FlashForward: TV Show Ratings Drop to a New Low; Doomed to Be Cancelled

FlashForwardAt one time, the ABC drama was billed as the new Lost. Unfortunately, FlashForward hasn’t gotten as warm a reception as the network would have liked. While Lost will soon say goodbye after six seasons, FlashForward will surely end after just 22 episodes.

FlashForward begins as the world’s population blacks out for 137 seconds and they “flash forward” to see visions of their lives six months in the future. The series’ ensemble cast includes Joseph Fiennes, John Cho, Jack Davenport, Zachary Knighton, Peyton List, Dominic Monaghan, Brian F. O’Byrne, Courtney B. Vance, Sonya Walger, and Christine Woods.

The series debuted on September 24th on ABC. The premiere attracted a 4.0 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 12.47 million viewers. The following week, the number dropped to a still very respectable 3.7 and 10.73 million. For week three, the ratings dropped again to a 3.0 and nine million.

Then, over the next several episodes, the all-important demo dropped to a low of a 2.1 rating with just 7.1 million viewers.

To make matters worse, after 10 episodes, ABC took the show off the air for three months. The spin was that this was a positive thing, allowing the network to promote it and essentially relaunch the program. They tried but, as expected, the numbers were even worse when FlashForward returned in March.

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Last night’s episode fell to a new low for the series. It attracted a truly horrible 1.3 rating in the demo and 4.75 million viewers, per the overnights. When a show comes in at fifth place in the demo, behind The CW, you have a disaster on your hands.

While it was once considered that FlashForward was on the bubble for renewal, it’s now clear that there’s no way ABC will bring this show back next season. The ratings are just too low.

Sadly, that very likely means that viewers won’t get all of the answers they’ve been craving. There are only three episodes left so at least we know that ABC will let them all air.

What do you think? Why do you think that FlashForward didn’t catch on? The big hiatus didn’t help but the ratings kept sinking even before that. Not a good enough show?

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  1. Ken says

    Too bad Flashforward won’t make it. Maybe Sci Fi will pick it up for a second season. Guess ABC can shoot for another Hospital, Lawyer, or ****** housewives series. V would be another great series for Sci Fi.

  2. KT says

    I agree with all those on the Mark/Olivia. Honestly it’s like in the end she wanted it. Or let’s say this she put up very little fight. If she was going to split from him for awhile let that be.

    I feel the writers suck. They have a great concept but lack serious imagination. Now they are trying to make it like Final Destination. OOh fate catches up with you. Come on it’s been done already. Leave it alone.

  3. Karol says

    The split up between Olivia and Mark was very confusing – one minute she is super devoted wife, the next she is kissing the guy she vowed would never come between them. I also could have done without the whole lesbian throw in. Other than that, I really liked this show. I didn’t think I would at first, but it really grew on me. Really sorry to see it go!

  4. tom says

    i agree with gus.

    also if you actually understand the show its awsome! i mean not every show is perfect even lost has its ups and downs but flashforward is a good show.

  5. swramsay says

    Gus – why would you attack me for an opinion about the show? Just a guess, but I would bet it’s because marriage/divorce is a trigger for you. Not too happy in that area huh? Stay focused on the show.

  6. says

    Well, I’d like to see Flash Forward having the same development as Lost did, crossing my fingers for things getting some change to better, the plot is awesome! Would need a lot of more episodes to unfold.

    When I compare the show with other ones, it seems to have a lot of things missing and then it comes with a boom our of nowhere with too many answers that doesn’t seem to fit in the plot. Like the resident? What the hell about him? And the japanese girl? They seem out of world in the whole plot, too much characters maybe… I’m missing the X-Files age…

    About the couple, Mark and Olivia aren’t the main plot for God sake! Wake up Mr. swramsay! If you are looking towards relantionship shows, you are looking at the wrong place! or better, the wrong show! People change idea through the course of life, people have doubts about the choices sometimes, which may lead to the end or a restart! Go meet real people, ok?

    And about, V is so weak that reminds me 4400

  7. says

    This was a GREAT show for the first few episodes, but like most of the rest of the country I deleted my season pass after the lesbian scene. Without that I’d have kept watching, but since I’m not a 15 yr old boy that kind of thing is just tired and somewhat disgusting.

  8. Duderino says

    The show is too ambitious. The premise is an awesome idea, but the goal of the TV show is to have it drag on and on. They writers are lazy and if you take out the repeating filler in each episode, you’re left with 5 minutes of new information. Too bad; they wasted a good thing.

  9. Tina Marie says

    I agree about the Olivia/Mark split, very unbelievable for a couple who seemed to be solidly in love and committed to each other. I do want the show to continue however, very intriguing if the writers can maintain a believable and twisty-y plot.

  10. swramsay says

    The Mark and Olivia thing is a big mistake. C’mon. We need to see husbands and wives fight for each other. They didn’t even give an ounce of effort after making vows to each other that normal people don’t. Ugh. That sort of soured the entire show for me. Marriage is important to most – sacred to many. The disrespect and disregard this show has for this powerful institution is troubling. Fix that and you will have a winner.

  11. Doc says

    Thank you for someone telling me what happened with Mark & olivia !! One minute she was swearing that the future would never happen…….next thing I know, he’s kissing the other guy. I was like, “ummm, what happened ??”……..This show needs to go off the air and never come back…….and it looks like they need to take V with them too

  12. Jim says

    Solid Sci fi nevers seems to last on the fickle prime time networks. Unlike cable which shows multiple airings, its a one shot deal per week and many people DVR the shows..like me. Its a shame that Fast Forward will end before the “answers” are found for the followers. I understand the new series V is in the same boat. I quess they replace these shows with something like “Sex Cams of the Network Stars” or “Snoop Dogs City to City Party Tour”. Oh well more time to watch sports and stop being a couch potato.

  13. zer0faults says

    Agree with the comment on the writing. The show just has moments that the writers may see how it all blends together, but I don’t believe the viewer really understands. People who are completely aware of their future behave like they have no recourse, spiraling toward their inevitable death. The FBI agent who killed himself makes sense, that is how a normal person may react to knowing they “will” kill someone. However knowing you are going to die by your friends gun, why not just go on vacation out of the country with your fiance for a few weeks?

    The characters are a huge flaw, you just watch a show that is suppose to be semi believable and wonder why everyone is so foolish.

  14. KJ says

    OK – I’ve watched all the episodes. It seems like they just decided to have Mark & olivia split. There was no real reason, except he didn’t want to move, then suddenly she’s kissing Lloyd. Horrible writing on that. Seems like most of the writing has gone down since the show came back.

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