Family Guy: Renewed for Season 11, through 2013-14

season 11 for Family Guy on FOXFOX has reportedly quietly renewed their most popular animated series, Family Guy, for an 11th season. According to Deadline, the network has just ordered another 22 episodes.

The renewal certainly isn’t a surprise. Family Guy is FOX’s third highest-rated scripted show and sixth highest-rated series overall. This season, it’s been averaging a 3.1 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 6.06 million total viewers. Year-to-year, that’s down by 11% in the demo and 14% in total viewers.

Unlike other show renewals that are being announced, these newest episodes won’t likely be seen by the public until Fall 2013. Because of the additional lead time needed to produce animated shows, FOX often gives them renewals well in advance.

The network is currently running season nine of Family Guy which was ordered back in 2008 and is comprised of 23 installments. They’re expected to finish airing this month.

The network renewed Family Guy for season 10 last May but it wasn’t clear how many installments had been ordered. FOX is expected to begin airing them in the fall.

What do you think? Are you glad that Family Guy will be around for at least two more seasons? How long do you think it should continue? As long as The Simpsons?

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  1. Brian Fan says

    I personally LOVE “Family Guy” & “American Dad”. WHY? Because at 50 years old, they are the nearest to the cartoons that I grew up watching in the early to mid 1960’s on the old Saturday morning cartoons. (Bugs Bunny, Road Runner and MANY others) HOW are Family Guy and American Dad like those of 45 years ago? They are TOTALLY ignorant. I mean come on….a talking Martini drinking Cigarette smoking DOG? That DRIVES? WORKS? Argues with and goes all over the world and gets into all kinds of trouble with a 2 year old TALKING (With SLIGHT British accent) toddler?????? How freaking SILLY is that? A father that fights with what would be say a 6’3 (MAYBE) chicken for NO good reason? This stuff is CLASSIC BECAUSE…..its SILLY! THATS why its GREAT. The same was with Bugs Bunny. A rabbit that wrestled with a steroid overdosing CRUSHER of a wrestler? It was SILLY and THATS why it worked. American Dad is the same. A guy that is as IGNORANT as the winter is cold and the summer is hot who works for the CIA and who forgets he has a son and daughter but argues with a alien who lives in their attic and gets into all kinds of trouble? Seth McFarland is a genius with this stuff. They BOTH really need to stay NEW on TV BECAUSE they make one laugh at TOTAL silliness and forget about real life issues for a while. KEEP them coming. There great!

  2. Sam says

    I’m so glad they renewed it, I wish they always continue to do so, it’s unquestionably the best animated show out there, and the best animated show I had ever viewed in my life.
    Wish it could reach its 20 th season and even more, it’s by far much better than the Simpsons.

  3. Garbage says

    It’s garbage now. It was good up to around Season 7 and has been downhill since. I’m planning to take it off my weekly rotation/PVR after this season is over unless they impress me.

    • peter griffin says

      do you still watch the simpsons and if you do then don’t you think the new season of family guy is better and fox isn’t going to cancel the simpsons so i don’t think fox is going to cancel family guy till at least season 30

  4. jim says

    awesome. i still find this to be just as funny as when it aired. i know all the hipsters hate it now b/c of its popularity, but it’s still a great entertaining show.

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