Cancelled & Renewed CBS TV Shows for 2011-12

The MentalistCBS has the most total viewers but that doesn’t mean that your favorite shows are necessarily safe. After all, with so many successful shows, they can be picky. Is your favorite CBS TV series returning or has it already been cancelled? What TV shows have already been renewed for another season?

Here’s a list of all of the regular CBS series that have aired (or are expected to air) during the 2011-12 season (what we’re calling roughly September 2011 to August 2012).

Using this “cheat sheet” you can tell where your favorite CBS TV series stands; how many episodes are in the current season, when it’ll be back on the air and, of course, if it’s already been renewed or cancelled.

If you can’t find a particular CBS program on this list, it may have been cancelled last season (2010-11) or perhaps the one before (2009-10). For a list of cancelled shows from all networks, you can go here. It may also be possible that we missed something so feel free to let us know in the comments below.

NOTE: This page is no longer being updated. You can find newer versions here.

Here are listings for the other networks: ABC | The CW | FOX | NBC

TV showsCurrent/latest seasonStatus
2 Broke Girls1 (22 eps, aired)renewed for season 2
31 (unknown eps)pulled, likely cancelled
48 Hours25 (unknown eps)renewed for season 26
60 Minutes44 (unknown eps)renewed for season 45
The Amazing Race20 (12 eps, aired)renewed for season 21
The Big Bang Theory5 (24 eps, aired)renewed through season 7
Big Brother14 (unknown eps)not cancelled or renewed yet
Blue Bloods2 (22 eps, aired)renewed for season 3
Criminal Minds7 (24 eps, aired)renewed for season 8
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation12 (22 eps, aired)renewed for season 13
CSI: Miami10 (19 eps, aired)cancelled
CSI: NY8 (18 eps, aired)renewed for season 9
Dogs in the City1 (6 eps, aired)not cancelled or renewed yet
Flashpoint4 (13 eps, aired)renewed in Canada, moved to ION
A Gifted Man1 (16 eps, aired)cancelled
The Good Wife3 (22 eps, aired)renewed for season 4
Hawaii Five-02 (23 eps, aired)renewed for season 3
How I Met Your Mother7 (24 eps, aired)renewed through season 8
How to Be a Gentleman1 (9 eps, aired)cancelled
The Mentalist4 (24 eps, aired)renewed for season 5
Mike & Molly2 (23 eps, aired)renewed for season 3
NCIS9 (24 eps, aired)renewed for season 10
NCIS: Los Angeles3 (24 eps, aired)renewed for season 4
NYC 221 (13 eps, aired)cancelled
Person of Interest1 (22 eps, aired)renewed for season 2
¡ROB!1 (8 eps, aired)cancelled
Rules of Engagement6 (15 eps, aired)renewed for season 7
Same Name1 (6 eps, only 4 aired)cancelled
Survivor25 (14 eps, aired)renewed through season 26
Two and a Half Men9 (24 eps, aired)renewed for season 10
Undercover Boss3 (13 eps, aired)renewed for season 4
Unforgettable1 (22 eps, aired)cancelled but then "un-cancelled"

What do you think? Which CBS TV shows won’t be renewed? Are there any that you wish would be cancelled?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. ATP says

    Unforgetable was one of the few CBS shows I’ve watched, along with NCIS and Criminal MInds. I had hopes for the show with the hottest redhead on tv, just needed a bit better writing, the cast was fine.

    NCIS and Criminal Minds are starting to grow tired, harder to find good plots and dialogue. The Mentalist will probably be that way in a year or two.

    Glad to see Miami go, the show would not have been bad but it was nauseating to watch that blond squirt strut alround like he was the toughest guy in Florida. like a honky Scarface. I had stopped watching it and now I won’t have to run into his commercials.

  2. buddy says

    CBS is getting as bad as NBC about not listening to their viewers. Unforgettable is one of my favorites. At least they could have tried another day, Wednesday would be a good choice. Networks are pushing more and more viewers to the cable/satellite options.

  3. ChrisW says

    Can’t believe 2 1/2 men got to stay while Unforgettable is cancelled. Big brother again? yuck….come on you can do so much better than this!!!!! Makes watching tv not so pleasant any more!

  4. Penny says

    Please save CSI Miami and move it to another time slot and please save Unforgettable they are both super great shows.

  5. Maria says

    I can’t believe CBS has canceled CSI Miami and Unforgettable! Those are good shows. I have watched CSI Miami since the original air date. The network kept changing the time slot. Please bring back CSI Miami!! CBS has several other shows that are not very good and should be canceled!!!!!!!!!!

    • says

      I know it sucks doesn’t it! How about The Gifted Man it was just getting good and who gives a rat ass if the viewers were young you had viewers. Yea that’s right they canceled it because not enough young people were watching it. Unreal!

  6. debbi says

    please bring back csi miami and unforgettable;when you moved csi off monday nights you made a big mistake , i’am tried of all the reality tv shows.

  7. says

    Can’t believe you are canceling CSI: Miami! I agree that it was a mistake to move it to Sunday nights…but it did give me something to watch on Sundays since there aren’t many shows I like on Sunday nights. So glad NCIS, Hawaii Five O, Criminal Minds and CSI made it. I miss Flashpoint. Could do without Survivor, 2 Broke Girls, 2 and a Half Men. Don’t watch them and probably won’t. Unforgettable was a good show, too! Lots of suspense! So you are keeping some of my favs and canceling some.

  8. Mark II says

    sorry for errors – running to reception in DC
    but you get my drift!
    pitch it to other networks

  9. Mark II says

    UNFORGETTABLE was a classic mystery – great scripts, actors, mystery unlike others and always unpredictable – it was tv at it’s finest – added intelligence to junk tv and the
    dunbingdown of the masses,
    Love the idea of pitching it to other stations who won’t scoff at 12,ooo million viewsers during debates and breaking news.
    Let’s put smart back into intellivision and Unforgettable was nominated for an award coming out of the gate – first year, had great actors
    and kept us on the edge.,,,just like good movies.
    Other stations should take advantage of a good thing and let’s forget manipulative dancing and singing with the stars – not to mention canned laughter and idiotis shows.
    How about class and not numbers of viewers – Unforgettable got a huge audience share –
    let’s give adviters credit for smarts and see that they recognice a big slice of the pie – CBS looks desperate. The guys at the top at the top are the ones wjp should be replaced.

    • Danny says

      I love Unforgettable! I’m so sad and pissed off it will no longer be around. I keep hoping another station will pick it up but I highly doubt that will happen. Such a great show and it had the most interesting serial killer I’ve ever seen in any show. Plus I want to know who the hell killed her sister!!!!

  10. Dorm 13 says


  11. Pamela Meunier says

    Also very disappointed that Harry’s Law was cancelled. Kathy Bates gave TV great flavour with this show. It had humour and called on your emotions. Great show. Will miss it a lot!

  12. Pamela Meunier says

    Shocked that CBS would cancel CSI Miami. Why did they move it from Monday to Sunday where it followed football? Take off Survivor. I really dislike those ridiculous reality shows.

  13. Kathleen Hanners says

    CBS!!! You’re a bunch of stinkers! “A Gifted Man” was wonderful! You should have your heads examined! Oh, wait! You cancelled the neurosurgeon!!!!! Dumb!!!!! Shame on you! CBS stands for CAN BE STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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