Breakout Kings

breakout kings TV seriesNetwork: A&E
Episodes: 23 (hour)
Seasons: Two

TV show dates: March 6, 2011 — April 29, 2012
Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: Domenick Lombardozzi, Brooke Nevin, Malcolm Goodwin, Serinda Swan, Jimmi Simpson, and Laz Alonso.

TV show description:      
In this crime TV series, veteran US Marshals Charlie DuChamp (Laz Alonso) and Ray Zancanelli (Domenick Lombardozzi) decide to reject protocol and take an unorthodox approach to their work: using former criminals to catch current ones.

They form a special task force composed of the three most elusive convicts that Ray ever captured. Lloyd Lowery (Jimmi Simpson) is a former child prodigy and behaviorist/psychiatric expert who excels in psychoanalysis. Shea Daniels (Malcolm Goodwin) is an ex-gang banger who knows how to work the system, both in prison and on the street. And, Erica Reed (Serinda Swan), is a sexy expert tracker who learned her trade from her bounty hunter father.

Charlie and Ray also employ the services of Julianne Simms (Brooke Nevin), a civilian. She acts as a “funnel” for the group and all information, tips, and data go through her.

Series Finale:     
Episode #23 — Served Cold
Ray, frantic, is on the phone with the Marshals office, telling them to get the NYPD Kidnap Squad and Marshals on the case. Shea, Lloyd, Erica, and Julianne can only watch. Max is still bound to the chair. Ray slams the phone down. He’s a caged lion with nowhere to strike. He looks up, but no one says anything. They’ve seen Ray pissed as hell before, but they’ve never seen him crack.

He grabs a coffee mug and throws it at the wall. Lloyd finally comes to Ray’s aid, telling him that he needs to calm down and explains that his brain is going haywire right now. Ray grabs Lloyd and slams him up again the wall, hard. He tells Lloyd that this was his fault. His plan to lure Damien in pushed him to kidnap his daughter, Teresa. Lloyd doesn’t cower. Instead, his hands shoot up and grab Ray by the shirt. He gets right in his face and tells him that how he reacts over the next few hours will determine whether Teresa will live or not.

Ray stares at Lloyd, their faces inches apart. Erica exhales, the tension palpable, her thumb nervously strumming Teresa’s laminated school ID. Her thumb hits a small separation in the lamination. She notices a miniscule piece of paper sticking out of the opening. She pulls it out, and finds a paper with a long equation scribbled onto it. She hands it to Lloyd who looks at it, perplexed. As Lloyd sits and begins working away, the phone rings. Ray spins but Jules has already answered it. She tells the team that transpo is on the way for Max, but Ray says absolutely not – if they take Max, they take the cons, and he needs them on this case. Shea pushes Max, still in the chair, into the locker room, slamming him into a locker. Max pleads with them to loosen his cuffs. Shea punches him in the face and Max hits the ground, out cold.

The elevator door opens and the transpo officer steps out, looking for Max. Ray tells him that they received a wrong call because they don’t have Max yet. The officer tells Ray that can’t be possible, but Ray yells at him, telling him that they’ll call when they get him. The officer leaves while Shea and Erica peek from the bathroom. Erica confesses to Shea that the police got Pete and that he may talk. Shea, knowing this isn’t good news for any of them, asks her if she wants one of his guys to take care of it, but she assures him that she can handle it.

Lloyd tells the team that he thinks he’s figured out the number sequence after mapping out the points in the Euclidean plane. He hands Ray the numbers and Ray dials them on Julianne’s phone. The phone rings and a terrified Teresa picks up. Before Ray can ask her where she is, Damien takes the phone and tells Ray that Teresa is fine… for now. But after four hours she’ll suffocate. Damien tells them that their next clue is at the home of Julianne’s first boyfriend. He hangs up the phone and Julianne tells the team that Damien is bouncing the signal off random towers, so it’s untraceable. Ray asks for the name of her first boyfriend. Julianne says it was Billy McBride and, last she heard, he was living in Park Slope, Brooklyn. The team heads to the door, but realizes they can’t leave Max alone with Julianne. Lloyd snags some of her pills.

Max now sits in the back seat of the SUV between Lloyd and Shea. He struggles as Shea pries Max’s mouth open and Lloyd shoves Julianne’s Xanax pills inside. Shea volunteers to stay with Max while the others head inside Billy’s house. As Erica gets out of the car, Shea leans across Max and tells her to keep Ray cool because they’re dealing with some serious stuff. Erica tells him that she has a daughter of her own and is well aware. Once he’s alone, Shea takes out the phone he lifted from Erica’s pocket and looks for Pete’s number.

