Dallas: What Past Storylines and Characters Should Be Revisited?

DallasTNT recently released more information about the pilot for a new Dallas TV series. Unlike most other new incarnations of classic shows, this one will be a continuation of the original, not a reboot. Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy, and Linda Gray have all signed on to play their original characters. The new series will revolve around conflict between John Ross (Josh Henderson), the son of Sue Ellen and J.R., and Christopher, the adopted son of Bobby and Pam.

Its unclear how much of the original series’ history will be incorporated into the pilot and (if it gets a greenlight) a new series. Producers would like to satisfy fans of the original but obviously wouldn’t want to scare off potential new viewers by overwhelming them with backstory.

Still, with 14 years of history from the original Dallas, there are lots of storylines and characters that could be utilized in some way.

J.R. had at least one illegitimate son that we saw during the series — James Richard Beaumont (Sasha Mitchell). At one point, he tried to keep J.R. locked away in a sanitarium and ended up moving back East to get away from his father.

How about the return of Pam? When Victoria Principal left the Dallas, Pam was badly burned in a car accident with an oil truck. Pam later returned after plastic surgery, played by Margaret Michaels. The character eventually left the series because she didn’t want her loved ones to see her die of a fatal illness. Pam’s death is never actually mentioned or confirmed so presumably she could return. Word is that, in the new series, Bobby is remarried to a woman named Ann.

How about Pamela Cooper, the daughter of Ewing longtime nemesis Cliff Barnes (Ken Kercheval)? Or, how about seeing the some of the Knots Landing characters again and perhaps their offspring? Surely there are more.

What do you think? What older storylines would you like to see explored? Which characters would you like to see return?

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  1. Sue Ellen's Biggest Fan says


  2. Confidential says

    I believe with the possibility of Bobby dying, they should bring Gary and Valene back for the season finale. I would like to see more of a presence of Gary, Val and Lucy as well as Ray. Gary was Miss Ellie’s favorite. I am also a huge Knots Landing fan and I realize they never cleared up the fact that Bobby didn’t die previously (dream sequence). I think that true fans and especially the newer and younger fans who didn’t watch either show prior, could overlook this issue. Ted Shackleford is one of my favorite actors and his role on The Young and The Restless is so small, I sure he could find time to film Dallas as well. Just a thought. I would love for him to come back and throw a kink into all of the plans going on now. I would love to see a Knots Landing re-do or reunion too though. Until that day, I will keep watching on Hulu. :-)

  3. Edward P. says

    As a big VIctoria Principal fan and of Pam Ewing, theres only one way to get V.P. back, give her what she wants, script approval, have her produce shows and give her the contract she wants and so that shes free to still do other projects, now heres my idea: Bandages come off a face in a room and its Victoria Principals face, Pam is so happy she looks like her old self that she winds up going in business for skin care products to help burn victims with possible the doctor who restored her, the company is mega and unknown to Pam, JR buys it out and Pam pleads with Bobby to give her back her company, they fall in love all over again and remarry (she and Bobby), Pam has become a very powerful woman, simalar to Victoria and runs her own company, this would allow Victoria to come and go as needed but stay on as Pam and put her at odds with JR because they’re both so powerful, unknown to Bobby, Pam stayed away because she ‘thought’ she had cancer but she was okay, heres another shocker, during Pams accident, she was pregnant with Bobbys baby and while she was missing, she gave the baby away and it was a beautiful girl who resembles Victoria Principal and eventually she comes to town (Bobby and Pams daughter), oh and the skin care line that belongs to Pam is called the P.B Dream (Pamela Barns Dream), do all that and some fan support and this would be hard for Victoria to turn down as Pam and Bobby are like Romeo and Julet, no matter who you put them with, they’re only at their best together, they have magic (Victoria and Patrick) and if you can’t get Victoria Principal back, keep trying even if shes brought on as a lookalike but don’t replace her ever, you can’t, no more than JR or Bobby or SueEllen or Lucy could be replaced, look at what happned with MissEllie, each and everyone of these actors are just to special and lets face it, we all love them and without Victoria Principal, the show is missing its completion and so are we!

  4. says

    (con’t) Gary was always Miss Ellie’s favorite, so why did she leave him out of the will. I must of misunderstood, but I thought Gary was just the named Administrator of the will. Gary needs to claim his share of the Ewing fortune, if not for himself, then for Lucy or any other children the writers decide on. It looks stupid for Lucy to go stomping around with her uncle Ray and not even mention her parents or her daddy’s place in the family. It would also be nice to see Afton and her daughter back in Dallas, maybe a little romance with the daughter and John Ross, wouldn’t that just make J.R.’s day?

