruns of Breaking Pointe? that doesn’t makes any sense to me, why not just showing the Finale? I mean seriously?
    I think this is not fair for the fans that support the show. would it really hurt CW for showing this last final Episode? really disappointing for a Company like that. and yes I would love a watch Season 3.
    and this show has fans around the world, just saying

  11. Ashley says

    Super disappointed! It’s the only worthwhile show they have in my opinion and I won’t be watching any of their others!

  12. Joyce Earle says

    Breaking Pointe was the best show on TV this summer, and the only thing I have ever watched on the CW. To replace the finale we have all been waiting for with a couple of re-runs is a slap in the face to loyal viewers, even if our numbers are few. I would love to see a third season, perhaps on a more appropriate cable network.

  13. Susannah says

    They could at least make it available online or something. I’ve been watching the show faithfully for the past two seasons and to just yank it off the air before the season finale is really disrespectful to the loyal viewers out there!

  14. says

    DITTO……………..Please reconsider!

    I’ve been a faithful viewer of Breaking Pointe for the past two seasons. It’s a wonderful show. I’m extremely disappointed in the CW for not airing the finale and I certainly hope they make the finale available at some point.

  15. Tom Whaley says

    I’ve been a faithful viewer of Breaking Pointe for the past two seasons. It’s a wonderful show. I’m extremely disappointed in the CW for not airing the finale and I certainly hope they make the finale available at some point.

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