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Eastwick: Petition to Continue the TV Series on ABC

Eastwick TV showThis new TV show revolves around three women who discover the magic powers within them. Unfortunately, Eastwick’s ratings have been anything but magical and the ABC show will soon be cancelled.

What can you do? Remember, the ideal scenario for ABC is for many millions of people to watch the show on their television sets, while it’s being broadcast. Downloading, viewing online, or watching a recording many days later doesn’t really doesn’t help a series’ ratings.

If you like Eastwick and want to see it continue, there are a few things you can do to help.

  1. Watch the show each week, preferably live, and encourage others to do the same. You might know a Nielsen family and not be aware of it.
  1. Talk about the show with others; at school, at work, online, or wherever. Creating a buzz about a show that you’re emotionally invested in gets people interested.
  1. Sign the petition below and encourage others to do the same.
  1. Write to the network. Be respectful. Everyone responds better to courtesy. Tell them how much you enjoy the show, that you’ve signed the petition, and that you want to see it continue. You can use this form or, even better, write via “snail-mail” to: Mr. Stephen McPherson, Chairman, ABC, 500 S. Buena Vista Street, Burbank, CA 91521, RE: Eastwick
  1. Take note of the products that you see advertised consistently during the show. Write the advertisers and tell them that you appreciate their sponsoring the show and that you buy their products (if you do).

To ABC and Warner Bros. Television:

We, the undersigned, really like watching the new Eastwick TV show on the ABC network. It’s filled with interesting characters, crazy plotlines, and is very enjoyable to watch.

Please find a way to keep Eastwick on the air. We are devoted viewers who will continue to watch the program, encourage others to do the same, and will support the series’ advertisers as well. Please keep it going, either on ABC or, if necessary, on another channel.

Thank you for your consideration.

11256 Entries - 451 Pages
  • Deborah LovellCountry: USA2014-10-06 22:10:52
    This show is very entertaining and worth watching every Sunday night. The kept getting better and better each episode. I hope you will consider this petition. Great show with awesome actors.
  • jennaCountry: United Kingdom 2014-10-06 21:48:09
    Please please bring back witches of east end for season 3 have been watching it since the beginning throughly enjoy my favourite show would just die if it isn't renewed
  • LisaCountry: united states2014-10-03 20:45:37
    Please bring back Eastwick. I miss all the magic. Shows like this is what keeps the current generation dreaming and wishing for miracles. It is not right to deprive them from shows like this. BRING IT BACK!
  • JanaCountry: USA2014-09-30 15:46:34
    Please bring back Eastwick. It was so amazing. I love the characters and story so much. I at least hope to know how it all ends. Thank you sincerely. PS: Maybe you should get responses from regular people on media popularity and opinion, and not the droning monotony of the sheep who cannot find their own way.
  • Carmen PenaCountry: United States, Florida2014-08-04 17:38:08
    Please don't cancel it's a great show reminds me of charmed.
  • AlexisCountry: United States2014-07-07 23:14:17
    Please bring back this show..Loved it!!!
  • AnnCountry: England2014-06-26 07:09:25
    I love this show, I just came across it recently by a friend who recommended it. I was hocked. I really wish that it could be brought back, or at least wrap it up.
  • joel vergaraCountry: United States and Mexico 2014-05-20 00:32:52
    I love this TV show and I just started watching it like today! What is wrong with yall cancelling this show?!I remember watching the movie it was good I have to say. You guys have cancelled it since like 2010 or something like that, and its 2014 and people still want to watch it; I mean come on there have been 11248 entries of petitions! Plus some people don't even know there are petitions for this so ya, you get my point. PLEASE bring Eastwick back!LIKE NOW!!!.......
  • Margaret WrightCountry: us2014-04-06 10:45:01
    With all the reality stuff on tv this show was a joy. Why would you cancel this. I truly enjoyed this show. I hate all real life give me fantasyland any day
  • Liuda MiroschnichenkoCountry: Ukraine2014-03-24 10:03:04
    I found the show by accident really, but I love it and I was very disappointed that there is only one season. And I disliked how you ended it. I really liked this show and was looking forward to seeing what happened. at least give us a freaking miniseries or something that wraps it all up. you just left it hanging.Please make more series of this awesome programme, Eastwick is a fantastic programme.
  • jeni stanleyCountry: U,S,A.2014-02-03 21:56:38
    bring back witches of eastwick, it's a great show. Who cares about ugly betty and cougars and other stupid shows? Why must you always take away the good shows????
  • romario millingtonCountry: Barbados2014-01-21 18:53:28
    I love eastwick and its canceled.Lately a lot of our favourite shows are being canceled and we need to do something about it. They just cant leave eastwick undone like that,we need to know what is going to happen to the three wiches and that little boy who wants kat body lets make a stand now
  • Yamislee NickersonCountry: United States2014-01-18 12:55:19
    I found the show by accident really, but I love it and I was very disappointed that there is only one season. And I disliked how you ended it. You led people on with all the drama and craziness just to end it with Jamie showing up again. You can't just end it like that. You leave so many questions unanswered. I would to see more seasons.
  • AnnCountry: Us2013-12-12 21:21:12
    I am very disappointed not to see the season finale of witches of east wich I feel it doesn't say much for this Chanel if you don't I feel what you say can not be trusted and so why watch your Chanel ever again to set myself up for disappointment, Bring back Witches of Eastwich
  • Greg VelinCountry: France2013-12-10 18:59:09
    Please, Gave Eastwickv a a following ! For my brain sanity !!!
  • AleksandraCountry: Russia2013-11-26 08:57:54
    The story was very interesting but, unfortunately, it was not finished. Please, continue this show at least for 2nd season!
  • SherryCountry: USA 2013-11-21 02:19:14
    Please,please bring this show back. I believe it will do better this time, because u have some many shows like this one on tv, people love watching series!!! And I absolutely loved this show, I always did wonder what happened to it. I had this show to where I recorded it just to watch it every week, just in case I missed it!
  • HilleryCountry: United Kingdom2013-10-28 21:10:29
    I just finished watching the last episode and there are so many loose ends please, please, please bring it back and find a way to air it. It was so different to anything I have watched in a long time. Please bring it back.
  • AnonymousCountry: Hungary2013-10-11 09:59:45
    Please continue it! :((((
  • ICountry: United States2013-08-21 04:40:19
  • NastyaCountry: Russia2013-08-15 09:00:39
    I very like this serial.It is one of the most interesting I've ever seen.Please bring it back on TV!
  • nancy schwabedissenCountry: United States2013-08-11 23:05:20
    love this show from the start. please bring it back or at least give it an ending!
  • MariyaCountry: Russia2013-07-30 17:06:23
    very interesting series! broke the most interesting place, please return the series!
  • KamillaCountry: Russia2013-07-29 18:56:26
    It's the most interesting and excellent serial. I love it. Please, bring it back. I've been wanting to know what happened. I really like the actors, especially Paul Gross. Eastwick the best. We all love it!!!!!!!!
  • ArturCountry: Russian Federation 2013-07-27 03:00:12
    I love mystique and this film, he's just a masterpiece. Please to remove the film to end with the same actors, please!!!
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