  5. says

    I would like to see Jenna Wade and Bobby’s son Lucas return to Dallas to stir up things for Bobby, his wife and Christopher as he gets to meet his daddy’s blood related son. Not too interested in Pam, great if she does and great if she doesn’t. Also, it would be great if Gary and Val (with or without the twins) came to Dallas, maybe to contest the will since Gary was always

  6. says

    Victoria has to come back along with Lucy and it would be great if all these years they have created a business for themselves and a partnership that no one else knew about in the family and could be the underhanded woman that bites JR and John Ross in the butt .. Both would end up with South Fork and so it would still be a part of Christopher’s legecy and then Lucy could move her parents right back to Dallas in that house and really get JR’s goat, and cause a whole new bit of drama!!! I still would love to see JR’s last wife who he had to marry but he really loved and who got the best of him return and really close or complete that story line. Mandy or her would be the 2 people that could interupt a new love story between JR and Sue Ellen… Let’s face it Mandy was hot!!!!

  7. liz reynolds says

    would love to see “Gary” come on Dallas and Valine. More of Lucy and bring back Pam! there has to be many story lines here. Have Valine finally be strong and stand up to the Ewings. And reconcile with her Daughter Lucy. And Gary actually become a Ewing! Pam always was the best….bring her back!

  8. Danie Fortel says

    They need to Bring back Victoria Principal as Pam Ewing in some form, Ken Kercheval as Cliff Barnes, Lucy Ewing, Gary Ewing, Ray Krebbs, Val Ewing, and there off springs sly would be good to bring back as well as Charlie and maybe even Clayton Farlow and dusty Farlow and maybe reunite him with Sue Ellen just to get JR mad. They should also reveal in the series that John Ross the III and Christopher Ewing are really Brothers not cousins that JR fathered Christopher with Sue Ellens sister Kristen Sheppard who they can possibly bring back in some fashion.

  9. Cassidy says

    I have not what any thing on a regular basic since Dallas years ago. I’m so excited about this new Dallas show.

  10. Frank says

    Would like to see them bring back Pam; Cliff; Lucy, and Ray. I know that is impossible to do all at once, but it would be great to see them worked into the series, and have them on shows throughout the season. I think overwhelmingly bringing back Pam is a must. She made the series so great. Bobby and her were the “Romeo and Juliet” of Television. I can guarantee you that your show will be successful for years to come. What hurt the original series was sitcoms, but 13 years for a prime time TV series is fantastic by any means. I know it might be a tough sell to get Victoria Principal back, but since her and Larry Hagman, and Patrick Duffy are good friends, perhaps some good ole “arm twisting” might be in order. Good Luck.

  11. Privilaged Information says

    They need to bring back Pam, Cliff Barnes, Sly the secretary and Afton Cooper …. J. R. has another son by second wife Calli ( that his long lost illegimate son James was raising )…also guest appearances by Ray, Lucy, Jenna, Charlie, plus Knots Landing Alumni Abby & Gary and Val would be awesome and their twins Bobby and Betsy would be great extra characters on the canvas too ( J. R. never liked Gary & Val so he could treat the twins bad too…lol )….and Pam could come back with another family ( more children to carry on the Barnes tradition as well ) and Carter McKay ( a villain in the later years of the original series ) stirred up trouble too….and he had a daughter Traci who once dated Bobby years ago….Traci could easily have kids which means McKay grandkids and more potential characters and conflicts…this new show has tons of storyline potential and I am excited its coming back…

  12. says

    bring back Lucas(Bobby’s other son), Charlie(Jenna’s Daughter), Margaret(ray’s daughter) ther is always Gary’s family in california for occasional appearences he has twins there you know

    • says

      I would be sooo disappointed if Victoria Principal didn’t return as
      Pam Ewing. She and Bobby are the best!! What a blast from the past
      Wow!!! I can’t wait I’m a huge fan.

  13. Confidential says

    Bring back Pamela Barnes. I don’t understand why this cannot be done. I started catching up on re-runs since this show was before my time, and the chemistry between both Duffy and Principal was amazing to say the least. Add the fact that the Bobby and Pam love story, in addition to JR (of course) brought the show to a whole new level.

    I understand that this is a continuation of the original, but, at least, if they are going to have Bobby, then they might as well find a way to bring back Pam.

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