Inside his apartment, Billy tells the team that a Deputy Marshal named DuChamp stopped by earlier in the week. The team knows it could only be Damien posing as Charlie. Damien told Billy that he was doing a background check on Julianne since she was up for promotion and asked personal questions about their relationship. He explains that a lot of the questions were related to their sex life. Lloyd stops Billy, realizing that Damien is doing this to embarrass Lloyd. Billy continues, telling the team that Damien was only there for 15 minutes and used the bathroom before he left. The team rushes to the bathroom to search for clues. They dig through drawers and cabinets until Erica finds the second clue inside the toilet lid. She hands Ray the clue – an empty bottle of Charlie’s heart medication. Inside is another scribbled note that reads: “Til Death Do Us Part.” The team realizes that Damien has been inside Charlie’s house and race out the door.
Lloyd and Ray meet with Charlie’s wife, Marisol, who’s extremely disturbed. She tells them that she has no idea how he got in and out of the house and that nothing is missing. Shea and Erica emerge from the bedroom and tell the team that nothing seemed out of line. Erica suggests that, going by the note, perhaps he left something in their wedding album. Lloyd’s eye lands on something, and he asks if Marisol and Erica can look at the album in the kitchen because he has to talk to Ray about Teresa. Erica goes along with Lloyd and steps out. Lloyd steps to the mantle and picks up Charlie’s urn, telling the team that Damien didn’t leave anything in Charlie’s wedding album… he left it in Charlie.

Ray takes the urn and puts it on the living room table, Lloyd and Shea by his side. Ray removes the lid and, after a beat, sticks his hand inside and pulls out a green slip of paper. Before they can see what’s on it, Erica screams for them from outside. They rush outside to see Max, still cuffed, running woozily down the street. Erica tackles him and Ray picks him up by his shirt, fuming, telling him that he’s NOT playing games today and punches Max in the face.

Back in the bullpen, the team looks at the note Damien left them. It has nothing but the numbers ’20. 13. 7 1 14 1 23 1 25.’ on it. Lloyd is totally baffled. Erica suggests that it could be longitude and latitude coordinates. Lloyd agrees and tries it out as Ray gets more and more impatient with Damien’s game.

Meanwhile, Shea has inconspicuously slipped out of the bullpen and is hurrying down the fire escape. He makes his way over to Pete, who’s waiting behind a dumpster. Shea pretends that he’s there to tell him that Erica is on her way, but as soon as he’s close enough, he sucker punches Pete in the gut. Shea proceeds to beat the hell out of him, then makes it clear that if Erica’s name comes up in the investigation, he’ll have Pete taken out. Pete, knowing Shea isn’t messing around, nods. Shea walks off – message sent.

Erica heads toward the bathroom as Shea enters the bullpen. She asks where he was and he returns her phone, telling her he was taking care of business. Lloyd, back at the computer, is still unable to crack Damien’s clue. The longitude and latitude that correspond to the numbers keep spitting out a landmass in Saudi Arabia. Ray tells Lloyd to cross his t’s and dot his i’s until he figures out the clue. That’s when it hits Lloyd – what if the numbers represent letters? He scribbles down the letters as his face begins to fall. Lloyd stands, steps away from the paper like it’s kryptonite. Erica picks up the paper, and reads “T.M. Ganaway.” Lloyd tells the team that those initials belong to the parents of the girl he wrote the prescription for… the girl he killed.

Shea and Erica lean against the SUV and watch Ray and Lloyd approach the Ganaways’ front door. Lloyd is a wreck. He stops, trying to contain his emotions, telling Ray he doesn’t think he’s able to do this. Ray tells Lloyd he has to and knocks on the door. Mr. Ganaway opens up, and immediately sees Lloyd. He’s caught off guard and not happy to see the man he holds responsible for his daughter’s death. Mrs. Ganaway comes out from another room and stops in shock. Lloyd stands frozen, head down, unable to face them.

Mr. Ganaway tells Ray that “Deputy DuChamp” assured them that Lloyd would not be released. He even told them to write a letter to the parole board and gave them an address. Ray explains that the deputy was actually a dangerous fugitive who has kidnapped his daughter. The Ganaways can obviously sympathize with Ray, but continue to give Lloyd the death stare. They finally get the envelope with the address Damien provided and hand it to Ray. Lloyd looks up at the Ganaways and musters the courage to apologize, but they slam the door in his face.

The team heads to Damien’s address and finds themselves in a junkyard. They spread out and call for Teresa. Lloyd stands off to the side with Max. Lloyd, still in a daze from the Ganaway encounter, looks under some old crates. When he bends over, the Ganaway letter falls out of his pocket. He picks it up, looks at it, but can’t bring himself to read it. He tears it up. Erica calls for the team and Ray races over to where she’s found a small box, tied to a rope, hanging from a flagpole, bouncing in the wind. Erica pulls it down and unties it to find a handkerchief. Just then, Lloyd’s cell phone rings – it’s Damien. He tells the team that the handkerchief is for Lloyd to wipe the prints off Ray’s gun after he kills Max. Damien tells Lloyd that if he’s ever going to really know him, he has to walk in his shoes, and that means intentionally taking a life. He hangs up the phone and Ray looks at Lloyd. They meet eyes and turn to look at Max.

