Castle: Renewed for a Fifth Season

Castle gets season 4 on ABCBeckett and Castle will be back on the case next season. Their TV show has been renewed for a fifth year by ABC.

Though the demo ratings for Castle have been on the decline this season, ABC has given the go-ahead for another round of episodes. Airing on Monday nights, Castle’s fourth season averaged a 2.3 rating in the coveted 18-49 demographic with 10.71 million viewers.

Year-to-year, the demo is down by 15%. Interestingly, the total viewership is almost exactly the same. That would seem to indicate that the show has picked up older viewers (Dancing with the Stars has also been declining but skews older) but lost some younger ones — potentially to NBC’s Smash.

On our ABC Ratings Report Card, which measures the relative demo performance of shows on the network, Castle has a “C+” grade. It’s #12 on the demo list of scripted shows but ranks #2 in terms of total viewers.

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Though the ratings were enough to put the show “on the bubble,” it realistically wasn’t in any danger of being cancelled. ABC hasn’t had much luck finding successful new hour dramas this season.

More importantly, Castle presently has 81 episodes and that’s not really enough for a full syndication package. Last June, TNT picked up the cable rights to for Castle so ABC Studios has additional financial incentive to keep the show around.

ABC announces their 2012-13 schedule next week so we’ll know by then if Castle will stay on Monday nights or pop up on another evening instead. Either way, you can expect it to return next fall.

What do you think? Are you glad that Castle has been renewed? Are you still enjoying the show or do you think the quality has started to drop?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Bill Hazelbauer says

    The show is tops! Great writing, great casting and characters! It should show every week! Beckett is beautiful and mysterious, Castle is thoughtful and artistic on a masculine level! His family – witty mother and charming and beautiful daughter give the show a sense of realness and warmth! My wife and I look forward to it and would like it to be weekly! Keep the show going!!!

  2. Bill Hazelbauer says

    Thoroughly enjoy the show! The writing is especially good and the characters are great, realistic and make sense! I don’t like the idea that it shows every other week at times! It is something one can look forward to and the casting has a lot to do with it! the show has both a mystery and a realness about it! It is also a show that my wife likes as much as I do — We definitely look forward to it!!

  3. Elton says

    Is kb going to died if kb is no long on the show I will quit watching it because that would wrong to kill her off now

  4. says

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE CASTLE… THE Season Finale was Perfect. Great writers, script and director, that is what they have.
    Monday evening rocks with CASTLE.

  5. stephanie says

    omg love this show. Would be very upset if they stop airing, it’s funny, it keeps u guessing, its charming and it keep u wanting to see more.

  6. milaner says

    Oh yes let’s see more of the Batchelorette or Who Do you Think You are? or I know, I know another mindless singing competition where the winner fades off into the sunset never to b e heard from again.

    Let’s have more scripted programming – there are some intelligent people out there – even if they aren’t in the ideal demographic group!!

  7. mike says

    The show used to rmind me of the series Moonlighting, but the the season finale was horrible. I used to like it but that last episode was a bomb.

  8. Fran says

    Castle startes my wek off on a very positive note. I love, love,love the show. Thanks for renewing it.

  9. Old person says

    You mean to tell me they would cancel a show because a fan like me is over 50? When is broadcast TV going to realize the country is getting older and seeing characters our own age or slightly younger is entertaining to us. How come my vote doesn’t count? You better sick with the numbers watching instead of some silly demographic.

  10. June Cleaver says

    Castle is really a great show. I think that it just keeps getting better. Nathan and Stana have a fantastic chemistry. The finale of the fourth season was beyond my expectations.
    The writing, acting and editing was amazing. So glad there was Finally movement forward on Castle and Beckett’s relationship. I hope there romance continues. Along with all the potential twists and turns on the case that never seems to end. (Kate’s mom’s murderer et al.) Stana’s character has developed and was finally able to access her emotions fully. I do think her tough, independent persona that slowly melted each season, was very believable.
    She’s a female lead cop, with serious emotional baggage, (mom’s death). I think her character development was very well written and acted. The whole cast gets more cohesive each season, great chemistry all around. Keep up the great work everyone!!

  11. Anonymous says

    Love, love, love this show. I can’t believe there was talk of cancelling this awesome series. Intelligent writing, charming cast and so funny!

  12. McHone says

    I’m impressed that the ABC writers have allowed the relationship to move on rather than be stuck in one dynamic- unresolved sexual tension- which gets very contrived after a while and caused my college daughter and me to quit a similar series. We look forward to season five to see the relationships develop and to see the “mother” story resolved.

  13. Denise M says

    Are you kidding? I love this show, I am so addicted to the pation and determination that Castle and Beckett have, about their work and each other. I am so glad that sheFINALLY told him how she feels! PLEASE bring them back!!!! My monday night just won’t be the same without them.

  14. DDT says

    My wife and I love this show because it is funny yet serious at times, entertaining with thoughtful plots and we really like the occasional reference to the “great writers”. Keep it up! We always watch it together!

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