Chocolate News: David Alan Grier TV show Cancelled, No Season Two

Chocolate NewsIt seems that David Alan Grier’s Chocolate News is following in the footsteps of D.L. Hughley’s CNN news show, D.L. Hughley Breaks the News. After a 10-episode run, the Comedy Central show has been cancelled.

Chocolate News features comedian Grier performing satirical commentary and sketches centered around current events and news stories. The episodes are said to reflect the comic’s view of world events, and one of the network’s press releases even went so far as to call it a show with an “African-American take on the news.”

In truth, the series focuses more on sketch comedy than news stories, with the host playing a variety of characters — from fictitious rappers to poet Maya Angelou. Series supporting players include Chris Tallman, Tangie Ambrose, Alphonso McAuley, Jordan Peele, Troy Curvey Jr., Paige Diaz, Luenell, Windell Middlebrooks, Janet Varney, and Gary Anthony Williams.

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The un-PC comedy program debuted on October 15, 2008 and is produced by Grier, as well as Robert Morton, Fax Bahr, Adam Small, Peter Aronson, and Jordan Levin. The premiere was watched by 2.2 million viewers, more than tuned in to see The Colbert Report’s first episode. In addition, it ranked first for all of television among men 18-24 and number one in cable viewers among males ages 18-34.

Despite the show’s success, it’s now been confirmed that Chocolate News will not be returning for a second season. No reason was given for the cancellation. Traditionally, shows are not renewed because of a lack of viewers but, by all accounts, the series performed well for the network. In fact, a December 4th press release touted the success of the show and the fact that Chocolate News was number one in its timeslot among male cable viewers ages 18-34.

In any case, Grier is still keeping very busy. He can currently be found kicking up his heels on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. Let’s hope he stays in the competition for longer than 10 episodes.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Jessy Andres Torbicio says

    Chapelle was because he wanted to cancel..they were trying to play him ,Larry the Cable Guys 2003 movie was produced by David Allen Greir the host of this cancelled show lets be honest…it wasnt Chapele funny..everything that is black isnt funny..look at comic view LMAO!

  2. Bill says

    This show was the best Comedy, Ive ever seen. Reminded me of when Eddie Murphy did Im Gumby Dammit. Im a 41 y old white guy, in redneckville, in the middle of Wisconsin. I hate Larry The Cable Guy, and all those Red Neck comidians. Ron White is the only )White) funny comedian ive seen lately. They have no idea what Chocolate News is, they dont even care, thats the ignorance of Northern Wisconsin, I hate it. All the people that live around me the majority of them play red neck BINGO. Thats what I call deer hunting. I believe country music breeds ignorance. Anyway, David Alan Grier is comparable, to Eddie Murphy as far as Im concerned. Not sure why it was taken off the air. I would pay to see it on HBO or a cable show. Its funny thats how ALI G stated on HBO, making fun of everyone. Than came Borat and Bruno. Thats also historic. I say Chocolate news was funnier than Sascha Barron Cohen ever could be. Imagine Borat meeting licorich whip the black 80’s porn star in a sketch, or any other of Griers funny charecters.

  3. Average White Guy says

    Well lets put it this way, where else did he have to go with this show? I loved the first couple episodes, but really after that it was just a downward spiral into things that were just plain dumb and unfunny. I loved chapelle show, and it was taken off the air due to chapelle not the people and comedy central. But I can completely understand why they took this load of rooty tooty pooty pops off the air(which was my favorite sketch of the show, licorich whip the black 80’s porn star).

  4. Anthony P. says

    Josh O’h Really? Chocolate was funnier than anything on comedy central now. Chappelle cancalled, Chocolate News cancalled. I see a racist ******* trend going on here. This **** needs to stop.

  5. debora says

    I liked the show and I am a middle-aged white lady. I am not sure why it was cancelled.
    I also hate all the redneck shows like Larry the cable guy.

  6. Monique says

    This was a great show, I enjoyed it soooo much. I am dissapointed to find out that it’s cancelled. Maybe the white people on the Comedy Central Staff felt that it was giving the African American population too much to relate to, and a too much freedom to express thoughts, opinions, and concerns. All I can say is every sketch was funny and many statements/comments quoted on the show were true topics and opinions I myself and other Black people I know have said/discussed.

  7. says

    The show was great,funny,and just good laughs. I don’t think white people wont to see black people on t v doing good!!!!!!! I am sick of seeing Larry the Cable Guy Why is he on every day ? Red Neck T V !!!!!!

  8. James says

    This show would’ve been relevant and popular if it had managed to get on the air about 6-8 years ago. In the wake of Chappelle’s Show though, it’s just rehashed trash.

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