Ray bursts off the elevator, dragging Max along. Lloyd, imbalanced, follows. Ray tosses Max in to a chair and marches to Julianne, asking how they still haven’t been able to trace the calls. Julianne tells him that ESU is close to figuring out his signal. Julianne looks like she’s on the verge of crying as she goes back to typing. Ray paces for a second, then stops and glares at Max, sizing him up. Max begins to plead for his life, asking them not to do it. Ray tells the team to start going through Damien’s file to figure out any other possible clues.

In the hallway of an apartment building, Damien, wearing coveralls and holding a tool box, knocks on a door as he hums pleasantly. The door opens and Gertie, in her 80s and still sharp as a tack, peeks through the crack. Damien tells her that there’s a leak in the apartment above her and that he needs to replace her fetzer valve before her apartment becomes flooded. Gertie is suspicious at first, but eventually lets Damien inside.

Julianne tells the team they got a hit on Damien’s number. Julianne hits speakerphone and dials.

Damien walks over to a pile of laundry on the kitchen table, holding a bloody 8-inch chef’s knife. He pulls a pair of Gertie’s underwear from the pile and slowly wipes the blood off. He answers the phone and congratulates the team on finding his number. Stern, he tells Lloyd that there is no compromise. He must kill Max. He tells Lloyd to take Max to Bell Boulevard and to kill him underneath the overpass or else Teresa dies. He hangs up the phone and Julianne tells the team she got a trace. She reads the location back to them, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, realizing as she says it aloud that Damien duped them again. Ray, beyond angry, picks up a chair and hurls it through the window that separates the bullpen from the interrogation room hallway. Lloyd sees this and becomes energized, as if a baton was passed. He grabs Ray and tells him that he will do it – that he has to kill Max in order for Teresa to live.

Moments later, with a newfound sense of purpose and clarity, Ray storms in and pulls Max to his feet. Max starts to scream, realizing his fate. Ray pulls Max towards the elevator when the doors open and the detectives from earlier step out. Max pleads for his life as Lloyd and Ray head down. The detectives ask Julianne to sign a witness statement and tell her that Pete confessed to breaking into the office after hours and retrieving the info. Julianne signs. Erica looks over at Shea, knowing he had something to do with this. Shea just stares back at her.

Lloyd and Ray arrive at the overpass. Ray drags Max out of the car, hands Lloyd his gun, and walks back to the SUV. Lloyd has a vacant look in his eyes. He’s barely there. As if someone is pulling his strings to make him do this. He walks over and points the gun at Max, who begins to cry, begging for Lloyd not to shoot. Lloyd’s cell rings and Damien, watching Lloyd through binoculars from Gertie’s window, tells Lloyd to hurry up since Teresa doesn’t have much time.

Ray watches Lloyd from the SUV. As he surveys their surroundings, his attention shifts to the nearby buildings. He looks at Lloyd, still talking with Damien, and has a sudden realization. He calls Julianne and tells her to access the fire alarms of all five apartment buildings overlooking the overpass. He explains that once the alarm sounds in Damien’s building, they’ll be able to hear it on the line.

Lloyd moves his finger towards the trigger. All the pressure finally becomes too much. Reaching his breaking point, Lloyd lets out a primal scream of frustration. Ray tells Julianne to hurry up as he watches Lloyd come unglued. Damien, beginning to get frustrated with Lloyd’s lack of action, starts to tell him that it’s too late, but he’s cut short by the roaring fire alarm set off by Julianne. Damien panics as Ray grabs Lloyd and Max and throws them in the SUV.

Erica and Shea pull up to the front entrance as Damien exits the doorway, spots them and tears ass back inside. Erica pursues Damien down the main hallway. Turning a corner, he ducks into an emergency exit door. Erica follows, mere seconds behind him.

Ray’s SUV screeches to a stop in front of the apartment building and he and Lloyd race inside.

Damien runs out onto the seventh floor. He beelines towards a female resident who is just starting to open her apartment door. Damien knocks her out of the way, gets inside, and deadbolts the door behind him. Erica, a second too late, is locked out. Erica calls Ray, letting him know where Damien is.

Shea, outside the building, turns the corner as Damien exits through the apartment window and onto the fire escape. Shea sees him and races up the fire escape, trapping him on the roof. Damien reaches the top and ducks around a corner – only to be grabbed by Ray, who tosses him up against the wall.

