Ghost Whisperer: Series Ending Bothers Jennifer Love Hewitt

Ghost WhispererIt’s been many months now since CBS cancelled Ghost Whisperer. Many fans of the TV show are still shocked and upset about the cancellation and series star Jennifer Love Hewitt can sympathize.

In a recent interview with Zap2it, Hewitt revealed that she bought into the rumors that ABC might pick it up and talked about Ghost Whisperer’s abrupt end. She said, “For me, it was a total shock… I thought our next season probably would be the last, just because the show had been on for a really long time. It’s hard to come up with new things that will keep people intrigued, but I never thought in a million years that was going to have been our last season..”

Hewitt also expressed sadness about the fact that the story of Melinda Gordon was left unfinished. She noted, “I didn’t feel the series ended the way that [Melinda] deserved for it to. We left the audience sort of hanging, and I hate that. When you’ve taken people on a journey for so long, the least you can do is give them a goodbye. For a show that was about unfinished business, we didn’t get to finish.”

What do you think? What “unfinished business” bothers you the most about the show? How would you have ended Ghost Whisperer?

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  1. Anonymous says

    Was totally gutted there is no season 6, so much still left, like the ghost in morgue is still unknown as to what happened to him an the shadows were only shone away by the shinys, please please make more seasons also what happened to the professor who went on an expidetion, he last said there were only 5 shadows instead of six on the ground, so much more to the storyline, miss watching it so much

  2. karla says

    I never got to watch it when it was on air as I had to work evenings, then a blessing “hulu” came into my life and I watched all the shows, was so very upset that they ended the show w/out an ending…It should be brought back at least as a tv movie with a deserved ending
    Karla Ennemoser

  3. brianna says

    I thank that they should bring back the show ghost whisper just for the simple fact that it was such a good show and i agree that they did end the show very badly and that they should do a sixth season just to see how many people will keep watching it and to see how it all ends for Melinda. I think it would be really cool even if ABC didn’t try and take the CBS show then they should try and find some body else to take it just to let every one know how it all ends.

  4. says

    Have been watching the show ghost whisper since it came on an I love the show an really want to watch more of it. So please bring it back with new shows. Please I’ve seen there’s a lot of people that love it.

  5. Sam says

    I agree with everyone on how there needs to be a season six. It’s necessary, expected, and needed. I mean come on now, look at these comments! There’s some from within the last year, with the show ending over 4 years ago how could you think your fanbase has died, or left. We’re out here needing answers, needing a proper ending, like Jennifer Love Hewitt even said in her interview “When you’ve taken people on a journey for so long, the least you can do is give them a goodbye. For a show that was about unfinished business, we didn’t get to finish.” So please, even if you can’t get them to do another whole season, give us a proper wrap up. Just do one more episode even if its just on like a web exclusive or Netflix series or something. Please just give us the ending we deserve. Please!

    • Anonymous says

      I absolutely agree with everything you wrote. How do we get the show back on? I’m asking cause Im literally watching it now and was thinking the same – but don’t know how we all help to do that – ?

  6. Kelli says

    I miss this show soooooooo much. A “last episode” sort of thing should happen. Even if it is only an online Deal. This was such a great show. It’d be good to see it completed. : /

  7. Abby says

    I wanted to see what happend to professor Payne. He never came back from his trip. What happend? Also I wanted to see aiden growing up to be a teen. And what happend to the tunnels? Please bring back the show. It was am amazing show.

  8. Charlotte says

    I just finished watching every episode of Ghost Whisperer all over again. I am extremely disappointed with the ending. What happened with the tunnels? Did they just get forgotten about? Was it really that simple to get rid of the Shadows? They really need another season or something to tie up the loose ends.

  9. Simon Huber says

    Sorry for my bad English but I came originally from Austria. The Story of Ghost Whisperer was so exciting, my mom and I loved it so much because Jennifer Hewitt and the other people were so good as actors in Ghost Whisperer. I think that this story should not end in this season because it is not finished and it´s another kind of a series, it´s not one of this dumb sitcoms what makes people stupid, it´s just a heartwarming story who makes people happy. CBS should not be so dumb and cancel this… I hope ABC pick up the story Ghost Whisperer

    It would make many people happy if Ghost Whisperer would go further.

  10. Roger says

    Bring it back myself & my friend from work love it so much I would give her the DVD s of the show that show could have gone on for a long time ghostwhisperer is great better than medium .
    PS there’s one move to watch its stars the lovely Jennifer Love Hewitt & Betty white in the
    The Lost Valentine ********** TEN OUT OF TEN

    • Anonymous says

      Than why did you watch it. Just to find fault over someone crying. How lame. If you want to leave a comment at least show you have a bit of intelligence. Think you have too much time on your hand.

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