D.L. Hughley Breaks the News: CNN Censors Last Episode

D.L. Hughley Breaks the NewsAs you may recall, CNN cancelled D.L. Hughley Breaks the News a few weeks ago.

The official reason given was that Hughley wanted to relocate to Los Angeles to be with his family. Others have suggested budgetary reasons. Because the Breaks the News cancellation came on the heels of a controversial statement by the host, many believed that the comic was just too hot for the news network. Whatever the real reason for the cancellation, it appears the host is ruffling feathers once again.

The series finale of Breaks the News was taped yesterday afternoon at CNN’s studios in New York. As part of the last episode, TVNewser reports that Hughley included a large segment on the legalization of marijuana.

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The host reportedly suffers from chronic back pain and his doctor wrote him a prescription for medicinal marijuana. For the story, Hughley visited a dispensary in Oakland, California to have it filled.

But, if you tune in to see the series finale tonight, you won’t be seeing a portion of that segment in the episode. The CNN higher-ups have reportedly forced the Breaks the News producers to edit out Hughley making the purchase for the final broadcast. Apparently the news network sees this as business as usual. A CNN spokesperson said, “We always edit pieces to conform to our editorial standards.”

Is the censorship just a routine example of their programming policy or is it a fitting end for Hughley’s program? CNN claims that they intend to continue working with Hughley as an LA-based contributor. Do you think he’ll ever be seen on the news network again?

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  1. Danielle says

    I saw a few of these shows and it is the toss of a coin. how often has a comedian been successful as a CNN type show host? He brought a bit too much of his vulgar comedy into it.

    It was refreshing to see another perspective on CNN though including the guests he brought on!

    I hope someone a bit more serious can take their place on the network and keep up a similar point of view.

  2. Tiffiney, Chicago,IL says

    D. L. is an excellent and smart comedian, very few Black comedians are able to talk about politics intellectually like D.L. and Chris Rock. I found his show on CNN refreshing and funny. D.L is not the one who is controversial, it was the news itself! D.L. topics of discussion were identical to what Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, and Campbell Brown all talked about. So if they can talk about those controversial subjects on CNN then why can’t D.L. talked about them on CNN. It’s the same topic!!!!! I hope CNN will reconsider this.

  3. FL Girl says

    Hey, I’m a 50 year old white lady in FL, and I loved DL’s show once it got going and he was able to get comfortable with the format. I think he did great considering the constraints of working for a news organization.
    I think it was a mistake for CNN to assume this show was too risky or too “black”. To me, it was refreshing, and he was authentic.
    I think it was CNN itself that kept it from taking off. You can’t censor a comedian like that. You have to let him loose to do his thing.
    I am disappointed with CNN.

  4. Susan says

    I’m a loyal CNN viewer and I enjoyed D.L. Listen CNN, you do not have to be young or black to enjoy his show. I’m 51, white woman, voted for Barack Obama, and I live in Southwest Missouri. It was a refreshing to have the weekly over-all news re-capped with some comedy. If you are a Fox Nation viewer, that is what they do only you get THEIR opinion more than the real news.

  5. Miriam says

    Grow up folks. It is still a White Man’s business in television. CNN only put D.L. Hughley on because we have a black President. CNN is no better than the Republicians who put Steele in his position. D. L. is a comedian and he did his job probably with his hands tied behind his back. Shame on you CNN for cutting out the last segment about Marijuana. Cencorship is UNAMERICAN. I will D. L. Hughley’s show. It was refreshing.

  6. Vista says

    D.L. is a comedian and not a very good one at that. For him to be taken seriously as a CNN news analyst is laughable and a very good decision by CNN higher-ups. Let him go back Def Comedy Jam or Showtime at the Apollo.

    He’s just someone who loves to hear himself talk. Good riddens!

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