Damien raises his arms, a smile on his face. Ray puts his gun to Damien’s face as Lloyd enters from the stairwell. The realization hits Lloyd – they have the upper hand on Damien. Ray yells at Damien, asking him where his daughter is, but Damien isn’t talking. Ray drags him to the edge of the roof, dangling the killer out over the 100-foot drop. Damien looks down and the smile disappears from his face. Ray continues to loosen his grip until Damien cracks, telling them that Teresa is on the roof of their building. Ray yanks Damien back towards him and calls Julianne.

Jules races across the rooftop, gun in hand. Quickly scanning the roof, she sees a footlocker thirty feet away. Julianne shoots the lock off and opens it to find Teresa, hog-tied, blindfolded, and gagged – but alive. She calls the team, letting them know that Teresa is fine. Ray pats down Damien, taking away Charlie’s badge. Damien – knowing he has an audience – addresses the team, asking for a nail file because he “got some of Charlie stuck under my nails… and it’s bothersome.”

This hits each and every one of the Breakout Kings hard. It is the ultimate insult. For Ray, it’s the final insult. The red burns up his neck – Erica instantly knows what’s about to happen, but before she can stop him, Ray pounces on a suddenly wide-eyed Damien and throws him over the edge of the building. Damien flies off the roof and lands on the hood of a car… dead.

Erica, Lloyd, and Shea stand in shock. Ray, still standing at the ledge, turns around and stares at them. Not one of them – individually or as a group – would challenge him right now. He walks past them. He’s got somewhere to be, and no one is going to stop him. He is going to see his daughter.

A forensic photographer takes photos of Damien’s dead body while cops question the bystanders. Erica, Shea, and Lloyd stand together, without Ray, each still processing what happened. They take notice of an Official US Marshal sedan as it pulls up. Chief Inspector Richard Wendell exits the car and looks around. He then looks over at the three cons, and stares at them suspiciously.

Ray screeches up in the SUV. Julianne is with Teresa, holding her, at the bumper of an ambulance. They spot Ray running up. Teresa sheds the blanket from her shoulders and runs to her dad.

The bullpen is now crawling with marshals and investigators. A transpo officer leads Max out of the bullpen as he tries to tell the officer about what happened, but nobody believes him. Julianne informs the team that Wendell wants to speak with them in the interrogation room.

Ray walks up to the DuChamp residence. Marisol opens it before he even knocks. He hands her Charlie’s badge. She takes it. Stares at it. Runs her thumb over it. Then she looks up at Ray and thanks him. Ray tells her that Charlie was his friend. They share a slight smile and Ray heads back to the SUV.

Inside the interrogation room, Wendell tells the cons that, according to the medical examiner, it looked as if somebody pushed Damien off of the roof. He explains that while they can’t prove it, if the cons serve as witnesses and give a detailed and truthful account of the days events, their prison sentences would be considered served in full. They’ll be as free as birds – as long as he gets Ray. The cons look at each other in complete disbelief.
First aired: April 29, 2012


What do you think? Did you like the Breakout Kings TV series? Are you sorry that it was cancelled?

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  1. Crystal says

    I really wish they would have kept Breakout Kings and Alcatraz going. When they finally come up with good story lines and get great actors that sell it as close to perfect as they can they find a reason to get rid of it. They should at least bring both shows back for one more season a piece and then decide if they should keep them coming or go ahead and cancel out the contract. Watching season 1 of Breakout Kings always leads to watching season 2 and wishing there was a season 3 and so on until they are all released. BRING THEM BACK!!!!

    • Deanna says

      I agreee, and after they are released they can continue to catch the ones who break out, that way the series had at least another good 10 to 12 seasons ahead of it. Such a shame that they chose to boot it when garbage like Kardashians stay on for years…such a shame!!!!! Bring back Break Out Kings please!!!!!!!

  2. mary simmons says

    i loved this show and really looked forward to sundays because of that. there are so many shows that should be cancelled or never showen to begin with that i hate whoever cancels the good shows.

  3. Phyllis says

    I figured once Laz left the show something was up, another good interesting series bites the dust!! Bring it back it was a good show always looked forward to Sunday evening kick back relaxing and looking at Breakout Kings…

  4. barbara morton says

    I love the show and the concept. wish you learned more about them personal so as an audience you could connect more. Thast what I was waiting for but I would love to see it come back .

    • Ineta says

      I agree with u … Watched Secret Circle and it was canceled, now Breakout Kings are canceled to. Do enyone have brains in their team ? WTF are u doing with Best shows ever ??? I am pissed.

  5. Janet Pearson says

    I really liked that show a lot. I think you should bring it back but they should now be on parole and be working for the task force.

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