FlashForward: Production Shuts Down on ABC Drama

Flash ForwardThe ratings for ABC’s FlashForward continue to tumble and it would seem that the network is concerned. Production on the series has been temporarily halted.

The work stoppage began last week and will continue through this holiday week. Production on the 13th episode is expected to begin on Monday when the cast and crew return.

ABC says that the break was built into the work schedule and was positioned to “boost the writing.” A spokesman said, “They want to maintain the high quality of the show, and this gives the writers the opportunity to do so.”

Of course, it doesn’t seem like much of a coincidence that the shut down comes right after FlashForward hit a series low in the ratings. It also follows the departure of Marc Guggenheim as a co-showrunner/executive producer. Co-creator/exec producer David Goyer is now the sole showrunner.

What do you think? Do you think the production stoppage comes as a result of the declining ratings?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. R H says

    i like the show if not on tv put 2nd season on vedio i can”t believe they cancelled it. it was as good as lost

  2. Mayda says

    I am starting to get frustrated , everytime I like a series, ABC cancels it…
    Flashforward was very interesting ! I can not believe they cancelled it!

  3. Joani Mc says

    Dear ABC If you dont want ‘Flash Forward’ please pass it on then we can watch it on another channel.

  4. debra says

    this is a good show. I never understood why the big wigs keep the silly shows and those with goods story lines and actors. You go and change the day times and then wonder why it is not doing so well.When it came on at eight me and family set down and watch set program.You change the time which i could no longer set and watch with my kids becuase now we have to do baths and everything else.There are people who enjoy non cable shows. you pull the good show off the air and leave us no other choice but cable programs.

  5. zion says

    i am pissed i loved the show and dont understand why it was cancelled. i want more! what is up with abc these days? i think they need to reevaluate and stop messing everything up!

  6. says

    i agree with the top ten reasons especially the way the ratings work dvr,tivo etc bones,house,fringe and flashforward are THE four best shows of all time including lost

  7. AngrySaint says

    Top Ten Reasons Why FlashForward Needs To Be Saved

    #10 – Because we the public want and need it. Not that it matters to anyone at the network.

    #9 – Because the final show sets everything up for a season two. We still need to know what happens next and where it goes from here.

    #8 – Because even though the show keep lose ends open all season long, the finale did answer questions.

    #7 – Because the actors and there stories made the show. That’s also why LOST did so well for all those seasons.

    #6 – Because FlashForward cant go down as a single season failure for the network and be lumped in with the other blockbuster one season shows like Hank, The Deep End, The Forgotten, Eastwick, Defying Gravity, and Romantically Challenged.

    #5 – Does ABC not remember that there hit show LOST is ending. What else will people watch instead? A repeat of Desperate Housewives!

    #4 – Because rating are down. Well ratings calculated by the network to meet the advertiser’s requirements are down. You see, they don’t calculate ratings by the number of people who watch the show. They calculate the ratings by the number of people who watch the show live on its televised night. DVR, TIVO, and online viewing are not calculated because the advertisers will allow that.

    #3 – Because the writers of FlashForward has enough material and plot to last for 5 seasons when it was pitched to the networks. There was a war between networks on who would get to carry the show. Unfortunate for us ABC won.

    #2 – Because FlashForward would be the perfect show follow or precede Fringe. Let’s hope Fox is smarter than ABC.

    #1 – Because I have seen the new show fall lineup on ABC and it is sad. FlashForward will be replaced by shows that probably will not make it to the end of the season.

  8. Sierra says

    Flash Forward is the best show that is On-Air right now! It is not some stupid reality show like all of the others. This is the BEST show that I have ever seen, it will be really upsetting if it gets cancelled! I think it is time for Season 2 of Flash Forward!!!!!

  9. Roxana says

    When this show started i thought it will be something like Young and Restless. 3000 episodes or something.. has great potential. give it a shot

  10. Harold Coombs says

    Why would ABC want to shut down Flash Forward it is such a good show with something new. Im so tired of the same show coming out with a new name. This show was NEW there was not another show out like this one before and there is still so much more they can do with it. I would be very disappointed in ABC if the shut down this show before they really give it a chance. Even when my girlfriend and I miss the show on its regular night we watch it on ABC.com we enjoy the show and have not missed an episode

  11. KELLY says

    I’ve never been so upset about a show being cancelled. I really thought they had something good going.

  12. MSWisdom says

    The hiatus was definetly the coup de grace; too many characters that was too unlikable or that the average viewer could not relate to or approve of behavior. The Tracy storyline was more of a destraction than entertainment — yet I LOVED this show and watched every episode.

    a good focus group would have saved this show. Boooo! to ABC for canceling without trying to save it first.

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