FlashForward: Future’s Not Looking So Good; Will It Be Cancelled or Get a Second Season?

Flash ForwardWhat looked to be one of the biggest hits of the new season, FlashForward, isn’t looking like such a hit any longer. Will the series make it to year two?

FlashForward begins as the world’s population blacks out for 137 seconds and they “flash forward” to see visions of their lives six months in the future. The series’ ensemble cast includes Joseph Fiennes, John Cho, Jack Davenport, Zachary Knighton, Peyton List, Dominic Monaghan, Brian F. O’Byrne, Courtney B. Vance, Sonya Walger, and Christine Woods.

The series debuted on September 24th on ABC. The premiere attracted a 4.0 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 12.47 million viewers. The following week, the number dropped to a very respectable 3.7 and 10.73 million.

For week three, the ratings dropped again to a 3.0 and nine million. Total viewership rose for weeks four and five but the demo remained essentially the same with a 3.1 rating.

On October 29th, FlashForward dropped to a series low of a 2.7 rating and 8.92 million viewers. The sudden drop was understandable because it aired opposite the World Series on FOX. Unfortunately, baseball fans didn’t return last Thursday when there wasn’t a big game. FlashForward’s ratings sank even further to a 2.6 and 8.47 million, barely beating FOX’s Bones for second place.

ABC has already committed to a full season of FlashForward so it’s relatively safe for now. However, if these numbers don’t start going up, the series is far from guaranteed a second season.

What do you think? Do you think the ratings will go back up or will the show burn out in one season? Are you still watching? If so, what could be done better?

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  1. Love FLashforward says

    In a flashforward i saw that there will be a second season!!!

    Greetingzz from Holland :) (yes we have flashforward on television here :D)

  2. says



  3. Al Combs says

    I just finished watching the 11 episodes online and had no idea there was not a season 2, or that season 1 would not even finish! I don’t even own a TV for what should be painfully obvious reasons. I watch what i want to watch online without paying astronomical cable bills for 200 channels of which 190 are pure crap.
    At any rate, in my opinion Flashforward is/was right up there with LOST in cast, story line, and the hooks at the end of the shows to make you come back next “week.” When such inane and morally putrid shows about wife swapping and which harlot will take the bachelor come back season after season, it is simply beyond me that a show as intelligent and entertaining as Flashforward simply couldn’t make a second season. Tell me it’s not politics…of course it is. Idiots run the entertainment industry. Why do i even bother watching at all?

  4. Guy Mendel says

    I just saw the last chapter of the first season and I can’t believe that there won’t be another season! In the last few moments of this chapter, we saw flashforwars that will come true in 2015, which means that this series has a future!!!

  5. says

    as many of you i love this tv show a a lot, me plus all iranian because SHOHREH AGHDASHLOO ( the woman who called nova and tolled him the death time ) is a iranian,

  6. cheekybabydj says

    I love this show … and i would love a second season the casting is great and i love seeing how it unravels i really hope it carry’s on but it might be another doll house!!

  7. DeviouslyDivine says

    I’m sorry that I’m sort of digging this out, but I just had a chance to watch the last 2 episodes of Flashforward and I am sooooooooooooooooo disappointed about the cancellation! I wish there was a way to bring it back, put it on another network, I don’t know.
    Do they also check the online viewers? I for one rarely turn on my TV, I watch online instead. I just like the freedom to be able to watch what I want, when I want it – IF it hasn’t been cancelled yet, that is…
    There have been many TV Series over the past few years that had so much potential and yet, they got cancelled after one, maybe two seasons. And I have to completely agree with Danetta, the 3-month-hiatus was ridiculous!

    I have to say, I am not an american citizen, so things in Europe are a bit different. Once a show is set to run, let’s say Monday nights at 8:15 it will be on until the season finale, no matter what. We don’t go on hiatus just to be surprised that nobody is watching anymore after that time. Let’s face it, most of us people in the modern world have the attention span of a fly. As creatures of habit, we accomodate accordingly. Now if you take a show off the air for a quarter of the year in the freakin middle of the season you simply can not expect people to dive right in again once you made up your mind to bring it on again. Or another thing that pisses me off to no end is bringing out a show, let people warm up to it, then can it and never air the last 2 episodes. Of course, you wanna milk it and sell at least the DVDs but come on!
    In the States it seems like there are some airheads in the Networks, deciding, what will be on tonight over their morning coffee and THEN whining that shows take a downfall and they would be too expensive to keep up, since it’s not ensured that they will be watched. REALLY?
    Oh, what the hell… One day I hope, they will see that if they want customers money, they better listen to what the customers want and create at least a somewhat fair exchange. But what do I know? I’m just dreaming about TV-Utopia here…
    Please excuse my rambling and language, but I am just pissed.

    • Dawnetta says

      Andrew, do you really think that is a fair statment……ratings dropped in the US because the network took the show off the air for 12 weeks and expected to still have people dedicated to watching. People forgot about the show after that length of time. Before you sterotype Americans get the whole story.

      Very respectfully,
      Dawnetta, a US citizen with a B.A in Business and Psychology.

  8. Dawnetta says

    When television programs take long hyatus’ viewers become uninterested. Flashforward was off the air for 3 months, that was totally crazy. I know that the network big wigs didn’t think people would actually sit around for 3 months waiting for a show to come back on. By the time it came back on I had forgotten what was suppose to be going on. Television networks need to take cues from cable networks…..allow the full series to run for the the allotted number of weeks, then allow it to return the next season, no reruns. You would think someone would get it by now.

    As a viewer this whole introduction of so many programs each fall is frustrating. All of my favorite network shows were cancelled after the first season….Journeyman, Flashforward, and Jericho. I have resolved to only watch cable series because I like to see things through to the end. The networks need to realize that with the pace of today’s society comes different ways of watching programming…we DVR a lot of our programs and watch on Sunday.

  9. Anonymous says

    i love flashforward please dont cancel it. i look forward to watching everyday week. please make it go to a second season.

    I love flashforward! <3

  10. chamille jones says

    I am so disappointed the flashfoward had to end I honestly believe that it was a big conflict with sports even though i didnt always get to watch flashfoward at game time we always recorded it and watch it that night flashfoward was like a drug me my husband and my brother in law were addictedwe were all very disappoint when the last episode didnt say anything about the following week….how coulld u just leave us like that thursday night was our family night and flashfoward was the star of the night i wish they would put it back on so we can have something to look foward to again

  11. Pedro Barbosa says

    I can’t understand how can be possible to give 2nd and more seasons to so many uninteresting series when a wonderful achievement as Flashforward is cancelled like this. People can’t understand how difficult is to make something so big like this story is. If Flashforward’s success hadn’t been so great around the world, “some people’s” envy, wouldn’t had put it down, and then we would watch to the FlashForward 2nd season. I seriously hope that ABC “cogitates” a bit.

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