Everwood: Cancelled or Renewed?

Everwood castLike many of the shows on the UPN and the WB, the recently-announced network merger has left Everwood fans hanging. With only half as much airtime to fill, execs at the new CW network have some tough choices to make. Shows like Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls and Smallville seem like a shoe-in for return but a show like Everwood has a less than certain fate.

The first CW schedule won’t be released for quite awhile but the future doesn’t look promising for the drama series for a couple reasons. Everwood hasn’t shown great numbers and has been off the air for months. The latter is in part due to the fact that reruns of the show typically don’t do well in the ratings. In addition, Everwood creator Greg Berlanti recently signed a three-year production deal with competing studio Disney. Though he’ll be busy with other projects, Berlanti reportedly expressed hope that the show will see a fifth season.

Fortunately for viewers, Executive Producer Rina Mimoun isn’t taking chances. It’s been said that she’s preparing two alternate scripts for this season’s final show — a season finale and a series finale — so that show fans won’t be left hanging if the show doesn’t return.

The Treat Williams drama is scheduled to return to the WB airwaves on March 27, 2006 with the remaining new episodes of the 2005-06 season. TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. carl vogel says

    you all suck for dumping everwood best show on tv if i wanted to see people dieing on cop shows i think this world we all live in just want to see killing or sex you all make to much money for the junk you show

  2. Megan says

    Please do not cancel Everwood!! It is my favorite show and the only one that is worth watching. Please bring it back!!!!!

  3. Sandra Helton says

    I can’t believe it. Why do you TV producers cancel all the really good family shows and leave on all the garbage. These reality shows are mostly trash. It seems like everytime a truly worthwhile show airs you immediately replace it with something not even worth watching. I just discovered this show recently and never miss an episode. KEEP IT ON THE AIR.

  4. Santiago says

    Everwood needs to come back. We all are still waiting for more. TV shows like this are really worthy too watch.

    The producers need to understand that there a lot of people who really enjoy Everwood, and Instead of the same reality shows, they produced every single year (with the same thing), they should leave some open space for shows like Everwood.

  5. says

    hey everwood is my favorite show me and my family like it i want to see more of it me and my family couldn’t wait for everwood and see what happen to everwood and what the people going to say and we love it now we are mad at you off. me and my family already seen 7th heaven. we want everwood it the best show i ever watch or seen.
    pleasseeeeeee put it back on

  6. Mandy says

    I am so upset about Everwood. I have never missed one episode. I had just started getting my boyfriend into it and even he thinks that it was a great show. There has to be some way to keep it on maybe even put it on a different channel but PLEASE PLEASE don’t cancel THIS Series cancel something else. I don’t watch tv that much. I saw previews for it when I was watching the only other show I actually sat down for which was 7th Heaven and now I am left with NOTHING good to watch.

  7. Robin Critzer says

    I finally found a show that I really love and you take Everwood off the air. That’s nuts!! This was an awesome series!!! Please bring it back!

  8. Gerald and Patricia Kaare says


    We tuned in at 6:00 as usual to watch our FAVORITE and ONLY show that we REALLY enjoy and to our surprise, it is not on tonight or anytime this week. I had no idea that it was being cancelled. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE continue making the EVERWOOD SERIES. This is the BEST show that we have ever watched. PLEASE take of some of the other shows like Lincoln Heights and Smallville. EVERWOOD is SO much better than those t.v. series. We are SO disappointed and we may cancel our cable. I am so tired of them cancelling our favorite shows. EVERWOOD and then Seventh Heaven. I think that they should make a new series of that show too, but EVERWOOD is the BEST. Please reconsider.


    Gerald and Patricia Kaare

  9. faye says

    It saddens me that Everwood has been cancelled. This show is one of the few shows on TV that relays good moral standings that all members of the family can watch. Really disapointed that this show has stop. Please reconsider.

  10. Tracie says

    What is up with cancelling everwood? We just got the CW recently and we came upon this truely awesome show and of course I thought it was a new series, only to have it end a few months later. I feel really stupid, because I have never been depressed about a show ending before!!! How truely sad that you would take this brilliant show off the air. PLEASE bring back EVERWOOD!!!!

  11. India says

    Don’t get rid of Everwood! Leave us with lame 7th Heaven and you won’t have very good ratings. Just look at everyone else’s comments. Big mistake.

  12. Wendy says

    I cannot believe that you are not airing Everwood!! This is my whole entire family’s favorite show, we eagerly await each new episode, and my daughter is in college, she always calls me as soon as the show is over so we can talk about the episode. I truly think you need to reconsider airing this show, it is the best family show that has been on TV in a very long time!!!!! We truly miss it.

  13. Carol says

    I have looked forward to watching Everwood since it aired on Family channell last fall. I am so disappointed that it is not going to be on for a while if ever. What a surprise!

    Though I really loved 7th Heaven, it seems like there are reruns after reruns on the evening Family show.

    PLEASE bring Everwood back!

  14. Rea says

    I about died when i found out they were taking this show off!!!!! I am in love with the series and it makes me so sad (and very angry) that they want to cancel it!!!!!!!! I really want to know what happens between Ephram and Amy!

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